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A freezer malfunctioning at Adventist Health Ukiah turns vaccine favor to the Mendocino County Jail. There is an outbreak of coronavirus at the jail at the same time the freezer failed at the hospital and doses of the vaccine were about to go to waste. So the Sheriff’s Office reports Monday their healthcare provider, NaphCare, administered some of the quickly thawing vaccines. About 800 doses were said to be in jeopardy of getting tainted. So Naphcare staff gave the vaccine in groups of ten at the jail at a quickly put together injection site. First they vaccinated Public Safety staff, including Sheriff’s Deputies, Corrections Deputies and Public Safety Dispatchers, and essential Sheriff’s Office staff.  Then, employees from Public Health, and staff from other county departments who wanted the vaccine. Nearly 100 people got the shot at the use it or lose it event.

The public health office in Sonoma County says they’ve administered half of the coronavirus vaccine doses they received. The Press Democrat reports two weeks after the first shots were given, they don’t have the data to know how many elderly residents and caregivers have received the first dose. The Governor’s office reports only about a third of the available shots were administered so far, slower than anticipated. The Public Health Officer says they’ve given 7,445 doses so far of the two vaccines that gained emergency approval from the FDA, Pfizer and Moderna. The newspaper reports too that the county had 8 more deaths from the virus for a total of over 200 now.  There were also another 132 cases of the virus. In Mendocino County there was another day of over 50 more cases, getting ever so close to 3,000 total.

A massive deal to join to wineries together is complete. The planned acquisition of E. & J. Gallo Winery from Constellation, an $810 million deal, one of the largest ever in the U.S. wine industry. The Press Democrat reports it had been valued at $1.7 billion back in April of 2019, but it was changed some as regulators forced a scaled back merger to preserve competition in the U.S. wine industry. Gallo’s the biggest in the country but after selling to Constellation, it’s now 5th. As part of the deal, Gallo will own the Clos du Bois winery in Geyserville, Ravenswood and Mark West wines.

The Governor has announced a new state stimulus program to help small businesses and unemployed Californians due to the pandemic. The $4.5-billion stimulus program includes several grants and tax incentives, money for low-income residents so they can buy zero-emission vehicles and to pay for more charging and fueling stations across the state. The Gov. touting the state’s economic innovation, inclusion and resilience. He says the new proposals will help Californians reach their dreams. He has to still get lawmakers to approve of his plan.

The coronavirus vaccine has been distributed at Sherwood Oaks Health Center. Adventist Health Mendocino Coast staff administered the shots between New Year’s Eve and Monday to 58 staff members at Sherwood Oaks. The employees working for months on the front lines. The facility was reportedly the first to have an outbreak in Mendocino County. It happened last August, eight residents died of the virus. The Advocate newspaper reports those receiving and those giving the vaccine were grateful to be part of the vaccination program. The medical director for Sherwood said it was a relief and couldn’t come at a better time.

New teachers in Lake County are starting the Teach Lake County Program. The Office of Education announced the fourth cohort of the program helping those who are qualified get their teaching credentials. Lake Co News reports it features a local perspective. The office of education says it provides an affordable way to become a teacher as well, for those already teaching as part of an internship. There are 21 people in the Preservice Program, the first step to get their credentials. It takes about six months to become an intern first. Due to the pandemic, they’re holding classes online, two days a week.

Some new state laws have gone into effect, but less than most years, thanks to the pandemic. A new state law address that too, it requires companies doing business in the state. and the State Health Department — to report more COVID data. Cal Matters reports businesses will have to notify employees within 24 hours if there’s been someone infected, which could have exposed them at work. They also have to report outbreaks, two or more positive cases which occur within a two week period. So Cal Osha will have more power over these incidents, as they’re considered to be a workplace safety issue.

It’s happened again, the seasonal flooding of the Navarro River. So that means SR-128, between SR-1 and Flynn Creek Rd., west of the town of Navarro is closed. It usually happens when the river overflows over a sandbar at its mouth. When its breached, the water tables there, then spills onto the highway which runs alongside the river over several miles until the river meets the ocean.  

The state has issued a new order due to low ICU capacity, no non elective surgeries or procedures at hospitals. It applies to counties who have less than 10% ICU capacity and where there’s 0 % regional capacity. It’s happened in the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California regions.  As we’ve been reporting, Los Angeles is getting inundated with cases, no room for patients, lower oxygen availability, means some rationing, and hours long waits to get patients into some hospitals. And in the San Joaquin Valley reports that ICUs are overflowing double their usual size, plus we’ve yet to see the whole picture of another surge from Christmas and New Year’s gatherings and some travel, where some just arrived back home after a week or so away.

An oddity for Calif., tornadoes. In Northern Calif. reports of twisters this week. On Monday, a pair of them in Tehama County, northwest of Chico and south of Redding near I-5. The first one in Corning, a rural area, dotted with farms. They reported some downed trees, but no damage or injuries. One of the two twisters built up to 27,000 feet high.  The National Weather Service issued the first tornado warning at 2:38 p.m. and a second tornado touched down at 2:40 p.m. Then there was a warning an hour later in Butte County, but no twister materialized.

A search has continued along the Sonoma Coast for two missing children swept from a rock with their father off Blind Beach. The father’s body was found the same day by his wife, the mom of the missing children, 7 year old Anna and 4 year old John Wyman, lost Sunday. The State Parks Dept. reported rough ocean conditions at Blind Beach and Goat Rock. And it continued yesterday which held personnel back from being able to continue looking for the missing children. They consider it a recovery operation at this point. The waves have been reported to hit up to 20 feet last weekend and again yesterday. Rangers were along the shore looking as lifeguards also drove around the edges of Salmon Creek beach. The Monte Rio Fire Chief and a lifeguard were on the beach walking to Jenner then about a mile south from Blind Beach, apparently finding some children’s clothing which may or may not be related.

The state has set aside over $40 million for those who’ve lost their jobs due to the pandemic, but now it turns out may have go to out of state jail and prison inmates.  The Employment Development Department reportedly lost hundreds of millions of dollars in COVID-19 unemployment funds to fraud, including some in Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s name. A report last month showed the unemployment money was approved for those incarcerated out of state including as many as 2,000 in Florida. In one instance, a man in prison for murder got nearly $11,000 in payments from California.

New information has been gathered about a man from Rancho Cucamonga who died after a fall or being swept by a wave by the Mendocino Big River Headlands State Park. 45-year-old David Reyes Juarez, a teacher was visiting on Saturday, but died after falling into the ocean. Juarez identified as a teacher in the San Bernardino Union School District who was described as positive and upbeat. His loss was described as monumental. The Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department said they got a call for the rescue and Juarez was found 45 minutes later. He was brought to the shore and CPR was administered for 20 minutes, but he was pronounced dead.

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