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With nearly all votes counted, it’s looking good for both Glenn McGourty in the First District and Maureen Mulheren in the Second District with healthy leads. The Mendocino County Elections Office shows each with a majority of the votes in their Supervisor races. Mulheren with 58.5% to Mari Rodin’s 41.5% and McGourty winning over 60% of the vote against Jon Kennedy. Of Course the elections office has 30 days to certify the vote and in coming days it probably won’t change a whole lot. 

The Ukiah City Council race is spread out amongst the candidates. Douglas Crane has a slight lead with 19%, then 18.3% for Stephen Scalmanini, 17 % for Josefina Dueñas and Jenny Kimbler won 16% of the vote. It’s really too close to call at this point. The two top winners will get a seat on the council.  While Joe Biden won the state, here in Mendocino County Biden won 52.4% and President Trump scored 42% of the vote. In Lake County, the opposite, with President Trump getting almost 70% and Biden winning only about 28%. There’s still no clear cut winner nationwide.

Side hustlers look to be staying as independent contractors. Early tallies show Proposition 22 where Uber and Lyft drivers along with other independent contractors hoping to be employees and enjoying all the benefits that come with it, lost. This was the single most expensive ballot measure in state history. It looked to exempt contractors from getting that employee classification and all of the benefits and protections that come with it. After 11 million votes were counted, it looked bound for defeat, winning more than 58% of the votes counted so far. The argument by Uber and Lyft that their drivers met criteria for an independent contractor, not employee.

The Golden State Killer has been finally hauled off to prison for good. Former police officer, 74 year old Joseph James DeAngelo went to North Kern State Prison yesterday, but it’s not his final destination. Corrections officials at the prison will decide where he ends up based on security, medical, psychiatric and program needs. This summer DeAngelo pleaded guilty to more than a dozen murders and 13 rapes over many years time. Many other crimes were outside the statute of limitations so he couldn’t be charged for those. He was sentenced in August after being caught in 2018 after almost 40 years of getting away with the string of crimes from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s.  

Jared Huffman wins his Congressional Race in Mendocino County in big numbers with more than 75% of the vote. Huffman won the statewide vote with a wide margin of 78%. State Assemblyman Jim Wood retains his seat with 74% in Mendo County voting. He won with 72% in the State.  

In Willits, Measure K to enact a ¾ cent sales tax to help with police services, street and sports field maintenance and protect against the closure of city facilities or other essential city services has passed with 55% of the vote.

Measure I, also in Willits, won with a slight majority for the school district. The $17 million bond measure to hike the property tax to help schools.

In late returns last night in Lake County, the 5th District Supervisor race – 66% of the vote going to Jessica Pyska. A healthy lead over retired pharmacist Bill Kearney. The teacher from Cobb and member of the Cobb Area Council was way ahead with 1,364 votes counted.

Incumbent Congressman John Garamendi looks like he’s winning in a against Tamika Hamilton with about 61% locally and 58% statewide. Hamilton won nearly 39% of the vote in the counts so far in the Lake County and 41% statewide. 

Congressman Mike Thompson also with a huge win against GOP challenger Scott Giblin 70 to 30 percent in Lake, but a whopping 79% across the entire district.

State Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters hangs on to her seat against GOP challenger Matt Nelson who looks to have lost 70 to 30 percent.

Covid-19 still very much on the mind as we get distracted by the election. The Lake County Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace says the number of infections are looking much better in the county, the best ever, but he spoke about the outbreak at the Lake County Jail too. There are about 15 infected, but the outbreak, Pace says, has been confined to one wing of the jail. Pace confirmed said two staffers also tested positive. They’re doing more testing and have brought in state consultants to help slow the spread into the community. Pace also said two local nursing homes with previous breakouts had one case in one of them in ten days. The other had gone back to normal activities

A new report says since the pandemic started many schools across the state moved to pass fail grades, and now have mostly gone back to the traditional A thru F system. In LA Unified, the Superintendent says at the first fall progress report since going back to the old system, it shows many students are doing worse with far more Ds and Fs this year compared to last year. The Bay Area News Group reports the Sonoma County School Superintendent is meeting with district leaders for a second time to discuss the grading system there as more high schoolers had at least one F as compared to a year ago. The report by Education Source says a bunch of school districts in Calif changed their grading policies to avoid students dropping their grades.

While the August Complex wildfire has not seen much forward movement in days, it’s still burning in the South Zone. Almost 500,000 acres have been scorched there and it’s still 90% contained, as its been for weeks. The entire Complex is still 93% contained after burning nearly 1,032,650 acres. The fire, the first gigafire in the state started on August 16 and 17 in a dry lightning storm. Crews are doing fire suppression repair, building dozer lines around wilderness, in wild and scenic river corridors and areas prone to landslides.

FEMA’s reminding wildfire survivors in ten counties including Mendocino they must have their report for assistance filled out to get help. Victims in Fresno, Los Angeles, Madera, Mendocino, Napa, San Bernardino, San Diego, Shasta, Siskiyou and Sonoma will not move forward without a reported on the fire damage to your home and personal property. Some survivors may have gotten a letter from the agency saying they can’t be referred for the Individuals and Households Program which is not a denial the agency says, just a reminder to report your damage first. Any evacuated residents who sheltered in hotels, with family and friends or in other accommodations can apply for disaster assistance for the Bobcat, Creek, El Dorado, Glass, Oak, Slater, Valley or Zogg fires.  The deadline to register is December 16th.; with the FEMA app you downloaded to your smartphone or tablet; or by calling the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362.

Several initiatives on the general election ballot have been voted down. Prop 21 to expand rent control got a solid no, Prop 23 to put new regulations in place for kidney dialysis clinics was also a no. There were 12 propositions, four were in the top 10 most expensive campaigns ever. And the 12 campaigns spent $780 million. $200 million alone on the gig economy initiative, for Uber, Lyft and other contractors to remain as such and not become company employees.

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