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A man from San Francisco’s been arrested in Ukiah after reports of a possible prowler. The Sheriff’s office reports getting a call to the 2900 block of West Lake Mendocino Drive last Wednesday night for a potential prowler and when they got there they found Jacob Silverman inside a white Honda Civic, but when they tried to talk with him, he took off, driving recklessly through the city. The Deputy chased the guy whose car hit a small tree branch and stopped. He then got out and ran, the Deputy followed, and arrested Silverman. He’s charged with felony reckless driving and resisting or delaying a peace officer and held on $50,000.00 bail.

A man in Hopland’s been arrested after a domestic dispute call. A woman told deputies she was attacked by her boyfriend, James Ray. She says he grabbed her by the arms and pushed her. They say visible injuries on her face and arm, so he was arrested for domestic violence battery and held on $25,000.00 bail.

Reports of an armed robbery, suspects on the run. Three men say early Tuesday morning while they were sleeping at a marijuana grow in Willits, in separate areas of the property, six armed men broke in. They were wearing all black and had on black masks. Two of the victims say they were tied up and hit in the head with firearms. They say they were forced to walk to a barn on the property, then the suspects took about 10 to 15 pounds of marijuana, tied the men up there and left. One of the victims broke free and contacted the third person in the main part of the property and woke them up and they called 911. Deputies searched and found nobody else there, and continue to investigate.

You may be in the dark already, if you’re in Lake County. Also those in Sonoma and Napa and a dozen more counties were expected to lose power this morning due to a Red Flag Warning. Pacific Gas & Electric Co. had warned about 3,400 people in Sonoma and Napa counties and 130 or so homes and businesses in Lake County. 15 Northern Calif. counties were expected to be impacted by the public safety power shutoffs to ensure the utility’s equipment doesn’t spark any wildfires. They expect to have everyone back online by tomorrow night. The first power downs happened yesterday just before the National Weather Service ordered a second Red Flag Warning  for the North Bay and Santa Cruz mountains, East Bay hills and the San Mateo County coastline.

A court appointed investigator says PG&E is not doing all it can to mitigate fire hazard.  A lawyer from Chicago, Mark Filip is the court-appointed investigator. He says the utility’s criminal probation includes the utility cutting trees as part of “enhanced vegetation management”, but they weren’t doing as well this year as in 2019. Filip says at best their improvements have plateaued, and maybe even regressed. The notes in a report to the Judge in the case says, they missed a bunch of hazard trees that were supposed to be removed the middle of August. They actually made contact with the utility’s equipment and leaves were singed. The trees were later removed and the judge ordered a response to the findings by November 3rd.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs will hit less people, but thousands, none the less. Lake Co News reports some in Lake County will be impacted by the shutoff due to the Red Flag Warning weather event. There are less people than were originally expected to be affected, but still about 37,000 customers in parts of 15 counties. Lake County was expecting almost 1,000 customers in Cobb, Clearlake Oaks, Lower Lake and Middletown but late yesterday that was revised down to 127 with six Medical Baseline customers. The shutoff was supposed to begin between 4 and 6 a.m. today. Since so many were taken off the targeted list, Lake County is not hosting a community resource center after all. The power is supposed to pop back on tomorrow, after inspections by the utility company to assess possible damage.

Women in Calif. deal with ongoing obstacles to economic security, physical and mental health care, and representation in elected positions to improve their lives, their families and communities, and the state’s economy. This according to the new California Women’s Well Being Index. The California Budget & Policy Center put together the report including an interactive tool to show how each of California’s 58 counties are doing for the females in their communities. Lake Co News reports women in the far north and North Coast were less likely to have medical insurance and prenatal care and have lower life expectancy than women in all other parts of California.

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) scientists have done more field work on the massive August Complex Fire, this time in the North Zone. They’ve completed their Soil Burn Severity map showing which areas were unburned to severely burned.   About 60% of the nearly 551,500 acres they looked at were burned, with about 8% severely burned. This is done to identify where there may be more soil erosion, water run-off, and debris flows that might impact human life/safety, property, and critical natural and cultural resources from storm events. They say they expect there to be erosion and run-off and there’s some concern about more post-fire run-off from steep hillslopes which could mean more erosion and flood risk.

A car crashed in Hopland, hitting a power line, leaving some without power in the town. The California Highway Patrol reports a car crashed into a fence last night after 9:30, knocked that power line down, and stopped after hitting a tree. Two people were in the car and had minor injuries. PG&E crews were on the scene last night. Mendo Fever reports an electrical pole went down in the crash, including its wires and transformers. Hopland Fire was blocking any through traffic to the area. No word exactly how many people lost their power, but estimates on the Power Outage map showed between 50-499 Hopland residents would be without power until 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.

More discussion on the Oak Fire evacuations at the latest Sherwood Firewise Communities meeting. At the regular monthly meeting there were various guest presentations, including by the now former Willits Police Chief Alexis Blaylock. He says he thought the evacuation process was smooth and that the police department previously talked over how to control the traffic flow during an emergency event. He also told those in attendance how important it is to follow evacuation orders and that those who ignore them, could put first responders at risk. And Supervisor John Hashak echo’d what the chief said about the evacuation, that it was the best he’d ever seen.

Management of the South Zone of the August Complex Fire has been transferred back to the Mendocino National Forest. The Southwest Area Incident Management Team turned the incident over today after the fire started two months ago. The entire complex has pretty much stopped forward movement, but has burned an unprecedented 1,032,264 acres and is 91% contained. Crews on this zone are continuing to reinforce containment lines in the Hellhole Canyon area. They will continue to monitor and patrol the zone and reinforce containment lines in the Canyon. The fire continues to smolder and creep. There are 12 to 15 mph and gusts up to 25 mph on ridges. In this zone, the Mendocino County evacuation orders have been reduced to warnings this week.

The Sheriff has announced some promotions at a ceremony with social distancing due to the pandemic. The ceremony Monday to announce the promotions of Lieutenant Quincy Cromer, Lieutenant Joseph “JD” Comer, Sergeant Jay Vanoven and Sergeant Clint Wyant. The ceremonies were held in Ukiah, Fort Bragg and on Zoom. The Sheriff credited high-level decision making, hard work and dedication to serving the community as the reasons for his promotions.  Lt. Comer will be an Area Commander for coastal communities. Lt. Cromer will be in the Field Services Division, Sergeant Wyant will be assigned to the Investigative Services Bureau and Sergeant Vanoven will be assigned to the Central Sector as a patrol supervisor.

The Lakeport City Council is looking to reopen the playgrounds at Library Park by next week. The City Manager Kevin Ingram says they’ve had a lot of questions from the public about why the playgrounds are still closed as other parks reopen theirs. The city manager says they originally were not sure if they could meet the state requirements on reopening parks and were watching what other cities were doing before reopening. Ingram says there are still many closed playgrounds in the state. That being said he says they’re trying to decide how to meet all the state’s safety guidelines. They will post all on the city website once they decide.

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