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California officials are telling people they should stay home and not leave for non-essential travel outside an area within 120 miles from home. They’ve instituted a quarantine too, anyone coming or going needs to self-quarantine for a week and a half. California is considered the hottest spot in the country. But all of the recommendations are not mandatory and local officials can have stricter rules if warranted.

The Governor of California has a new school reopening plan, but superintendents of seven of the state’s biggest school districts don’t like it. A letter sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom says the plan doesn’t help low income communities of color or promote a way to slow the spread of the virus. The Governor announced spending $450/student for in-person learning which the superintendents say they fear would help wealthier communities and punish poorer ones. The “Safe Schools for All” plan was announced last month. It looks to spend $2 billion on schools to reopen next month as the virus continues spreading like wildfire across the state.

A shooting reported in Ukiah. Mendo Fever reports hearing the report on the scanner last night around 9:21 p.m. It happened at the Sunrise Inn on South State Street. Someone reportedly shot out a window then ran off. They have identified the suspected shooter as Phillip Lopez who was described as a Latino man, 5′ 9”, 180 lbs. with tattoos on his face wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. Later in the night police put out a “be on the lookout” for Phillip Ronnie Lopez Junior, who they say is “armed and dangerous.” They say he was suspected of shooting into an occupied vehicle and is believed to have been connected to a Black Cadillac CTS sedan.

Three North Coast members of Congress have spoken publicly about their experience during the insurrection at the US Capitol. Congressman Jared Huffman of San Rafael, Congressman Mike Thompson of St. Helena, and Congressman John Garamendi of Walnut Grove. Garamendi says yesterday will go down as the saddest day in American History. Huffman says he couldn’t have imagined anything like this. Thompson’s building was the first to be evacuated, the Cannon Building. He says there had been anxiety about the day, because they were counting the electoral college votes and certifying Biden and Harris’ wins. He says President Trump encouraged his rally goers, earlier in the day, to be violent. Supporters stormed the capitol, broke inside and went onto the floor of the house, senate and rampaged thru offices before eventually being forced out by police. Huffman called it sedition.

The Gov. canceled a planned press conference on the pandemic because of the goings on at the capitol. The Governor’s office said it was out of “an abundance of caution” after pro-Trump protesters had also gathered outside the state Capitol. At the same time there were violent rioters at the US Capitol, there to overturn the presidential election results, the Vice President was presiding over. Members of Congress had to either evacuate, shelter in place and some had on gas masks. Gov. Newsom said it was an assault to democracy and Democratic institutions and called on President Trump to “move immediately to a peaceful transition of power.”

Hundreds of thousands of unemployment claims are on hold as the state’s grappling with massive fraud in the coronavirus unemployment relief program. They first said they were going to freeze high risk claims, but yesterday the state Employment Development Department said they were looking over existing claims from those who said they were without a job due to the pandemic. The state also claims the unemployment dept. found as many as 3.5 million potentially fraudulent claims. Almost 2 million were already disqualified with payments held back for the 1.4 million they are still trying to verify.

The Governor says he wants to add onto the federal stimulus some Californians just received for $600 with another $600. The Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the proposal yesterday for people who make less than $30,000 a year, including people living in the US illegally who file taxes with the state. That means about 4 million people could be eligible at a cost to the state of $2.4 billion. He says he’s also going to the Legislature to get permission to extend a moratorium on evictions as well. The budget usually passes in the summertime, but the Governor will ask lawmakers to do it sooner to get more relief to Californians suffering because of the pandemic.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is closing its chambers due to the amount of positive coronavirus cases. The board meetings will continue to be Zoom’d to the public. 2 members voted against the idea, newly minted Board Chair Bruno Sabatier and Supervisor Tina Scott. The idea brought up by former Board Chair, Supervisor Moke Simon as the county continues to grapple with cases and deaths. He said they could take up the matter each week. But Sabatier said he was comfortable coming to the courthouse, which is also currently closed to the public, and the board chambers, saying anything we do, comes with risk. The board also approved new COVID-19 Worksite Protocols, an extension of something passed back in May and gets a review every month.

Some state lawmakers commenting on the uprising at the US Capitol. State Senator Mike McGuire said it was a terrorist act that was stoked by the President, adding that “all Americans should be horrified and angered by these seditious acts”. State Sen. Bill Dodd said the chaos was an “unprecedented attack on American values, our representatives and our fair election process”. The Governor canceled a coronavirus press conference because protestors gathered at the state Capitol. He said after, “we are concerned for the safety of California’s congressional delegation and U.S. Capitol staff, and are reaching out to offer support in every way possible” then called on the president to end the situation and acknowledge the will of the people and for a peaceful transfer of power. The insurgency into the Capitol and on the House and Senate floors yesterday during the counting of the electoral college votes and finally certification early this morning.

An update on the pandemic for Lakeport. The City Council heard from city staff and directed them to continue their efforts to educate and enforce restrictions. The council talked about current response efforts, something the city manager said they were constantly reviewing and making changes to. As of yesterday, the county had over 2,000 positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic, including 25 deaths. The city working with the county’s public health office regarding restrictions, testing and other protocols. The city manager told the council he’s hopeful about the vaccine as there is an unprecedented surge in new cases.

Business owners trying to get onto the state’s portal to apply for one of the many grants for those affected by the pandemic say it’s a nightmare. The website for businesses to navigate requires several documents to be uploaded but apparently there have been technical issues. So the state’s lending partner had to extend the deadline 5 days so those having problems could get thru the site which had a lot of traffic, thousands of applicants. And some applicants couldn’t make their way thru the site due to the amount of visitors at one time. The grant program in November distributing money from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the business’s size.

No more delivery drivers for one Grocery Store company who says instead they’re going to utilize third party companies. Albertsons, the owner of Safeway, Vons and other stores is going to use Door Dash starting next month. A representative of the company says it will help them grow home delivery. They say they’re working to help the employees affected by the move, those who stay thru the transition will earn bonuses. The president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International union says it’s an exploitation of Prop. 22 which permits side hustle companies like Door Dash and Uber to classify drivers and others as independent contractors so they don’t get full-time employee benefits.

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