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The Lake County Public Health Office is encouraging residents to get vaccinated. The Public Health Officer, Dr. Gary Pace reports over 33% of county residents over 16 have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Vaccine eligibility expanded to include all Californians age 50+ this week.  People 16+ will qualify April 15th. But you can sign an interest form through the health dept. website if you’re between 16-49, and open appointments before April 15th may be available. The dept. says there have been many open appointments the last few weeks, but no vaccine doses have been wasted. Pace also says “Vaccine Hesitancy” is common in the region, but it’s very safe and highly effective. He says they serve 500-1,000 people/day, and no serious reactions have occurred at any clinics. The vaccine clinics in the county are in Lakeport: Mondays, 10am-4pm, Lakeport Auto Movies (52 Soda Bay Road) and Clearlake: Tuesdays-Thursdays, 10am-4pm, Redbud Park (14655 Lakeshore Dr.) Also Adventist and Sutter are hosting vaccine clinics for all eligible community members and Safeway in Lakeport and North Lake Pharmacies have some shots too.

A man in Fort Bragg has been arrested after an attack on another man. Deputies headed to the scene were told by the person reporting the incident that Jade Bennett hit a man with a metal object that caused injuries and he was on his way to the hospital. Deputies then reported to Adventist Health Mendocino Coast hospital and found the man with visible injuries after being hit with a metal cable with a block and steel hook attached. Bennett was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and felony probation violation. They also found the weapon. Bennett tried to get away so he was further charged with attempt escape from arrest and booked on $60,000.00 bail.

A woman from Ukiah’s been arrested after being found sitting in a car in Calpella and found to be under the influence of drugs. A Deputy cruising by saw a dark colored sedan pull up to a garage type structure and contacted Justine Norton who the Deputy knew from another contact and knew there was an active felony warrant for her arrest. She tried to run away, but the Deputy caught up to her where she was trying to hide behind some furniture. During a struggle Norton and the Deputy fell on the ground and there was a felony struggle. She was finally put into handcuffs and arrested and found to have 4 warrants. She was also booked for resisting or threatening a peace officer and contempt of court disorderly behavior and held on $117,500.00 bail.

A woman on probation has been arrested in Calpella. The Sheriff’s Dept. reports Deputies on routine patrol saw Lillian Chaney, who they knew from previous contact, and that she was on probation. They called dispatch with the license and were told the car had an expired registration. But the Deputy saw a current sticker on the car and found she had a couple misdemeanor warrants for her arrest. She also had two passengers with her. A search of her car found an open container, a violation of her probation so she was arrested for the warrants, violating her probation and unlawful display of evidence of registration. She was released from jail on zero bail because of the pandemic.

A couple of men from Ukiah have been arrested for having drugs on them, and one for a warrant. Eduardo Alvarez and an unidentified 40 year old man were pulled over. The unidentified man was driving, and Alvarez was the passenger and on parole with a warrant for his arrest. He was detained and the car searched. The Deputy found suspected meth under the driver’s seat. If it’s found to be meth, the driver will be cited for possession of a controlled substance too. Alvarez was booked on a No-Bail status

A drug arrest in Covelo after Tribal Police found a man with a rifle. Sheriff’s Deputies got a call to Ira Bowes discharging a firearm in public. A Round Valley Tribal Police Officer got their first and found the man with the rifle. He says Bowes tried to get away and started running, but Deputies grabbed him, finding him only wearing underwear. A police dog went after him with his partner and the guy surrendered. They found the clothes he was wearing nearby and found a shell cartridge for the rifle and a car nearby had a bullet hole. They searched a home nearby too and found more shotgun cartridges and other ammo and arrested him. They say he was also under the influence so he was booked on $175,000.00 bail.

A man from Point Arena’s been arrested after reports of a burglary at the Sheriff’s substation in town. Deputies say they found the front door pried open and desk and filing cabinet drawers opened. Micah Pilgram was arrested after Deputies looked at surveillance footage and connected him to the Burglary. He was going to be released from jail but a judge approved $15,000.00 bail.

