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Volunteers are needed to collect Acorns in Mendocino County. The Resource Conservation District, along with the Oak Granary and UC Hopland Research and Extension Center collect blue oak, black oak and Oregon white oak acorns for the Acorn Bank, mostly from the Redwood Valley area. They turn around and plant them in the winter after they were stomped out after the 2017 Redwood Complex Fire. The work paid for with a grant from the State Water Resources Control Board to stormproof unpaved roads for water quality. They ask volunteers to find oak trees, and collect acorns then drop them off at various points in Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Potter Valley and Hopland.

Further more info: Hannah Bird at (707) 744 1424 ext. 105

The C.V. Starr Community Center is not reopening as long as the county remains in strict COVID-19 reopening tiers. The county is in the Red Tier, but the City of Fort Bragg and the Mendocino Coast Recreation and Parks District announced waiting for the “Yellow Tier” to reopen after closing mid-March. They’re winterizing so they don’t put out more money and also to preserve operating pumps, heaters and other equipment. This comes after they laid off everyone except essential staff in May. The City and parks dept has projected they wouldn’t allow the facility to reopen until at least January 2021.

The State’s encouraging local restaurants to be part of the Great Plates Delivery program. The program came to fruition in April to support restaurants and those over 60 who might be at higher risk from COVID-19. They get 3 meals delivered daily. There are guidelines for what type of meals are required and how they are delivered. Delivery drivers will have to go thru a background check. The state is collecting food provider info and sending further info to local administrator(s).

For more information, contact Mendocino County at (707) 463-7900 or (877) 327-1799, or call Willits Chamber of Commerce at (707) 459-7910. To apply online, visit

Lake County has won an award for the way it’s been holding its Board of Supervisors meetings online during the coronavirus pandemic. The California State Association of Counties bestowing the Challenge Award on the county for its “Hybrid Board of Supervisors Meetings”. The County Administrative Officer says they didn’t want to leave people without broadband internet out in the cold, they wanted all residents to safely participate. Lake was reportedly the first county in the state to provide telephone and internet access and safe in-person participation in public meetings. They say that resulted in massive participation, averaging more than 12,000 viewers and participants across all platforms, which they say was about 18% of Lake County’s population.

Fort Bragg Police on their toes with several arrests and almost 100 calls for service. It started last Wednesday, where they got a call to a car crash with injuries. James McGary, of Fort Bragg, was arrested for driving under the influence and rear-ending another car. They say the guy tried to run, but he was caught and tested for blood alcohol content which came back at 0.362%. The same day, they got a call to a Taco Bell for someone driving erratically in the parking lot and arrested Eduardo Maldonado-Lomeli, of Long Beach, also, for DUI. They say he also spat on an Officer. The next day, another traffic stop, this one found 3 known gang members, they were all arrested on various charges, one, a 17 year old found with a large knife. Yet another traffic call the same day and Steven Phenix of Fort Bragg, was also arrested for driving under the influence. Later during a call to the bluffs north of Pudding Creek Beach a domestic violence arrest, Mary Larochelle, of Santee was arrested for felony domestic violence. A commercial burglary at the Fort Bragg Outlet on Friday, where some stole a bunch of stuff, they’re still investigating but say they recovered the items and made an arrest.

After school activities being arranged for the kiddos of Ukiah by the city and school district. They’re looking for safe ways under the current health order to get kids together for physical activity and social interactions. The school district says they have multiple programs with staff, but will be offering even more for small groups. At Pomolita, for instance, there will be in-person volleyball pods. Middle schools will also have socially distanced Science Olympiad activities, MESA, Robotics, and a Newcomers Group, for English Learners to practice speaking English and enjoy social interaction with others.

The Superior Court has to close this week due to coronavirus incidents. The Mendocino County Superior Court Judge President Ann Moorman has issued an emergency order for all local courts to close today thru Friday. That includes all Ukiah and Fort Bragg facilities, so anything scheduled for this week is not happening. Those who were supposed to be in court are advised to call their lawyer for further information and directions. But the DA says his prosecution, investigations, and Victim/Witness offices in Ukiah and Fort Bragg are operational and open as much as possible during the court closure.

