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A man has died after falling off a cliff near Albion. The Mendocino County Sheriff Office reports an elderly man slipped and fell about 60 feet into the ocean and died near the small community on the Mendocino coast. He was apparently visiting from out of state with family where they were staying in a rental on the bluff. Dispatchers sent rescuers yesterday afternoon around 4, including the Mendocino Water Unit, the Coast Guard, and a Reach air ambulance.

The Willits City Council has voted to pull out a Giant, dying Sequoia in Babcock Park. The council voted unanimously to fell the tree after it started to show signs of “failing health and distress” about two and a half years ago. A forester and arborist came out and examined the tree and a report was given to the council on the findings. The report said the tree, native to the Central Valley was sitting in saturated soil and had been compacted into he earth from activity at the park. He also said there were other trees looking similarly distressed at the park. The city surveyed residents on social media and the city website and got over 52% wanted the tree to be removed and only 11% against it. So more trees will be planted in its place.

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on Measure B since the Board of Supervisors has been dealing with the pandemic for the last year. The board heard an update on the Crisis Residential Treatment Facility being built on South Orchard Avenue next to the Ukiah Post Office. There will also be a Mobile Crisis and Response Team the county is working with the Sheriff’s Office and the Ukiah Police Department on. They’ve hired a staff member for the team who will work with the Sheriff’s office.  They will also offer a Crisis Assessment and Psychiatric Hospitalization Aftercare Program through Redwood Community Services and a Psychiatric Health Facility. There will be 16-beds for 24/7 services, but there’s no physical facility for that yet.

Three people have been killed in a fire at a home in Clearlake Oaks. The Lake County sheriff’s office reports the fire in the Clear Lake Keys in a two story house where they believe two men, and woman possibly from the same family died. The fire yesterday morning gutted the home. North Shore Fire is investigating where the ignition point was and how it started. They have not officially identified the bodies, as they have to await a forensic examination for an official identification. The Sheriff’s office is asking anyone who may have information to call them or the Northshore Fire Protection District.

Health officials in Sonoma County voicing concern as thousands of students return to in person learning. The Press Democrat reports officials are asking residents to be cautious and vigilant with health and safety protocols. Some area private schools have been back to face to face learning for months, but public schools had been closed as the county sat in the purple tier in California’s Blueprint to Reopen the Economy. The newspaper reports almost 20,000 students at 30 different schools are either coming back to in person by the end of this week, or before April 15th. Santa Rosa schools are the largest in the county and open to thousands of kids tomorrow. The county’s head of vaccines says other school systems have pulled it off, and they’re hoping people understand how important the health measures are to keep case rates low.

The Lake County Public Health Officer has sent out a notice to encourage all residents to get the COVID19 vaccine as soon as they’re eligible. Dr. Pace says variants of the virus have been found in the county and people are more active now, but with restrictions loosened, it doesn’t mean the risk is lower. Dr. Pace says the virus is prevalent in the county so residents should still follow strict health protocols, wearing a mask, frequently wash or sanitize hands; and practice social distancing in all interactions with people outside of your household, especially those not fully vaccinated; and get the vaccine. He says the vaccines available have all proven to be quite effective, even against new strains. They’re conducting drive through vaccine clinics in Lakeport on Mondays and Clearlake on Tuesday thru Thursday. He says many appointments are still available this week for first and second doses. Schedule yours thru the state site  Anyone over 50 can get the vaccine starting tomorrow, then anyone over age 16 after April 15th.

A man from Ukiah’s been arrested after a parole search at his home turns up some marijuana and weapons. Last Friday Sheriff’s deputies conducted a warrant service and parole search at Larry Wolfe Jr’s house because there was a warrant for his arrest for a Parole violation. When they knocked, they say they could see him inside, but he wouldn’t answer the door. He finally surrendered and they went inside, finding a commercial quantity of processed cannabis packaged for sale. They say he also had a semi-automatic 9mm pistol with a loaded magazine and a collapsible, 9mm assault rifle, and a loaded high capacity 9mm magazine. That was concealed in a laptop computer case where there was a bunch of ammo too. So the guy was arrested on several charges including having ammunition as a prohibited person, unlawful possession of an assault weapon and possessing cannabis for sale.  He was held on $110,000.00 bail.

A man from Covelo’s been arrested after a fight with the mother of his child. Witnesses told deputies 21 year old Oscar Martinez was in a relationship with the 27 year old woman who he had a child with. There had been a physical altercation between the couple. She says Martinez punched her in the face, two times. Deputies say there were multiple injuries on the woman’s face. Martinez was not there, but they put a BOLO alert out for him for Domestic Violence Battery. He was caught later that morning and arrested on $25,000.00 bail.

A new doctor has started at Mendocino Coast Clinics. They put out a notice to welcome Dr. Patti Chico, a family medicine physician who they say is a perfect fit for the coastal community. She touts herself as a healer, a health coach and patient advocate as much as a doctor. She says she’s focused on patients’ physical and emotional needs. She graduated medical school five years ago and has worked in various settings, urban and rural.

The Clearlake City Council has decided after a year of closures due to the pandemic, they would reopen their meetings to the public. So, starting with their meeting tomorrow, the public can come back in person, but it will be with limited capacity, masks are mandatory as well as social distancing mandates. You can also catch the meeting on the city’s YouTube channel or PEGTV. They’re also offering Zoom participation. Tomorrow they will have some proclamations to read, hear an update from the Hope Center and hear discussions about a new Bus Stop Renovation and Promenade Improvement Project which has been bid for a half million dollars. The council will also hear a resolution from the Members of the measure V Citizen Oversight Committee.

Ukiah Unified School District Superintendent Debra Kubin has been named the 2021 Woman of the Year for Assembly District 2. Assemblyman Jim Wood says Kubin led an “amazing effort” during the pandemic not only to continue educating Ukiah’s students, but making sure over 3,000 students who needed food support got daily meals, including students even at charter and private schools. She also helped kids without computers secure Chromebooks as well as 150 hot spots for kids in remote areas of the district. Kubin has been the Superintendent for nearly a decade and has almost 30 years of experience in education.

Congressman Jared Huffman and other members of California’s congressional delegation are calling on the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors to reconsider a 10-year contract with Oshkosh Defense for up to 165,000 Next Generation Delivery Vehicles, which only a fraction of would be electric vehicles. Huffman had also introduced legislation to replace 75% of the postal service’s fleet with electric vehicles as part of the Postal Vehicle Modernization Act. Huffman put out a statement saying the delegation was dismayed to learn Postmaster General (Louis) DeJoy said there would only be 10% electric vehicles, and they heard even that amount was highly questionable because the manufacturer of the vehicles had little experience manufacturing electric vehicles.

Another year of drought like conditions has left little water storage in area lakes. The Press Democrat reports the extremely low rainfall has meant low levels in Lakes Sonoma and Mendocino. The lowest, the paper reports, for this time of year since the reservoirs were filled decades ago. The water is especially low in Lake Mendocino which provides water for municipal and rural users in Ukiah and is responsible for producing flows in drier months for the Upper Russian River. Lake Sonoma was at about 63% of its storage capacity and Lake Mendocino had around 45%. The two lakes provide drinking water for over 600,000 people in Sonoma, Mendocino and Marin counties.

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