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A man from Covelo’s been arrested for having a concealed Dirk or Dagger. Police say someone called from a local business to report Neil Waldron was causing a disturbance. When a deputy made contact with Waldron he found he was on probation so he searched. That’s when he found the weapon, along with a glass methamphetamine smoking pipe. He was then arrested for violating probation, having the Dirk/Dagger and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bail was set at zero and he was released due to the current COVID-19 emergency order.

Those of you who’ve received your first vaccination dose of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine can sign up for your second dose. It’s for folks who went to the Ukiah Fairgrounds on January 27th through 29th. You can now register to get the final dose through the county’s website under the community tab, then navigate to coronavirus. The events are tomorrow and Thursday at the fairgrounds again. Tomorrow is 9 – 4 and Thursday is 9 to 12. Follow the county on Facebook and Twitter or visit the county website for the most current vaccination information.

Last Chance Grade on the 101 in Del Norte County is still closed. On Saturday the road was shut down due to a landslide, then reopened briefly, and closed again. Both sides of the highway remain closed indefinitely. The CalTrans roadmap says emergency work is ongoing and the highway is fully closed at Last Chance Grade. It also says once it does reopen, there could be 30 minute delays. Crews are on the scene removing debris and mud off the road. They say as soon as the slide stops moving they can reopen.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of rent is still unpaid in Calif. due to the pandemic. President Biden’s administration just announced an extension for unpaid mortgages until June, but renters will, at some point, need to pay back what they haven’t paid. The Press Democrat reports over one million renters are behind in payments to the tune of about $3.7 billion dollars, as of December. The news site reports the average rent debt is around $3,400. In Sonoma County as a whole, there’s rent debt of $36.5 million. The North Bay Organizing Project a group of over 22 organizations representing working class and minority communities started a hotline to help. They say they’ve been inundated with calls about evictions. The State Rental Assistance Program was started by lawmakers to help people and businesses with $2.6 billion in federal stimulus money for those who cannot pay rent due to COVID-related economic losses.

Blue Shield of Calif. now tasked with managing vaccine distribution across the state says it’s creating an algorithm with hopes of 3 million shots in arms/week by March 1st. The contract with the state was made public yesterday. The company says it’s going to seriously ramp up the number of daily shots, but it also depends on how many doses the state gets from the federal government. Over the last week the state got just over 1 million vaccine doses. The insurance carrier says it’s going to work right away to speed up distribution after a slow rollout because of a lack of vaccines, serious red tape and data reporting issues. The new algorithm is supposed to prioritize vaccine distribution in an equitable fashion.

The city of San Francisco is suing its public schools due to a high rate of suicidal children. The City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced the lawsuit last week against the city’s school district which includes testimony from local hospitals, doctors and parents on the emotional and mental toll one year of distance learning has had on kids. Some of the testimony includes teens crying themselves to sleep, or younger children having “uncontrollable meltdowns”, “depression and anger”. Local emergency rooms are reported record numbers of suicidal children being treated and doctors saying there’s been a marked increase in anxiety, depression and eating disorders, consistent with national data.

Grants are being distributed by a state charitable foundation for multiple projects. The Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association is one of 15 state parks and park partners receiving awards from the Calif. State Parks Foundation to bring parks and fragile habitats back to life that may have been damaged or destroyed in fires. The $135,000 in grants comes from the new Wildfire Resiliency and Prevention Fund. 15 parks will get some of the money, 10 of them are in Northern Calif areas devastated by wildfires.
The Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association is getting just over $9,000 to restore and rehab the 3 acre entrance area which was blackened by the 2016 Clayton fire.

A memorial is being considered by the Clearlake City Council to honor those who’ve lost their lives due to the pandemic. The city council will take up the matter at their meeting Thursday after a budget workshop. That’s where they’re reviewing the midyear budget. The city’s police chief is also the interim finance director. In his report to the council he says the revenues are exceeding projections and says they’re are cautiously optimistic the trend will continue.  Councilwoman Joyce Overton came up with the idea to establish a COVID-19 victim memorial at Austin Park with the names of those who’ve died in a fenced rose garden with a small white cross. It would be funded with private donations and be temporary for now.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors will continue limiting in person services to the public and keep the chambers closed during meetings due to the pandemic. The board didn’t meet last week due to the Presidents Day holiday. But they’ve agreed to keep the temporary closures in place and a reduction of in-person county services. The resolution to be reviewed monthly until the board decides it’s safe to resume operations. Last time they met, the County Administrative Officer Carol Huchingson said very few county employees have been vaccinated so far. They meet again next Tuesday.

A boy reported missing from near the Hidden Valley Lake area has been found safe. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reported the boy disappeared Sunday afternoon and his family called about 4 hours after he was last seen. He was found about 24 hrs later, yesterday afternoon. 12 year old Austin Maloney was seen in the area of Jerusalem Grade Road near Hidden Valley Lake Sunday afternoon after an argument or disagreement with his family. The Sheriff’s office, California Highway Patrol and volunteers and other law enforcement agencies were looking for the boy who was found in the area where he was reportedly last seen.

A former music teacher at Kelseyville High accused of having sex with a student has been to court, again. Then the court will decide if Cory Cunningham should get probation or be sentenced to state prison. The hearing was virtual with his lawyer asking for a continuance for further discussions with Cunningham but apparently, he wanted to be sentenced right away, so that’s reset for tomorrow. He changed his plea to no contest as part of a deal to have some of the charges tossed. It was agreed he was eligible for home monitoring and it’s in the hands of the county Probation Department for a Sentencing Report.  The former teacher was accused of having a relationship with a 17 year old student.

A new report shows it’s not been an equitable distribution of the COVID19 vaccine in the state. The Calif. Dept. of Public Health has released data showing White Californians getting the majority of doses, nearly 33% of the first available shots. Then it was 16% for Latinos, 13% for Asians, just under 3% for Black Californians and only 0.3% for Native populations. The report broke down the vaccine recipients by age, race, gender and where they live. Health care workers, long-term-care residents and people over 65 were the largest chunk of the population. And as of Sunday, there were 8,051,475 vaccine doses delivered and almost 5,770,000 doses administered. The state reports over 8 million more doses have been shipped.

A man from Covelo found to be on probation, found with drugs. Sheriff’s deputies say they conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation in Willits Sunday morning. The driver was Timothy Davis who was found to be on probation. Plus he didn’t have a driver’s license. He had a passenger with him. Deputies recognized the two of them. Since Davis was on parole he could be searched. They say they found he had a holster for a firearm, but they didn’t find a gun. He also had five individually packaged containers of suspected meth with a total weight of 16.4 grams, there was also a digital scale with a white crystal residue on it, and a used glass pipe. He’s charged with violating his parole, possessing drugs for sale and transporting them. He was booked into jail on $25,000.00 bail.

A man from Willits has been arrested for a felony arrest warrant. The Sheriff’s dept. reports seeing Joseph Hipes Monday afternoon and knowing he was wanted for violating parole, so he was picked up without incident. Hipes was taken to jail and held on $15,000.00 bail.

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