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The Lake County Continuum of Care is having a public hearing on what to do with federal coronavirus CARES ACT money. The CoC and public input for the Emergency Solutions Grant for COVID response will look at what the CoC does, to begiun with, and how citizens can participate.  The program is for community members to take part in helping to end homelessness, using grant money from nonprofits and local governments, and now the federal government so homeless inviduals and families, and those at risk of becoming homeless get shelter.  The CARES Act money to be used so the homeless are sheltered to slow the spread of the virus. A Town Hall on the matter is Monday night at 6 pm online.

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.  Please use this web link:; Meeting ID: 281 490 2260

Also streaming live on Facebook at:

Today is free food distribution day for kids 18 and under in Ukiah, thanks to the school district. From 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. food will be given out no matter the weather. They have different food items each week. They just ask you remember the Covid-19 guidelines, to wear a mask and practice physical distancing when receiving food.  

The county’s looking for the public’s opinion on the Mendocino Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. The county wants the public to weigh in on natural hazards in the area and look at the county’s plan to ease the problems in participating jurisdictions. They’re looking at actions to protect lives and property. The county says public input will ensure the priorities of the Hazard Mitigation Plan match those of Mendocino County residents. It has a formal explanation of the main hazards and how they might affect communities differently, and the Plan responds to known vulnerabilities in each community and has ideas and actions for the greatest reduction of natural hazard risk. Each city within the county has the plan for review. It’s also online, at

A man from Stockton has been arrested in Mendocino County for driving with a bunch of marijuana in his possession. Marco Antonio Ochoa Sanchez pulled over yesterday morning at the CHP scales at Mendocino County’s Ridgewood Summit off the 101. The CHP reports he didn’t enter the scales and was pulled over and the officer apparently explained to the man that commercial trucks must pull into the scales, even U-Hauls. The U-Haul was reportedly loaded with marijuana in the cargo area and the man didn’t have the right paperwork to show that it was for the legal cannabis market.  He faces charges of possession and transportation of marijuana and conspiracy.

A man from Florida’s been arrested in Kelseyville, one of four men, police say may have been connected to a marijuana rip off with shots fired. The Lake County Sheriff’s reports a woman telling them early Monday morning four men broke into her house, fired shots, took the weed and took off in a van and U-Haul. The U-Haul crashed, but before that two men were seen jumping out and running in the area of the World Mark Resort.  It ended up crashing and officers ran after the men, but lost all but one who they say was hiding under a staircase. Rodney Lydell Hutchinson told them he was not one of the men and ran because he was homeless and had a warrant for his arrest in Florida.  He’s charged with Robbery, Assault with a Firearm, and much more and held on $150,000 bail.

The chair of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors speaking out that more has to be done to slow the spread of coronavirus spread, which continues to hold the county in the purple, most restrictive reopening tier in Calif. Susan Gorin in a virtual supervisors’ meeting says she keeps getting asked by residents and business leaders about the county’s plan to reduce the number of daily infections to enter the red tier. Sonoma County has been one of the hardest hit by the virus and state restrictions. The county is reportedly trying to form a strategic plan to ease the strict public health restrictions and ensuing economic effects of the pandemic.

We’ve still got a red flag warning in the North Bay and much of Northern Calif because of persistent hot, dry, windy weather. The National Weather Service has upgraded a fire weather watch for North Bay valleys to last until 11 a.m. Friday which had triggered Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to warn they would be turning off the power for customers today. But we may not know for sure until this afternoon where exactly the company will power down. An incident commander for a power down says it’s a last resort after a dangerous fire weather warning yesterday. So called Diablo winds are forecast that could bring gusts of 55 mph to the highest North Bay peaks and 30 mph to lower valleys, including where the Glass fire gasps its last breath. The fire has burned nearly 67,500 acres and is 97% contained.

