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New guidance has been released from the state for gatherings in Calif. The guidance if you want to gather with those outside your own household but keeps the limit on the number in gatherings at where it was at. But there can be no more than three households together and the same three households over time. But you will have to have contact information on everyone in attendance for contact tracing if needed. Outdoors is the safest, the state says, but the three households cannot add on additional households to have a joint gathering, even outdoors. As before, don’t attend gatherings if you’re sick or if at higher risk of severe illness, maintain physical distancing of six feet between households at all times and practice good hygiene, including the regular use of handwashing or hand sanitizer and avoid sharing items like food, beverages, serving utensils and containers. Continue to wear facial coverings in accordance with state orders.

A man from Ukiah has been arrested after a fight between neighbors ends in someone being doused with some sort of chemical agent. Police say they got a call about James Lee dousing two neighbors with Muriatic Acid, on their faces and necks. Ukiah Valley Fire Authority and medical personnel came out and treated the victims and they used hazmat procedures to contain the acid on the sidewalk and concrete. One of the victim’s had such severe injuries she ended up at an out of county hospital for specialized medical treatment. Lee’s charged with using caustic chemical on another and assault causing great bodily injury. He was jailed on $125,000.

The Willits Chief of Police has resigned, no word from the city manager as to why. Yesterday the City Manager Stephanie Garrabrant put out a brief statement saying Chief Alexis Blaylock quit for personal reasons and that the city would not release any more information on the matter. The Asst. Chief, Lt. Derek Hendry will be the Acting Chief of Police until they hire an interim chief.

The Sonoma County Public Health Office is considering stricter measures beyond what the state’s doing to slow the spread of coronavirus. The Press Democrat reports the news ahead of another set of data’s released by the state today. It’s expected to show the county has once again not met the state metrics to reopen more businesses, staying in the purple, most restrictive tier. The newspaper reports the county is the only one in all of the Bay Area that has not moved out of the purple tier. Dr. Sundari Mase, the county’s health officer says they’re looking at various options, including partnering with businesses and others for more employee testing; aggressive outreach in disproportionately impacted Latino communities; and financial assistance for lower income residents to help them self-isolate when they become infected.

The state Republican Party has admitted they own a bunch of unofficial ballot drop boxes and were collecting ballots. The report went viral yesterday as it’s not known what the party planned to do with the ballots. The boxes found in three counties, so the secretary of state sent out a memo Sunday to each of the county registrars saying the boxes were illegal and ballots had to be mailed or brought to official voting locations. A spokesperson for the state GOP says they’re not removing them, and that ballot harvesting is allowed. The boxes reported in Fresno, Los Angeles and Orange counties. Democrats say they’re concerned Republicans could gather, then trash the ballots in the highly competitive U.S. House races.

Ahead of fire weather, Pacific Gas and Electric says they’re considering Public Safety Power Shutoffs and have started to notify residents in parts of more than 20 counties. The intentional power downs tomorrow for as many as 50,000 customers, including around 30 medical baseline customers – in Lake County. Lake Co News reports it would be mostly in the south county, near Cobb and Middletown, Wednesday night between 6 and 8 p.m. Mendocino is not noted in the 21 shutoff counties. Windy conditions are expected tomorrow into Thursday morning and possibly until Friday morning in other locations. PG&E says their in-house meteorologists and staff in its Wildfire Safety Operation Center and Emergency Operation Center will monitor conditions closely.

The Glass Fire is nearly fully contained. It’s supposed to get to 100% tomorrow after charring nearly 67,500 acres. Last night CAL FIRE reported the fire that’s torched land in Sonoma and Napa counties was 96 percent contained. The fire started Sept. 27th and triggered evacuations in Lake County as it inched toward the county’s southern border. The fire has destroyed 1,555 structures and damaged almost 300 more.

The August Fire has active pockets, but containment is inching up. The fire’s now burned more than 1,029,000 acres. Firefighters working to contain the Hellhole Canyon area, northeast of Covelo and crews were felling hazard trees on roads on the west and south sides of the South Zone, including sections of the Mendocino National Forest in northern Lake County. But the changes in the weather tomorrow could create more challenges in the long held fight. The fire started two months ago in a dry lightning storm. The fire’s the first gigafire in the state. It’s 76% contained.

A couple of people from Los Angeles have been arrested in Ukiah with almost 70 pounds of marijuana. The Ukiah Police Department reports one of their officers stopped the man and woman after finding the driver, Christopher Mendez had three warrants for his arrest. The arresting officer asked the man to get out of the car, but he would not, the officer reached into the car to try to get him and says he ran, but he couldn’t get away so he started punching the cop, then ran into the middle of South State Street. The officer used a Taser which did nothing, backup officers finally took him down. He was taken into custody and his passenger, Brooke Kahaner also resisted but was arrested. 69 pounds of pot were found and items police say are generally used to sell weed. They were charged with several crimes including suspicion of transporting marijuana, marijuana sales, resisting arrest, providing a false name.

It’s finally happening. Mendocino County is getting its own wine growing label. The Mendocino WineGrowers, which is made up of grape growers and vintners throughout the county, worked with state Sen. Mike McGuire for the “Mendocino County” wine label designation. The bill was signed by Governor Newsom, for which McGuire thanked him for his collaboration. McGuire says Mendocino wine is some of North America’s best, and the law will be a big boost for the region. Starting in January 2023 the designation will be on the front and back of wine labels for wine entirely produced or within a vineyard designated within Mendocino County.

PG&E is being investigated for another fire. This one in Shasta County. The Zogg Fire has killed four people and destroyed more than 200 structures. CAL FIRE has apparently taken some of PG&E’s equipment as evidence and are investigating to see if it caused the fire. The company announced the accusations against their own equipment last Friday. It comes after they had to file for bankruptcy after the Camp fire in Butte County killed 84 people. That ended up being the deadliest corporate crime in U.S. history. The company also just announced it may intentionally power homes down in 21 counties due to coming fire watch weather.

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