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It’s that time of year again for the annual burn ban in Lake County. Starting this Saturday the burn restriction is enforced in all areas of the county. That means all burn permits expire April 30th. So all open waste burning is banned, but there are always exemptions for some agricultural operations, essential control burns for fire hazard reduction projects, public safety burns, and others. For those needing a permit after May 1st, they have to call the Air Quality District and local fire department so they can inspect for safety reasons. Then an exemption permit is possible.

Mendocino County can move into the yellow minimal spread tier. The Mendocino County Public Health Dept. reports the State Department of Public Health has notified them they can move forward in California’s colored tier system from orange to yellow. That means most indoor operations can resume in the county. It went into effect yesterday. The Health Officer, Dr. Andy Coren still says to stay vigilant as COVID19 is still a threat and emerging variants are in Calif. too, which are spreading more easily. He says to wear masks in public settings and private gatherings and gather outdoors when possible or in well ventilated areas. You can see all of the expanded openings and guidelines on the public health department’s website.

A man reported to be drunk in public in Fort Bragg has been arrested after reports of a burglary in progress. Deputies reported to the scene last Saturday after someone called to say someone was trying to force their way into their home. They identified Nicholas Pollard as the suspect and damage to the garage door of the home. A police dog sniffed around, finding the guy had escaped to a nearby property. Pollard surrendered. Besides being drunk, Pollard was believed to have heroin on him. He was arrested after being positively id’d by the attempted burglary victim and charged with attempted first degree burglary and looting during a declared emergency. He’s held on $50,000.00 bail.

A man from Fort Bragg has been arrested after being found with drugs in his car while on parole. Deputies say Shalom Lewis was in what they believed to be a suspicious vehicle with damage to it. It had an open door in someone’s driveway. When deputies contacted the guy, they found he was on parole for a burglary. They saw several hypodermic syringes and a small amount of a crystalline substance they thought might be meth. He was placed on a parole hold and charged with committing a felony while on pre-trial release for pending felony and held in jail on $75,000.00 bail.

A man in Fort Bragg has been arrested after a disturbance was reported Monday. Deputies say they got a call early that morning to a man attacking another man with a knife. They found Miguel Carrillo-Palomar had attacked a 21 year-old with a large kitchen knife. The victim reportedly found an object to defend himself and hit Carrillo-Palomar back several times, stopping the attack. Deputies found the knife and arrested Carrilo-Palomar for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and booked him into jail on $30,000.00 bail. 

Joining Mendocino County before it, it looks like Sonoma County may be able to lift more coronavirus safety protocols in the state’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. The Press Democrat reports transmission is down in the county, enough so to qualify for the yellow tier. But we won’t know for sure until next Tuesday when the state announces any changes. And if approved, it won’t happen until May 12th, as the county needs to have lowered case numbers stable for a two week period of time. Mendocino was one of only four counties to move to yellow this week. It means bars not serving food can reopen indoors at 25% capacity, wineries, breweries and distilleries that don’t serve food can move up to 50% capacity, but restaurants have to stay at 50% indoor capacity. Much more too, check the state or county’s public health website for all of the info.

After a meeting of the Windsor Town Council, without the mayor, they’re considering using a rare civil grand jury proceeding to oust him. A campaign has also been launched to remvoe Mayor Dominic Foppoli after a damning report in the San Francisco Chronicle about sexual harassment and rape allegations. The council has reportedly directed the town’s lawyers to look into the grand jury idea and if it’s doable, send a letter to the state Attorney General’s office to request a grand jury investigation. The Press Democrat reports legal experts say it could be challenging to move forward this way, it wouldn’t expedite his removal from office. Foppoli is also under a criminal investigation by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office which includes the state Attorney General’s Office.

In a strange reversal of family dynamic regarding health insurance, lawmakers are considering allowing adult children to add their parents as dependents onto their health plans. The idea to help residents moving towards retirement. Assemblyman Miguel Santiago’s bill passed its first committee hearing Tuesday. Those who support the idea include the state Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara. They say it’ll save money for families, but business groups say adding older Californians to large group policies will drive up premiums.  The bill does have some limitations for eligibility. Parents would have to meet what the IRS defines as a dependent, like having to rely on their children for at least 50% of their support.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has approved moving state disaster recovery money to pay for housing in Clearlake and Lakeport. Lake Co News reports the 2018 Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery Multi-Family Housing Program is for low- to moderate-income multifamily housing units after a loss of shelter after the 2018 Mendocino Complex fire. The county can get nearly $7,600,000 dollars and the city of Lakeport can get another $2,400,000. But since the county doesn’t have an affordable housing program or associated policies and procedures they can’t tap the funds. But cities can tap the money.

A small dog has been saved from a fire in Ukiah. Firefighters on the scene Tuesday and say they found a small dog laying on the floor, looking lethargic and limp. They brought the animal outside and gave it oxygen thru a mask generally used on infants. Police took the dog to a vet and heard it will be okay. An 86 year old woman living in the home reportedly found the fire in a closet. The home is in the middle of being remodeled. She’s a family member who was staying there during the construction work and opened the closet, finding flames and ran outside. There was just minor damage to the home. Fire officials say it did not appear to be suspicious and might have been connected to the remodel.

The city of Ukiah has hired an outside company to investigate the arrest of a man reported to be naked and tasered and hit by police. Witnesses took video of the arrest April 1st of Gerard Magdaleno. It could take several months to conclude the investigation. The DA’s office says no charges will be filed against the man until all of the work is done to investigate the arrest. Independent Investigative Consultants are doing the internal affairs investigation for the city. The police chief says there is no other investigation being done and all inquiries should go to the City Attorney’s office. Ukiah police reported Magdaleno seemed to be high on drugs. They arrested him for public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting an officer by force. Family members had said he had mental health disorders.

A man charged for the death of a Northern California woman has been arrested for a fire that merged into the LNU Complex last summer. Police say Victor Serriteno of Vacaville set the fire to cover up a crime, but two people other ended up dying. The Solano County DA reported murder and arson charges are being added to other crimes Serriteno was already jailed for connected to the death of Priscilla Castro whose burned body was found last Sept. near Lake Berryessa. She disappeared last August after a date with Serriteno who she met online. The fire that started was named the Markley fire. It began near where Castro’s body was found then merged into two others that eventually became the LNU Lightning Complex which killed six and destroyed around 1,500 homes and other buildings.

Fort Bragg police are getting new devices that shoot out a rubber band to tie a person up. The Taser 7 shoots off sparks too as a distraction. Fort Bragg police say it’s a way to de-escalate a situation before it becomes violent. The meeting with police officials and the city’s Public Safety Committee was over Zoom yesterday. Questions included what police should do in a situation such as in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed, or in the alleged attack on a mentally ill and naked man arrested in Ukiah earlier this month. They said they went through a lot of extra training and maintain a culture of de-escalate whenever possible. They also banned choke holds last year and are trying to educate locals about the danger of white nationalists.

A statewide moratorium on evictions expires by summer in Calif and it doesn’t look like lawmakers are considering another extension. The Advocate newspaper reports the original eviction moratorium’s author, David Chiu of San Francisco says he’s not sure there’s an appetite for another moratorium, at the same time, he doesn’t think lawmakers want to see a “wave of mass evictions.” The newspaper reports the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is urging the Governor and lawmakers to let cities and counties make up their own minds about eviction moratoriums. And the California Apartment Association is reportedly investigating if another extension is needed. They’re the state’s most powerful landlord lobbying group.

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