A woman in Covelo’s been arrested after being found with a machine gun. Deputies had a search warrant for a home and found Jessica Oliver there with two other people. They say she was sitting in a nonworking truck and started questioning her, seeing a purse hidden in the fender of the truck. They searched it and found a 9mm pistol with a special selector switch attachment that would make the pistol a fully automatic machine gun; and a short-barrel 410 gauge double barrel shotgun and identification in Oliver’s name. That weapon was illegally modified with a barrel length less than 18 inches and an overall length less than 26 inches. She was arrested on several charges of possessing the weapons but let go due to the pandemic, with a promise she’d appear in court at a later date.

After a man in Ukiah ended up in the hospital, then arrested after an altercation with Ukiah Police, his family and the public were speaking out about his treatment. Gerardo Magdaleno was believed to be on meth, but a taser and pepper spray were deployed on him Friday. He was not released from jail right away as he had to go back to the hospital due to injuries he suffered from the altercation with police. His family reported he was urinating blood and had kidney damage, which could be a problem due to him being prescribed lithium for mental health problems. Related to the case, the police dept. put out a statement that Magdaleno was hit by officers, calling them distraction strikes. But video shows he was also kicked. No word on any use of force punishment for officers, but the dept. says they’re evaluating the incident.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors considering some grant opportunities. At their meeting tomorrow, the board will also present several proclamations. Supervisors will consider the highest priority projects for the Community Project Funding Program. That training includes changing the Lakeport Armory facility over to allow for wildfire training, and the Full Circle Effluent Pipeline Preliminary Design Report update, and pedestrian traffic and street improvements. There are also proclamations for Public Health Week, Child Abuse Prevention Month, Alcohol Awareness Month and Bird Appreciation Month in Lake County.

Old River Road had to be closed over the holiday weekend after a car crashed into a power pole. The power line fell down onto the road in about the 4000 block of Old River, bringing PG&E out to repair the downed lines. The CHP had on their website, someone hit the utility pole yesterday morning, but there were no witnesses nor was their a description of the vehicle, someone just heard it, but didn’t see it.

The Fort Bragg Food Bank’s Community Farm Stand has reopened after relocating. Local farms and home gardeners donate year round to the food bank. Last year they reported getting over 60,000 pounds of fresh fruits and veggies from local grocers, farmers and local home gardeners. They have options for those who get items from the Food Bank, that includes apples, potatoes, carrots and onions. They say those staples are usually available and as we move deeper into spring there will be more options. Some of their local, commercial donors include Harvest Market, Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Fortunate Farms, Chico Gleaners and Mendocino Coast Produce.

There is a vaccine clinic set up for first doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds Thursday. The Mendocino County Public Health Officer Andy Coren says after several clinics with only second doses, they’re getting more supply. You can sign up at the state’s vaccine appointment site, MyTurn. The county has administered more than 50,000 doses of COVID19 vaccines and nearly 19,600 residents or 29% of adults are fully vaccinated. Wednesday there will be a Johnson & Johnson vaccine clinic in Talmage at the Mendocino County Office of Education that Coren says is mostly for agricultural workers. As of Friday, there was one person in the hospital with the virus, but they were in the hospital for something else and tested positive.

Property tax benefits are being expanded by the state Board of Equalization for seniors, the severely disabled, and victims of wildfires or natural disasters. The groups can transfer the taxable value of their residence up to three times during their lifetime. It comes as part of Proposition 19, The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act, that California voters approved last November. Those listed do have to meet other requirements to qualify and their original and replacement home have to be eligible for the homeowners’ or disabled veterans’ exemption. You can get an application at the County Assessor’s office to start the process.

Five California gaming tribes have won in court after arguing the state negotiated gaming compacts in bad faith. There were years of negotiations between the State of California and a lot of the 74 gaming tribes. Then 5 tribes two years ago, that include the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, and Robinson Rancheria, sued the state connected to some provisions in new compacts the tribes said were improper under federal law. The court sided with the Tribes saying the state insisted compact negotiations include provisions prohibited by federal law and that it had nothing to do with regulating gaming activities nor were they topics at the heart of the gaming activity. The state now has 60 days to work with the Tribes to remedy the situation.

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