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The Lake County Board of Supervisors is having their regular meeting on Zoom this week because the Registrar of Voter’s is using the Board Chambers to support Election-related activities and observing COVID-19 safety precautions. The Board of Supervisors and the public will not be able to participate in this week’s meeting in person. The Board says they encourage all voters to make their voices heard tomorrow. And the Board chair says by having their meeting online, it’s one small thing they can do to support the Registrar of Voters to make Election Day “smoother, safer and more secure”. The Registrar had requested use of the chambers for the election, back in August.

A woman and her toddler reportedly missed being kidnapped in Ukiah. Deputies report getting a call Friday night to an attempted kidnapping of a mom and her four year old daughter. They were sitting in a car with another family member at a party when a man, described as a Latino in his 20s or 30s in all black clothing with a teardrop tattoo under his right eye approached. He told them he was ill after smoking some marijuana and needed a ride, they said no, then say he reached into the car and tried to snatch the child. The other family member in the car held onto the child, the suspect let go and took off. Deputies searched the area but couldn’t find the man.  Apparently they got another report from the party that another child was also nearly snatched too. A Be on the Lookout Alert was put out for him.

Police in Fort Bragg say they’ve arrested a woman for lewd acts with a child from back in April. Police started investigating back then, then sent their report to the DA’s office and filed 11 crimes against Lena Reid. Six charges against Reid are felonies, five are misdemeanors. Reid was arrested last Monday and booked into jail. 

A man has been arrested in Covelo with a rifle on him. Round Valley Tribal Police detained Tevin Lee Hoaglen after seeing him walking with the loaded rifle. They found he had two outstanding warrants for violation of probation, domestic violence battery and violation of a criminal protective order. The man was also supposed to be restrained on a criminal protective order and is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition.  He was arrested and charged with a bunch of crimes including possession of a firearm prohibited by conditions of a criminal protective order, possession of drug paraphernalia and two outstanding arrest warrants. He was held on $25,000.00 bail

PG&E could be held liable for Public Safety Power Shutoffs to the tune of $166 million for not properly informing customers. This is for last fall. The Calif. Public Utilities Commission accusing the utility of disrupting lives and causing a risk for medically vulnerable people who need electrical equipment to survive. Some on iron lungs or dialysis machines. The state Public Utilities Commission’s Public Advocates Office, an independent organization within the PUC that represents utility taxpayers’ interests is accusing the company for the two blackouts in October 2019 that lasted several days and affected dozens of Northern California counties.

The director of the state’s unemployment office is out, retiring early after a massive debacle with unemployment claims after the pandemic triggered business closures and job losses by millions of Californians. More than 15 million claims were filed this past spring, some people have still not received their claims some 8 months later. Sharon Hilliard is retiring at the end of the year after 37 years at the Employment Development Department. She was appointed by Gov. Newsom as the director in February while the state enjoyed a historically low rate.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is considering using the old juvenile hall to house the homeless. They will take up the matter at their meeting this week for the space to be used another six months, until next March. That’s the space Elijah House uses. Lake Co News also reports they will discuss extending the county office closures on Fridays for an extended period in flu season and due to the pandemic. They will also consider an easement agreement to potentially allow Pacific Gas and Electric to put electrical equipment on the lakeshore in Lucerne. It’s where the old community clubhouse is along with a public beach. Dr. Pace will also give a public health update during the first part of the meeting. It starts at 9 am tomorrow on Zoom only.

The Secretary of State’s Office reports a massive amount of voter registrations this year ahead of the Presidential election. The Secretary of State Alex Padilla reported last Friday over 22,000,000 Californians had registered to vote as of Oct. 19th. Lake Co News reports that’s over 2.6 million more than the last registration report for a similar point in the last Presidential election cycle in 2016. The Secretary of State’s Office reports nearly 90% of eligible Californians had registered to vote, the highest amount ahead of a general election in the last 80 years.

A body found in the Trinity River turns out to be a man from Weaverville and Fort Bragg. Mendo Fever reports the Trinity County Sheriff’s Dept. reported the body was found Friday near Del Loma. Deputies, Search and Rescue and Firefighters went to the area and pulled the body from the river. They’ve identified the body as Alec Hurst who’s car was found nearby. There was also some fishing gear with him along with personal items found on the banks of the river. They say it does not seem suspicious.

