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A fellow Windsor Town Hall member is accusing the mayor of Windsor of sex assault after 5 other women did the same. But the Mayor Dominic Foppoli who many are calling on to resign, says Esther Lemus sexually assaulted him. There was public support for Lemus at a small rally over the weekend right after Mayor Foppoli’s own brother, and business partner, Joe called on the mayor to resign from office for accusations he sexually assaulted six women. Joe is the chief operating officer of the family’s Healdsburg winery. He says he’s trying to get Dominic, removed as the CEO and co-owner of Christopher Creek Winery. Joe also says he’s urging him to resign as mayor. The mayor put out a statement over the weekend calling the whole thing political and says he’s innocent and won’t resign. Meanwhile over the weekend Lemus accused Mayor Foppoli of slipping drugs into a drink and attacking her. Foppoli says though Lemus coerced him into a “sexual situation” and threatened his political career if he exposed her.

Several demonstrators out over the weekend calling for the Sonoma County Sheriff to resign. They were out in front of Santa Rosa Junior College Saturday saying Sheriff Mark Essick has a pattern of bullying and intimidation. It comes after allegations by Board of Supervisors member and the Chair Lynda Hopkins. The rally by Love and Light, a group who organized the protest saying Essick should also not try to run for office again. Last year the same group came out for Measure P which expanded oversight of the Sheriff’s office by an independent body.

At a special meeting of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors they’ll look at an urgency ordinance to extend the Temporary Moratorium on starting phase three for Cannabis cultivation permitting. They will study and look at the land use and other regulations regarding Cannabis growing in the county. The board is also considering the current and future impact of legal and illegal cannabis cultivation in Mendocino County. The board will also discuss water supply as we are in severely dry conditions, not yet an official drought, but close. They’re also considering crisis intervention training for county staff.  And funding and vacant positions in the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff will attend to update the board on some Cannabis enforcement operations

The August Complex Fire, the first Gigafire in the state, left quite a bit of burn scar, and destruction. Now Mendocino National Forest staff are looking for public comment on a proposal to reforest and improve the safety around a campground hit by the fire last year. The Hammerhorn Campground Restoration and Salvage Project. They’d be pulling out dead or dying trees all around the area and getting ready to replant. Comments are due to the Forest Service by May 10th on the project at the campground located about 17 miles northwest of Covelo and across from the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness. The fire left the campground with 75 percent or more tree mortality and vegetation loss.

The Lake County Public Health Office says the county’s COVID19 case rate is much lower than the winter peak and so they could enter the Orange Tier. The state releases data every Tuesday, so that means Lake could be in the Orange Tier by Wednesday. Mask wearing and other health protocols and more vaccines will move the county further, according to the Public Health Officer, Dr. Gary Pace. He says all of the new cases are in people who have not received the vaccine and spreading it to others. Those who have not been vaccinated in Calif. could face more restrictions as the state has announced some events could require a vaccination to get in. Or you could have to show a negative COVID19 test.

A man in Ukiah has been arrested for an outstanding warrant. Police say Edward Two Feathers Steele was arrested after reports last Thursday of illegal campers tossing trash into a creek on City Well Road. A Deputy reported to the area and saw a man walking away who he recognized. That was Two Feathers Steele. The Deputy knew he had a warrant for violating his Post Release Community Supervision so he was arrested without incident and taken to jail on $30,000.00 bail.

A couple in Willits arrested after a traffic stop. He for a warrant in Sonoma County for drug offenses and she for being on parole with meth. The driver David Mairs and passenger Caytlin Collicott were detained while the Deputy ran a records check. He found Mairs had a $80,000.00 felony arrest warrant out of Sonoma County for failure to appear for possession of illicit drugs for sale while being in possession of a loaded firearm.  He also had Mendocino County misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.  After a search of their car, the Deputy found a glass meth pipe and some meth that belonged to Collicott. Her parole officer was called, and then the two were hauled off to jail. She was held without bail, but Mairs was released with a promise to appear in court, because of pandemic guidelines.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has a meeting with Pacific Gas and Electric regarding this fire season’s possible public safety power shutoffs. The meeting tomorrow of the supervisors with a representative from the utility company on this summer’s outlook for possible intentional power downs. The board will also get their weekly pandemic update from the public health officer, proclaim April Sexual Assault Awareness Month and designate the week of April 11th to 17th National Public Safety Dispatchers Week. They’ll also hear their first reading of the amendment to commercial cannabis cultivation for those impacted by a Farmland Protection Zone.

