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The Sheriff in Lake County who also acts as the Director of Emergency Services has declared a drought emergency. Last week Sheriff Brian Martin sent out his State of Emergency declaration after 2 years of extremely dry conditions due to historically low rainfall. The declaration states there is a local emergency in which Lake County is affected by, or likely will be affected by a public calamity caused by extreme drought conditions since March 5th of 2021. The declaration goes on to say the conditions are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of Lake County, and the Board of Supervisors was not in session at the time of the Sheriff’s proclamation. The emergency stays in place until the Board terminates it.

State officials say pediatricians can go around the state’s My Turn vaccine management system to get kids vaccinated. CalMatters reports the Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize vaccines for kids 12 to 15 early this week. A spokesperson for the state’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force told CalMatters pediatricians and other doctors treating kids don’t have to use MyTurn to get their patients’ vaccines, but they’re also not sure how doctors will get doses. Blue Shield has been managing the process, but the site’s been super glitchy and has added up to under 30% of all vaccinations given in the state each day. Blue Shield was trying to get mass-vaccination sites and large health providers vaccinating Californians before smaller clinics got doses.

A man from Laytonville has been arrested after being tracked down for having a felony warrant and for his arrest. Deputies say Antonio Rodriguez was detained by Tribal Police for the warrant Friday. The warrant for failing to appear in court, failure to stop after a car crash, felony vandalism and stealing a car. He was booked into Mendocino County Jail on $15,000.00 bail

A man in Willits busted on various charges involving a woman who had a restraining order against him. Sheriff’s Deputies got a call early Saturday morning and found a 51 year old woman who said she lived with Kyle Cohn and he assaulted her. She was in a car with him when he became agitated and started yelling at her, grabbed her by the face and throat and choked her. She got out of the car and called deputies who say she had visible injuries on her face. Cohn was arrested later that night for domestic violence battery, violating a restraining order and having drug paraphernalia. He was being held on $25,000.00 bail.

A couple in Ukiah have been arrested, he for having warrants for his arrest, she for harboring a felon.  Deputies got a call that Ishmael Nash, who was wanted for felony and misdemeanor warrants, was hiding in an apartment. When they got there they found Alissa Crosswebb who is the mother to Nash’s child. She told deputies they couldn’t come in and Nash wasn’t there. They found her later driving and saw Nash in the backseat and pulled her over. She first denied he was in the car, then admitted it, but he got out and ran. She was arrested for harboring a known wanted felon. And Nash for felon in possession of a firearm and misdemeanor warrant for a probation violation. They also added resisting or obstructing an officer. Crosswebb was allowed to leave due to the pandemic, she has to report back. Nash was held in jail on $27,500.00 bail.

A man in Ukiah has been arrested for having a warrant. Deputies say they got a report Patrick Davi of Guerneville was causing a disturbance and there was a warrant. They found him in front of a business and nabbed him for the warrant out of Siskiyou County, with $100,000.00 set bail. He was brought to Mendocino County Jail and sent to be extradited to Siskiyou County.

3 people in Ukiah have been arrested after a disturbance at a motel parking lot.  A woman on probation was found with personal items in two cars. She was searched and police found Samuel Graham in one of the vehicles, he was detained after it was found he was involved in the disturbance that brought them there. Another man, Anthony Romero was found with the female, Romona Supnet. She was detained and Romero gave a fake name, so he was detained. He was also found with a phony California Identification Card. Deputies found a loaded Glock .380 caliber handgun in one car, and a 9mm in another.  The trio were taken to jail on various charges including, convicted felon in possession of a firearm, concealed firearm in a vehicle, possession of a controlled substance while armed with a loaded firearm, convicted felon in possession of ammunition and for felony warrants. Romero and Graham were each held on $25,000.00 bail and Supnet on $175,000.00.

A man from Lakeport has been arrested after threatening to kill his live-in girlfriend. The Sheriff’s office reports getting a call to a home, finding Morgan Jack, who’s girlfriend says he wouldn’t let her leave. They found him after hearing some metallic banging noises, recognizing it as a firearm being manipulated and then believed Jack was armed. He wouldn’t leave the house with deputies, so they left and tried again, seeing him raise a rifle and fire a shot in their direction. They called for backup and a SWAT team came out. He threatened to kill them all, but after two hours he came out. One of the negotiators and a police dog took him down. He had minor injuries. Later deputies found a pellet gun. He was taken to a hospital first to be treated, then arrested for Criminal Threats, Assault on a Peace Officer with an Instrument not a Firearm, and Obstruction. His bail is set at $50,000.