Some firefighting equipment reported stolen from the Mendocino Fire Dept. Mendo Fever reports the department saying apparatus in the shop for adjustments along with several thousand dollars’ worth of equipment was stolen. The statement from the fire department was that they understand it’s a difficult time for folks and some are desperate, down on their luck, and make poor decisions, but adds they’re a 100% volunteer fire department who relies on the generosity of the community, so they consider the theft, a theft from the collective community. They say they hope whoever swiped the equipment will think twice and return the stolen items to their station on Little Lake Rd. And say they’ll take the items back, no questions asked.

The Mendocino County Public Health Officer says the reason the county got to the red tier was the amount of Covid-19 tests the county’s been doing. On Friday during his weekly address Dr. Coren says they county looked to be worthy of remaining in the purple tier, but they made a case for moving to the red tier due to testing, and the test positivity rate remaining low. He says the tier status depends not only on the positivity rate, but also on testing, so the positivity rate was in the purple tier, but the testing was in the even less restrictive orange tier. Coren also explained what businesses could reopen and with what capacity limits during his press conference. All noted on the public health office website. There have been nearly 1,200 cases of Covid-19 and 21 deaths.

A couple of cannabis related activities to be considered by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors including a possible rezoning of several parcels of land for more businesses. The Daily Journal reports the proposed project will allow continued operation of eligible existing sites in the Redwood Valley Community planning area of no more than 2,500 square feet of cannabis. The parcels are in a rural residential area. They’re also revisiting a fire from October of 2017 and damage left behind including to nearly 80 percent of the parcels there that had been doing some sort of outdoor cannabis cultivation which were completely destroyed by the fire. The rezoning proposed there will allow more money to flow to the area.

A new report on the cost of Calif. wildfires says the state needs a new approach to mitigation. The nonprofit Calif. Council on Science and Technology put out a report last week looking at the Camp Fire among others. The report says fires in calif. have been ferocious and causing a much larger disruption to the state than ever before. The information that fed the report came from public sources and was peer reviewed. The report says it’s hard to even quantify the costs to the state and the impact to statewide public health. There’s also other damage to ecosystems. The report says the state needs to address wildfire policy and not use a one-size-fits-all approach.

 A man accused of felony arson in Lakeport has been in court, pleading no contest, essentially admitting he did it. Baraquiel Simon Ruiz charged with an arson in Upper Lake in September. Deputies say the guy was seen starting a fire by a witness who told them they saw a man lighting a fire on the side of the road that ended up burning an area about 5’ by 5’. The witness also yelled at the guy to stop, then saw him try stomping out the fire and flee towards Highway 29. It was caught on video by the witness too. Ruiz was then id’d in a lineup and arrested. He’s been in jail since then on $250,000 bail.

The August Complex Fire still smolders. Cal Fire reporting on the fire suppression repair efforts on the South Zone of the Complex before winter weather sets in. The South Zone has been held at just under 500,000 acres and 90% containment. The entire August Complex is estimated at 1,032,649 acres and 93% containment. The fire is about 70 miles long by 45 miles wide, that’s an area larger than the entire state of Rhode Island. It has burned in parts of seven counties across six different fire weather forecasting zones. They’re focusing their work in priority areas around wilderness, in wild and scenic river corridors and locations prone to landslides.

A man from Ukiah’s been arrested on several charges after a domestic disturbance call. The Sheriff’s Dept says when the arrived early Friday morning the man who was part of the incident had left. Deputies met a woman inside who they say had visible injuries to her head and arms and there were signs there had been a physical altercation at the home. She says it was Robert Huang who pushed her down and caused her to cut her arm on broken glass; which was covering the floor, then he banged her head on the ground and choked her until she was unconscious. He then took off with her purse. Then found Huang and arrested him for domestic violence battery, battery with serious injury, robbery and for violation of a restraining order. He was booked into jail on $75,000.00 bail.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says they’ll have extra patrols around polling locations on election day. The agency putting out a statement regarding the election, calling it one of the most emotionally charged elections in the history of the United States and that voting is one of the fundamental elements of America’s democracy. With that the Sheriff’s office says they encourage folks to express their right of choice/expression through their vote and not engage in non-peaceful behavior that could lead to violence or civil disorder. They say they will continue respecting everyone’s First Amendment Right as outlined in the United States Constitution.

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