Another online workshop regarding the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument. The Trails and Travel Management Planning Workshop is next Wednesday from 5:30 to 8 p.m. put on by the Bureau of Land Management Ukiah Field Office. It’s the second workshop where the public can see an online map and help the BLM with its database of existing trails and routes at the monument and see what the usage is on each route. The BLM will also present what the public input has been so far and explain the travel management planning process and timeline and explain that there’s still more public input needed. The federal government co-manages the land with the Mendocino National Forest.

To participate in the workshop, please register at least 30 minutes prior to the event at

Please contact the BLM to participate.
For specific questions, please contact Rebecca Carr Wong at 707-468-4023 or

Another update is planned in the Ukiah Planning Commission online meeting on the homeless shelter on S. State Street. It’s one of the regular reports that’s mandatory each 6 months. The last meeting update was provided by the Community Development Director Craig Schlatter last October. The police department had noted a 40-percent increase in the amount of service calls they received from the shelter, Building Bridges between Aug. 6th of 2020 and Feb. 1st of this year. The shelter is supposed to continue operating another year. The Ukiah City Council just approved the extension through the summer months and into next spring with COVID measures in place.

Eagle Peak Middle School in Redwood Valley is back to in person learning. The principal noted that it’s been a challenge to do online learning, one reason, is children don’t always show up to class, but they have teams working with families to get students back to face to face learning. The principal says their project learning because they’re a Science Technology Engineering and Math Magnet school was changed because everything went online. Another challenge he said was snow this winter. The school has been back to face to face learning since March 18th, first in a hybrid schedule with students in pods for all in person learning too. Others are allowed to stay doing online learning, if that’s their family’s preference.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors covering the move to the Orange Tier and wildfire season. This was for last week’s meeting. They got their weekly COVID-19 update from the county’s Public Health Officer Dr. Andrew Coren who reported case rates and test positivity rates are down. And that there had been no new deaths. What’s more on Thursday there was only one new case reported and on Friday, none. We don’t have the weekend numbers yet. Mendocino is in the moderate, Orange Tier. The Board touched on the upcoming fire season, dry weather, and preparing for the summer after last year’s August Complex gigafire. Right now Cal Fire has more than a dozen preventative projects in the county.

Add Brookside Elementary in Willits to the schools that are reopening post pandemic. All students at the elementary school whose families have agreed for them to be in person again are coming five days a week. But those who want to stay home can. There are new protocols in place of course including the playground being cordoned off in some areas so class cohorts can go in different sections. And kids are wearing masks. There are dots painted outside classrooms for students to know where to park themselves, away from others, when they’re eating.

The California Highway Patrol’s campaign to keep a stretch of highway safe ended in nearly 600 tickets. The patrol’s Northern Division and Golden Gate Division working the 101 throughout the whole of northern California in the Major Corridor Enhanced Primary Collision Factor (PCF)  Enforcement Campaign last Thursday. They worked from the Oregon border to San Jose. They gave out 597 citations to be exact. 402 were for unsafe speed, including three for going over 100 mph. The rest were for distracted driving, unsafe lane changes, unsafe turning, following too close, and seatbelt violations. They also say there were 102 verbal or written warnings and five arrests.  

At a children’s birthday party at Big River Beach, their treasure chest with treats was ripped off.  Mendo Fever reports a mother of one of the kids in attendance says parents were told a family with 3 kids and a blue umbrella were spotted with the treasure chest leaving the area. The mom says the children at the party were quite upset after working so hard to uncover the hints at the scavenger hunt, not to get the treasure chest in the end. The birthday was Sunday at about 2:00 p.m. Organizers asking anyone who may know something to email… Gisela Ornelas at

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