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2 people are reporting missing in Willits. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports being on the scene of a cannabis cultivation business in the 20000 block of Timber Road for two days. They have not said much else.  

An online town hall for the Kelseyville Fire Protection District for a new fire community facilities district. The meeting is this Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m.  The Fire District is looking to form the community facilities district but has to follow some rules first. So right now they’re in the exploratory phase to do it for more money for a new fire station on the Soda Bay corridor, a new fire engine, ambulances and salaries for staffers at the new station. They say it would be impactful, saving time to get to homeowners in the immediate area.  And they say it could also mean lower insurance rates for homeowners. The whole package would be paid for with a special tax on parcels.

The Governor announced the state is sending medical equipment to India where they are dealing with a tsunami of new daily coronavirus cases. For the last few days the country has been counting over 300,000 new cases/day, the most anywhere since the pandemic first started last year. Governor Newsom says lifesaving oxygen equipment will be sent because “everyone deserves quality medical treatment against this terrible disease”. The equipment is being sent with the help of the U.S. Agency for International Development. The federal government has also pledged to do more to help India including sending raw materials for vaccine production, test kits, ventilators and PPE.

They’re looking for people to fill seats on the Lake County Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission. The commission is a panel of citizens who investigate, then recommend ideas for how the juvenile court in Lake County runs. They advocate and protect juveniles and dependent youth with continued prevention and intervention activities and services. They inspect institutions like Juvenile Hall, and the jail lockup, check in on group homes, inquire about how juvenile court works including its operations and that of the Probation Department, Social Services Agency, and any other agency involved in juvenile delinquency or dependency. Then they make recommendations thereto. Those interested have until May 20th to apply for the four year position. You can do so at the Lake County court website.

A man in the Bay Area has apparently gotten that rare side effect from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a blood clot. UC San Francisco reports a man in his 30s developed vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia after his single dose vaccine April 8th. He’s in the hospital and will be okay. It’s believed to be the first male case, as all of the others have been in women, 15 of them, between the ages of 15 to 49. On Friday a committee of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave the green light again to the vaccine which had been on pause due to the syndrome. One woman died, but the panel said the benefits outweighed the extremely rare side effect.

The Governor could lose his job after all. The Secretary of State’s office says there are enough valid signatures for the recall effort to be on a ballot. The office confirmed over 1,626,000 valid signatures. They needed about 1,495,700. Counties now have to validate the signatures as well and have until Thursday to do so. There is also a one month period where those who signed the petition can ask to have their signature removed. A spokesman for the RecallGavin2020 campaign says people have been frustrated at the “destructive policies, divisive politics and manipulative tactics by Newsom since the day he became governor”.  The governor says Trump supporters and far right wing operatives are behind the effort. He says the recall “threatens our values and seeks to undo the important progress we’ve made”.

Talk about unaffordable housing… the median price for a single family home is at almost $760,000, making buying a home far out of reach for most. It’s almost 6% more than it was, the last historic hike, $717,930 in December and 24% higher than a year ago. The state Department of Finance released the latest numbers last week. Last August history was made when the median home price mark was $700,000 for the first time ever. But there’s a reason, less homes are being made and more people need a home to live in. Whether they buy or rent, there’s a shortage of affordable housing. The Governor made a campaign promise when he ran for office, building 500,000 units a year. Just under 103,000 permits were approved last year.

Surrounding counties to Lake and Mendocino are seeing an increase of new COVID19 cases. Humboldt County health officials reported nearing the 3,800 case mark this past weekend. The county’s public health department said a large chunk was due to super spreader events, one at a church. There was an outbreak associated with the Pentecostal Church in Eureka. The public health department is offering to test attendees. The church released a statement about the outbreak saying they had gone almost a year without an outbreak, but the virus is spreading amongst congregants. The church says they are working with public health officials for testing and quarantining and isolation.

After an 11 district beta test, the state is offering to cover any school district or charter school’s cost to provide rapid Covid testing for students and staff through the summer and most likely into the fall. The state Department of Public Health is now working with a company from San Francisco for expanding testing at schools and in homeless shelters and longterm care facilities. The federal government is paying for testing costs for states and school districts and the tests are less expensive with faster turnaround times than when the Governor first proposed the idea of regular testing in schools, about $5 instead of $50 each.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company says the cost of their service will be lower this month due to the California Climate Credit. The California Public Utilities Commission created the credit in order to fight climate change. So bills will be nearly $42 less for residential customers for natural gas and electric. Those who only get natural gas will receive about a $25 credit and for those with only electric, it’s be about $17. The state sped up the credit to start sooner due to the pandemic. It happens twice a year, in April and October. The company also reminds that if you’re struggling to pay, there are ways to remedy that, by calling or checking online for programs for both residential and commercial customers with past due balances.

A parent in the Konocti Unified School District wanted to honor students graduating this year, like she did last year, with banners along streetlights. The Record Bee reports mom Rachelle Sapeta organized the effort when her daughter was graduating and traditional commencement ceremonies were not allowed. So the banners feature pictures of the seniors, affixed to lamp posts along the roads most people travel on. They’re located near Konocti Unified’s four high schools: Lower Lake, Konocti Education Center, Lewis School, and Carle.

A man who the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says may have been involved in a series of burglaries is on the run and they want the public’s help finding him. Deputies in the area of Elk after hearing the man might be there or somewhere along the coast. He’s described as White, about 5’10”, 180 pounds, with a red beard, last seen in dark clothing, a knit hat, carrying a dark backpack. The sheriff’s office says they think he may be homeless, and traveling on foot and are asking anyone who may have seen him to call the Fort Bragg Substation ASAP.

It’s been less than a year as mayor of Windsor and there’s already a recall effort for Dominic Foppoli. After the San Francisco Chronicle ran a report a couple weeks ago about several women over 2 decades accusing the mayor of sexual misconduct, and even rape. None of it while mayor, but now there have been scores of calls for him to resign or be removed from office. He’s reportedly been served notice of intent to recall with paperwork delivered to Windsor Town Hall. Seven women have complained about the 38-year-old winemaker, and his own brother has called for his removal from office and from their family wine making business. A campaign committee, Residents United for Recalling Foppoli reports beginning their petition effort will begin by the beginning of May.

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