A man from Clearlake Oaks is going to jail for setting a fire a few months ago. The Lake County DA’s office reports Joseph Calia Jr. was found guilty of felony arson early the morning of June 23rd south of Pomo Trail near Clearlake Oaks. Deputies contacted him and he admitted he started the fire. He says he was walking alone and thought he saw something moving in the bushes. Thinking it was a mountain lion about to pounce, he used some matches he had on him and lit a fire to scare it away. The fire burned around a quarter acre. Upon further investigation it was found the man had mental health issues and no prior trouble with police and would get treatment. He was put on felony probation for arson of forest land and got nearly a year in jail.

A small amount of growth reported on the August Complex. Only 81 more acres last night for a total now of 1,029,110 acres and 76 percent containment. The South Zone of the fire is being managed with control lines down in the Middle Fork of the Eel River, northeast of Covelo. Firefighters continue to patrol the west side, along with the south zone for flames and heat and mopping up as needed. They’re using sensors to detect heat and sometimes flying over to view from above. They’re also clearing fallen trees off roads so more equipment can get thru as critical fire weather is expected today thru the end of the week with above-normal temperatures and very dry, windy conditions.

Ahead of severe fire weather the Glass Fire that’s burning in Sonoma and Napa counties is nearly contained. The fire has blackened nearly 67,500 acres and is 97 percent contained. It was expected to be contained tomorrow, now it’s projected at Oct. 20th after destroying 1,555 structures and damaging 282 others. CAL FIRE reports there are still more than 1,200 structures threatened.

The state Republican Party called out for having ballot boxes placed in 3 counties to collect ballots. The party said it wouldn’t remove them even though it was illegal, and now doubles down, saying they’ll add more. But the party says they’ll take off the word “official” on the box drop off sites to avoid confusion with official ballot drop offs used by county registrars. The state GOP spokesman says it’s just so voters can drop their ballots off so they have another option. But the state’s top elections and law enforcement officials say it’s illegal and whoever’s behind the box placements could face criminal prosecution.

A small fire in Lake County quickly put out. CAL FIRE reports the 24 acre fire sparked in vegetation near Hwy 29 and the Nice-Lucerne cutoff. The Lyons fire was reported yesterday before 3 p.m. and quickly grew to 5 acres, so there were evacuation orders for North Lakeport. Also staff and patients at Sutter Lakeside Hospital were told to shelter in place by the Sheriff’s Dept. There was no damage from the fire which was contained a couple hours later. The fire is being investigated.

CAL FIRE and the Forest Service creeping up the containment numbers on the behemoth August Complex. The largest fire ever in the state. The four zones have burned over one million acres. The West Zone is nearly 100% contained. At one point it had an active fire line of 266 miles in length. They’re continuing to mop up ahead of fire weather that’s supposed to last thru Friday. Firefighters continue to mitigate any hazards, dig out any stump holes that could snag heat and hold it and any smoldering islands and pockets of heat. The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for many parts of Northern California with wind forecasted to reach up to 55 mph in higher elevations and wind prone areas up to 70 mph.  There have been more than 8,500 wildfires this year so far in Calif and more than 4 million acres have burned. The work on the Southwest area of the fire just finishing a dozer line in the Middle Fork of the Eel River area. They’re mopping up near Bloody Rock as some heat was detected and they continue to clear road hazards, debris and downed trees.

A new law in favor of legal marijuana growers that gives the drug some prestige like wine. Marijuana grown in the “sun and soil” of a city or county can get the regional designation or labeling. The appellation of origin after the governor signed a new law similar to one in the wine industry. People will pay higher premiums for product that’s grown in the Emerald Triangle, like the Napa region for wine. Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties are responsible for much of the cannabis in the United States. Senator Mike McGuire says it’s world class cannabis. He authored the new law, saying small cannabis farms needed an edge.

More calls came into the Ukiah Police Dept. at the local homeless shelter over a six month period, then the six months before. The Daily Journal says from February to August, the last data they collected, Ukiah Police had 189 calls for service at the Building Bridges Community Center on South State Street. They plan to bring up the matter to the Ukiah Planning Commission tonight. But that’s standard, as part of a required review each six months. But city staff say it’s a 40% increase in calls. There were 131 calls to police the six months before. City staff reportedly coming up with ways to curb the calls which will be presented at their meeting which starts at 6 tonight.

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