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Another death from coronavirus has been reported in both Lake and Mendocino counties. The Public Health Officer in Lake, Dr. Gary Pace reported the third death in that county in someone under 65 years old. All he said was they were younger than 65 and had recently gone into the hospital with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. They died yesterday. Dr. Pace says it’s another tragic reminder to take all necessary precautions to slow the spread of the virus. 

In Mendocino County the Public Health office reported on their daily COVID-19 dashboard there was a death with a short note saying it was a patient from the Sherwood Oaks skilled nursing facility in Fort Bragg. So there have been 8 deaths from the facility and 13 total in Mendocino County. There were also four more cases reported yesterday for a total of 579 cases. The county’s COVID incident dashboard still shows 4 people in the hospital and 3 in an ICU.

Steady progress by firefighters on a fire reported in Mendocino County yesterday. The fire called the Red Fire was burning on the Ridgewood Grade along the 101. It was holding late last night at 12 acres. CalTrans and CalFire were allowing escorted cars thru on the northbound side of the highway last night. Firefighters had planes flying over the fire as it climbed the grade.

A temporary emergency closure has been called on some Bureau of Land Management public lands. The Ukiah Field Office issued the emergency closure across from the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in Lake and Napa because of wildfire danger.

Several fires burning after lightning strikes that started in Napa and spread to Lake, together the Lake Napa United, or LNU Lightning Complex have charred more than 124,000 acres, are 0 percent contained.  Residents in southern Lake County had to leave their homes late yesterday in areas east of Highway 29 at Napa County’s northern border out to the southern intersection of Highway 29 at St. Helena Creek Road in Lake County. And all of St. Helena Creek Road, from Highway 29 until the Butts Canyon Intersection, was also evacuated.

Rolling blackouts this week as schools are reopening online. The power outages were continuing with the Flex Alert issued by the state’s electric grid manager. The Gov. issued a state of emergency due to hundreds of fires across the state. As we reported yesterday the Governor announced an investigation into those overseeing the state’s power as to why they weren’t more prepared so there didn’t have to be rolling blackouts when temperatures reached more than 100 degrees in some places. The Gov. spoke Monday after finding out about potential power outs between the hours of 3-10 pm, urging Californians to try to limit their energy use during those hours.

In court, the victims of the Golden State Killer address him directly before his formal sentencing. Convicted serial killer and rapist Joseph DeAngelo will be sentenced tomorrow for years of violent criminal acts. His victims saying they want him to go to the most severe lockup since he’s not going to get the death penalty. A couple months ago, the former police officer admitted he killed 13 people and pleaded guilty as well to 13 rapes between 1975 and 1986, plus many other sexual assaults. He will likely get several life sentences under a plea deal so he avoids the death penalty.

Two people in the hospital after a shooting in Clearlake. Police called out last night to Twin Oaks Village in the 5700 block of Old Highway 53. There was a report of shots fired where officers found multiple people, two with gunshot wounds. One of them ran away, but they were stopped by police. The victims, two men were treated and one of them flown out of county. Not a lot more information was made available early this morning.

The Clearlake City Council angling for a pay raise after decades without. The reading of the ordinance at their meeting tonight and where the council will consider possible changes to commercial cannabis rules, including allowing more permits for operators. Lake Co News reports the meeting is closed to the public due to the pandemic, but you can catch it on the county’s YouTube channel. The city council hoping for a $200/month raise, from $300 to $500/month. They were first asking for more than twice what they’re currently earning, or 5 percent more for each year for the last 3 decades. They’ll move onto other business with possible changes to the city’s cannabis regulations. The meeting tonight at 6 pm.

A report says less kids are being vaccinated in Calif during the pandemic. The state’s health and human services secretary says ahead of flu season which generally adds hospitalizations, they’re seeing a trend of less vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella because kids are being schooled at home. Dr. Ghaly of the state, says the flu and coronavirus have health officials concerned as the state deals with a surge in Covid-19 cases. Childhood vaccinations are reportedly off about 30% from last year.

Several shake reports after more than a dozen earthquakes hit Mendocino County. On Tuesday night, Central Mendocino County had a string of shakers, the largest, a decent sized temblor at 4.6 in magnitude. The United States Geological Survey reported another, a 3.1 quake was reported 3 miles from Willits at 5:46 p.m., then less than 10 minutes later, the 4.6 about 4.5 miles from Willits, shake reports by about 345 people. Then around an hour later, a 3.6 near Willits too. Then a smaller, 2.2 was felt in the same area followed by a 3.8 magnitude. 10 more shakers felt the same night between 7 and 8:15 pm, many near Willits but a couple near Redwood Valley, all less than 3.0 in magnitude.

Lightning fires across the state after as many as 11,000 lightning strikes. Officials say that ignited more than 370 new fires and most have been snuffed out with aggressive firefighting. There are more than 10,000 firefighters on almost two dozen major incidents or complexes. Fire officials say weather has made it a challenge including high heat, low humidity and strong winds. The hot weather is expected to continue this weekend which could create problems for firefighting efforts. Cal Fire reminds to have an evacuation plan, a supply kit, and important paperwork so it’s it easier if you have to evacuate.

35 wildfires make up the August Complex started by lightning across the Mendocino National Forest. It’s charred more than 116,000 acres. Firefighters on rugged land and windy conditions, dry fuels and hot temperatures keeping the fire active.  Officials say there are structures and powerlines being threatened. There are evacuations in the area.

As we reported earlier, another death in both Lake and Mendocino from coronavirus. In Mendocino County it was another patient from the Sherwood Oaks skilled nursing facility. The head of the facility says it was someone who had survived caused by the virus, then was feeling better for a week, then died from long standing heart disease, but the cause is listed as Covid related. That means 8 residents died of Covid complications at the facility.  16 other residents and 8 staffers recovered. It’s also been nearly 2 weeks without a new resident case at the facility and more than a month for a staff member.  

Fort Bragg starts school online like the rest in the county. The school superintendent says everyone is trying to adapt to the new normal and they’re all doing their best in a new and confusing situation. She says the biggest concern is that everyone has access to the internet and says everyone should try to stay flexible and stay in communication with schools. Any questions about distance learning is posted on each school’s website.

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