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A major marijuana grow found and tens of thousands of plants removed in Lake County. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, California Department of Food and Agriculture and other allied agencies, served a search warrant spanning two parcels in the Scotts Valley area of Lakeport in Lake County. The two parcels not legally registered for the gardens, so six agencies on site, pulled nearly 52,000 plants, grabbed 7 firearms, took more than $27,000 and found about 40 Fish and Game Code crimes. They found various water degrading crimes including diversions and stockpiles of dangerous chemicals for waterways and cited several people, including a couple of teens. The case turned over to the District Attorney’s office.

As part of the Mendocino County Grand Jury report the jury says the county needs to make sure all is in working order for its Emergency Communications System. The annual report including the section, “Emergency Communication System in Mendocino County: Protecting Life, Health, Safety and Welfare” says there were seven failures last year, two four hours long. It says the failures are worse year over year. It reminds that there are two dozen local agencies depending on the Emergency Communication System. And that a technology company warned the Board of Supervisors about some of the equipment hitting the end of its shelf life. And that there were previous reports on the system facing permanent failure. The report concludes the Board of Supervisors should fix the system with the help of the Executive Office for the “life, health, safety, and welfare of Mendocino County residents”.

The Sheriff asking for the public’s help after several fires are set in Ukiah. There were evacuation warnings for one of them in the 200 block of Jefferson Lane near Grace Hudson Elementary School. Three other fires then erupted in the same area, the end of Plant Road, one between Gobalet Lane and Highway 253, and another in a vineyard near Norgard Lane. Someone called the sheriff and said they saw an individual who was either Hispanic or Native American in black clothes with a ponytail, riding away on a bicycle. Now the sheriff’s office says this is a “person of interest related to the fires.” Two more fires were reported a few hours later, one by Walmart and another near the corner of Talmage Road and Babcock Lane, with someone describing the same person of interest in the area.  Later another fire near Costco was also reported.

A fire that scorched 177 acres in Covelo is said to be holding. The fire broke out on Hopper Lane Monday. Cal Fire reports one structure was destroyed but none are threatened and the fire’s 90% contained.  

The Lake County Board of Supervisors trying to get an understanding of the data gathering surrounding the pandemic. The board hears, as they do weekly, from the Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace who has been reporting the case count as manageable with only two deaths and less than 300 cases since March. But with many counties in the state, there’s been a backlog of test results. Dr. Pace says in Lake County two small outbreaks are traced to social gatherings and some in local businesses and retailers, but no outbreaks can be traced to the public from employees of any businesses.  Dr. Pace did however say there’s been an increase of 150% of COVID-19 cases in children and an increase in the positivity rate in the county as a whole.

2 dozen tents are expected at a park and ride in Guerneville for up to 25 homeless people to stay during the pandemic. There are now five sites like this nearby and others at hotels and trailers in Sonoma County. They’re serving meals to those staying there too so they’re are safe and to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The county also providing security or a supervisor overnight. They’re not allowing any drug or alcohol use, but those staying may come and go. But if they leave at night, they can only come back the next day so quiet hours can be enforced.

The Governor announcing a slowing of the spread saying there are fewer new cases. The announcement as Newsom says the state’s starting to get thru a number of backlogged cases due to a data mess up. He says he’s feeling better about the downward trend of hospitalizations as well. Down 21%. ICU admissions also down 15% for two weeks. He says the number of new cases though, more than 5,400, showed the state was turning the corner. It’s less than half the record of 12,807 new daily cases reported during a surge last month. There’ve been nearly 11,000 deaths across the state including 180 reported yesterday.

The state’s still getting through almost 300,000 coronavirus test results backlogged due to some sort of technical error. California’s been watching the numbers closely to decide if schools and businesses can reopen, again. The Governor’s announcement yesterday, that the virus seemed to be slowing again, with less than half the daily cases as when we saw a major surge last month. The Judicial Council of California is set to vote today about evictions being allowed again, or if eviction protections will stay in effect well into next year. At the same time as the Governor’s announcement yesterday on better signs regarding the pandemic, another prison employee died and almost 100 inmates were identified as infected at Folsom State Prison. The Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation reports sending a medical team to help with the outbreak. There are nearly 2,500 inmates at Folsom prison.

An outbreak reported at Sonoma County Jail. Three inmates have tested positive and were in isolation. One of them was recently in a courtroom in person for a hearing. But the Sonoma County Superior Court Executive Officer says they did a thorough cleaning and notified staff and judicial officers. The Sheriff says there will be more testing done for inmates and staff. And unrelated to that, a courthouse staff member in the court’s criminal division also contracted the virus and was quarantining at home. They were not in a position where they dealt with the public though.  34 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Sonoma County yesterday.

City leaders in Fort Bragg are still considering a name change. At a meeting held over the internet Monday the City Council discussed establishing a citizens commission to research, discuss and explore renaming the city. There’s also a name change committee who have reportedly met 24 times. They’ve met to choose people to sit on the commission and to set guidelines for the commission’s work. They’ll research the history related to the city’s naming and will consider both sides of the name change debate. They’re apparently narrowed it down to 16 commissioners and seven meetings which would be public and private.

11 additional cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Mendocino County, bringing the total to 489.

Temporary extensions being considered in Lake County Superior Court. The court reportedly going to the state for permission to extend some trial deadlines because of the pandemic. Lake Co News reports the Court’s Executive Officer says they’ve sent a request to the California Chief Justice for an extension after getting new guidance and recommendations from the Lake County Public Health Officer about jury trials. One of those was jury selection to be done offsite. The request is covered by judicial emergencies for proceedings to be held somewhere besides the Lake County Courthouse in Lakeport. The request to extend the deadlines as far as California’s speedy trial rules law goes. That includes trial within 60 days of arraignment or indictment for felonies, or 30 days for misdemeanor or infraction cases.

Some fires burning in regional forests could be bringing smoke to nearby skies. The Red Salmon Complex is at nearly 10,200 acres and 35% contained. The two fires that make up the complex are burning in the Trinity Alps Wilderness on the Six Rivers and Shasta-Trinity National Forests. The Red Fire is about 9,400 acres and only 19% contained. And the Salmon Fire is just over 800 acres and 89% contained with containment lines all the way around the fire and mop up operations continuing.

The head of the Sherwood Oaks Nursing Facility says there’s more good news to report with another resident returning from Adventist Health Mendocino Coast after being treated for coronavirus. They’re considered recovered and no longer contagious. Out of 2 dozen residents who contracted the virus since the start of July, 12 recovered and others are expected to get there in the next couple days. They say all of the staff members, 8 of them have also recovered and all nurses who were working in the since shuttered Covid ward are back at work.

Some residents in Lake Tahoe speaking out about people from out of the area coming in and leaving trash behind. Locals trying to slow the spread of the virus upset about tourists trashing the town. Some on social media saying the city’s not doing anything so they need to take matters into their own hands. One post went viral with comments about protests because of packed areas where locals say they can’t even go and that they’re being punished. The social media about the protests planned for this weekend calling them roundabout rallies. They’re at 4pm tomorrow and 9 a.m. on Sunday at four locations around the lake — Truckee, Meyers, Incline Village and Kings Beach.

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