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The Mendocino County Public Health Office is hosting more testing days after reports of an outbreak on the South Coast. Public Health alerted by Redwood Coast Medical Services there were multiple positive COVID-19 cases. Public Health has confirmed 9 positives. Public Health reports the cases have all been contacted and participated in contact tracing and have been released from isolation. The health dept. reports working with the Manchester Band of Pomo Indians of the Manchester Rancheria, Redwood Coast, California Rural Indian Health Board and AB Med Healthcare Solutions for free testing this weekend. Tomorrow, no appointment necessary at the Manchester Point Arena Clinic at 9:30, the Redwood Coast Clinic in Gualala on Ocean Drive at noon, and the Point Arena Veterans Hall at 9:30 Sunday. 

As the desire to install superfast 5-G wireless service continues across the country, there are many with electro-sensitivity who question if the technology’s safe. Noah Davidson of Sacramento says his two young nieces got sick after Verizon installed a 5-G box on a light pole next to their home so they hired an expert to measure the radio-frequency levels.

 :13  “He conducted some measurements and told us it was the highest indoor measurements that he’d ever recorded. So, we ended up installing some shielding in the home, moving the kids into a back room – and within a few days, their symptoms went away.”

Tag:  The Verizon website says there’s no scientific evidence linking radiation from cell phones to health problems in humans, per the FCC, going on to say 5-G boxes meet all legal standards. But Davidson says decades-old standards need to be updated, saying the technology hasn’t been proven safe.  

Second Cut: Dr. David Carpenter, a public health research physician at the University of Albany and an expert on R-F radiation, says some people get sick if exposed to non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, smart meters, and parts of the 5-G cell sites.

 :13  “There are a lot of people that get ringing in their ears or get headaches, and feel fatigued and their brain isn’t working quite right, that never think about the fact that it may be coming from the Wi-Fi in their house, or the smart meter on the outside door.”

Tag:  A recent study from U-C Irvine in the medical journal Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders finds extreme R-F exposure can produce severe illness that mimics M-S.  

There have been four more deaths due to coronavirus in Sonoma County. The Press Democrat reports the county health dept. announced the deaths late Wednesday, bringing the total to 126 deaths since late March. The dept. reports the deaths were all in people who were 65 or older, and three had lived in one the county’s senior care facilities. The newspaper reports nearly 80% of the deaths in the county have been people who have lived in these sort of facilities. The deaths in a woman Tuesday who’d been in the hospital, another on Monday, a man who lived at home, but died in the hospital last Thursday, and a man who died Sept. 20th, who had also lived in one of the facilities.

The Glass Fire only added about 60 more acres. It’s burned nearly 67,500 acres and now 70% contained. The fire’s been burning just about two weeks and should be fully contained by Oct. 20. More evacuation orders have been reduced to warnings and officials have also said there are 3,500 structures now threatened, not 10,000. The fire is reportedly less active and mostly just smoldering and creeping.

But the August Fire has grown again. The massive fire is 65% contained after burning nearly 1,020,600. This fire started nearly two months ago in a dry lightning storm and has torched land on the Mendocino, Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forests. Crews continued to work around Lake Pillsbury.

The Gov. has tested negative, so far, for coronavirus after a staffer became infected. Gov. Newsom had a test after someone in his office tested positive and another employee, not in direct contact with him or his staff, also tested positive for COVID-19. The Gov. was tested Wednesday even though the two staffers had not been in contact with Newsom or anyone else who closely interact with Newsom. Newsom’s test before this was back on Sept. 14th before he met with President Trump. There have been nearly 835,000 coronavirus cases and more than 16,300 deaths.

The Governor has signed a bunch of new bills into law. One of those by Assemblymember Jim Wood to allow nurse practitioners to fully practice without needing to work under a medical doctor. It’s through something called a transition-to-practice process, something more than 20 other states, Washington, DC, and the Veterans Administration already do. Wood says they’ve tried in the Legislature in years past to pass similar legislation because there’s been a serious shortage of primary care physicians. He says many doctors are over retirement age and new physicians had not been keeping up with the need.

For the first time the Calif. Coastal Cleanup was done, not in large groups, but in smaller groups, some folks alone and others in pairs bringing in unprecedented results. The cleanup is usually done over one day in Sept. The event organized each year by the California Coastal Commission, which this year had it spread out over the entire month of September. They report volunteers fanned out bringing in more than 70,000 pounds of trash at more than 3,000 cleanups in neighborhoods, at local parks, creeks, and spaces where there was access. Lake Co News reports some unusual items found included a bowling pin and a nametag that had “I had a pet cow” written on it.


More growth on the August Complex, as the containment holds at 65%. The fire’s now burned almost 1,021,500, reviewing each of the now 4 management zones, the South Zone 546,365 acres, North East 267,115 acres, North West 68,200 acres and the West Zone, almost 136,000 acres. There were helicopter water drops working in conjunction with dozer crews yesterday to secure the edges of the fire and mop up about 300 acres northeast of Lake Pillsbury, near Bloody Rock. CAL FIRE reports cooler temperatures and increased humidity are helping reduce fire activity, but there are still many pockets of heat around the fire’s perimeter which they expected will continue to smolder. Some new fire evacuation orders reduced to warnings – in Mendocino County, Zone B, south of Green Lambert Canyon, east of the Middle Fork of the Eel River, north and east of Hayshed Creek. And Zone B1, south and east of Hayshed Creek, north of Thatcher Creek and Jack Hollow Creek, and west of Chimney Rock.

A woman from Ukiah’s been convicted of hurting a 10 year old child. The District Attorney reports after a two-day bench trial, 76 year old Audrey Hernandez was found guilty of willfully and unlawfully inflicting traumatic injury on the child over two days, and unlawful child endangerment, and a misdemeanor count for each of three additional children, the other charges, all felonies. Her case was sent to the Probation Department for a sentencing recommendation. Hernandez accused in May of 2019 of abusing five kids. One of them seen with visible injuries was reported to authorities and all of the children were taken from Hernandez who had been their legal guardian. She’ll be sentenced November 4th.

The fire restrictions on the Mendocino National Forest have been extended through next week. So you may not build, maintain, attend or use a fire, campfire or stove fire and smoking is also prohibited on National Forest System lands. But it’s ok to use portable lanterns or stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel in certain recreation sites. It comes during a time when fires still burn in the state and Calif. fire season generally starts. Hot and dry conditions persist in the state, even though some precipitation is forecast, conditions have not improved to alleviate the fire threat.

Someone in Laytonville with a weapon’s allegedly scoping out marijuana farms and ripping them off using a drone as a lookout of sorts. Kym Kemp reports the grow site was west of the 101 where a resident reportedly saw someone take the plants and says it’s the fourth robbery this season where thieves use drones to visualize the area, then later come in on foot. The resident says there are up to 3 people who’ve been frequenting that grow and others since July, fill up bags, then hike out again. The resident was surveilling whoever it was a took a picture of trash left by the would be robbers including empty boxes of ammo. The Sheriff’s Office says they’ve heard nothing about it.

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