A man from Tennessee arrested in Mendocino County has been sent to prison for sex crimes against a minor. The DA’s office reports 26 year old Dakota Lee Miles who’s been living in Ukiah recently got 16 months in state prison last week after a guilty plea to possession of images depicting sexual conduct by a female under the age of 18 years, which is a felony. After getting out of prison, he will be on parole and will have to register as a sex offender. He was sent to prison in May of 2017 too for sexual battery and unlawful possession of methamphetamine, both as felonies.

A woman in Mendo set to go to trial for using a firearm in a robbery has pleaded out and waived her trial rights. Lillian Maddock pleaded no contest to robbery in the second degree, and admitted a sentencing enhancement for using the gun. So she was to face up to 15 years behind bars for the July robbery at Sinclair Gas convenience store in south Willits.  She was caught on the store’s surveillance video going into the store’s bathroom, then coming out with a handgun drawn. She then threatened a clerk with the gun and demanded cigarettes, which she received, then left the store. The clerk immediately called 911 and the woman was found and arrested. Police found a gun in a car near the gas station. Maddox will be sentenced next month, but remains in jail.

It’s a done deal, you can get a tiny house and park it in Clearlake. The City Council voted unanimously for the zoning ordinance to allow tiny homes in the city with a use permit. They also were being asked to put all of the homes in one neighborhood, but said no to that. The council is reportedly looking to get more retirees to the city, or those who are looking for a minimalist lifestyle. The council will have to take a second reading on the ordinance before it moves forward.

The City of Lakeport’s school district is considering whether it should allow students to move to the next phase of in person learning. There’s a meeting on the Return to School Continuum Plan with the school board tonight at 6. It’s both in person and via zoom where the main order of business will be to approve a start date for hybrid learning, Stage 2 of the County’s Plan for schools. There’s so far no start date that’s been made public.

A woman’s reported missing in Ukiah. Cherice Novo’s family says she went to have drinks with a friend at Low Gap Park last Thursday and the two fell asleep in the car and when the friend woke the next day, Novo was gone. The friend says Novo’s lighter and cell phone were still in the car. The friend says Novo acted normal and didn’t seem off in any way even though her family says she has a history of mental illness but was taking her medication. The woman was also new to the area and could have become victim to someone with bad intentions, per family. Cherice Novo is described as being 44 years old, 5’3’’, and 150 lbs with brown hair/eyes and a short “tom-boy” like hairstyle.

Deputies are searching for a group of men after a reported robbery in Laytonville. The Sheriff’s Dept. reports driving on the 101 in the Ryan Creek area between Willits and Laytonville and seeing a man waving them down. They say the guy says someone tried to steal marijuana from his home so he chased after the Silver Chevy Suburban, but it had a damaged tire and stopped. The victim says people in the SUV shot at him. He described them as two Black men and one Latino. Deputies searched with the help of the CHP, Willits Police, Ukiah Police, State Department of Fish & Wildlife, a Mendocino  SWAT Team and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit. The several hour search turned up no results.

A man in Ukiah’s been arrested after being seen speeding by Round Valley Tribal Police Officers in Covelo. They say the officers say the speeding car last Wednesday and tried stopping the car, to no avail. They identified the driver as Quinn Williams after seeing the vehicle parked and him standing next to it. Cops say when Tribal Police got close they saw him toss something on the side of the road. They found a loaded .357 caliber Magnum revolver. So Williams was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm and not being the registered owner of the firearm. The weapon stolen from Medford, Oregon.  Williams was booked on no bail due to the pandemic and is charged with possession of loaded firearm and not the registered owner.

A man in Gualala has been arrested after a domestic disturbance is called in. It happened November 1st. Octavio Medina’s wife says the man physically assaulted her but she didn’t know where he was. Two days later, a deputy called the woman who said she was again confronted by the man who assaulted her and punched her in the face, then threw her to the ground. She was scraped up on her knees, head and face. She says Medina also took her phone so she was unable to call police. He took her to a family member’s home in Santa Rosa and took off. He was arrested Wednesday and held on $25,000 bail.

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