After a traffic stop in Willits, a man is arrested after being found with a weapon. Police say a loaded firearm was in Joseph Hipes car, but he’s a convicted felon on Post Release Community Supervision, and prohibited from owning or possessing any firearms. Hipes was taken to Mendocino County Jail and booked on felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a loaded firearm and not being the registered owner, being out on bail and committing an additional felony, carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle and violating the terms and conditions of PRCS. He was held on $75,000 dollars bail. 

The Ukiah Schools Superintendent putting out one of her last notes to district parents, this one focusing on vaccinations. Each Friday the note goes out, this one, mostly all about the pandemic and how this past year has been so difficult. There are only about 2.5 weeks left in the school year. Summer school is happening and plans for next fall are still being finalized. There are safety measures in place to help open classrooms to in-person learning and keep them open. The superintendent touting getting students vaccinated as quickly as possible when it is authorized, which could come for kids 12-15 this week. There is already a vaccination clinic set up for Ukiah Unified students 12–15 in partnership with the City of Ukiah and Mendocino County Public Health. A note will be going out as soon as the FDA authorization goes through. 

CHP and deputies seen towing a silver car that witnesses say looked like a car that was being searched for connected to a fatal hit and run last week. Mendo Fever reports the Sheriff’s office says officers were in the Brooktrails area as part of their investigation into the hit and run. A witness tells the news site they happened to be in the area when the silver sedan was loaded onto a tow truck. Paul Brown of Fort Bragg was hit by a car on Sherwood Rd. in Willits. The car crossed the double yellow line while he walked along the shoulder. Somebody else who saw the car on the tow truck reported to the news site it had front end damage. The news site reports calling the CHP Garberville office but they had not received any new information.

In Sonoma County, they’re looking for citizens to ration their water usage. Drought conditions across the state could mean restrictions on taking water from the Russian River. Cloverdale and Healdsburg have begun mandatory restrictions of at least 20% lower usage as compared to last year. Sonoma County officials say though that they’re leaning toward voluntary conservation measures. Releases are still coming from Lake Sonoma because of how low Lake Mendocino is. And Healdsburg and Cloverdale rely mostly on groundwater. The largest city in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, has already seen a reduction by residents around 15% the first three months of this year. But Sonoma Water, which relies on water from Eel River, won’t be getting it because the river is so low.

Ukiah should have enough water for its residents in this critically dry season of drought, but no word if there will be enough to share with other communities. The director of water and sewer resources in Ukiah told the City Council last week that Lake Mendocino is probably going to be the lowest in history, depending on demand. Last week the director met with representatives from the Mendocino County Farm Bureau, the Russian River Flood Control and Water Resource Conservation District, Willow County Water District and Millview County Water District.

As the population of the state declines, the latest estimates show Paradise, decimated by the Camp Fire 2 years ago, with quite a bump. Construction was up because of all the rebuilds after the fire. As of January of 2020, there were just over 4,600 people living in Paradise, as of this past January there were 6,046 people living there. That percentage was more than then the rest of the state, where there were fewer new babies born, less people immigrating in from other places or some just leaving. The population as a whole was off by nearly 182,100 people. The first decline in recorded state history.

A man from Fresno has been arrested on drug charges in Ukiah. Police report Isaac Gonzales was found traveling early yesterday morning in the 600 block of S. Orchard Ave. The car had no license plate light so the officer pulled the guy over in the parking lot of a Super 8 Motel. Gonzales told the officer he was driving with a suspended license, then another officer came for backup and they asked Gonzales to get out of the car, but say he refused and reached towards the waistband of his pants. The officers reached into the vehicle and took control of the man’s wrists. Gonzales got out of the car and tried to break free. A gun fell out of his waistband. Two more cops showed up and the man was taken into custody. They found meth and cash. Also a records check showed he was a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing a firearm. He was arrested for possessing a controlled substance for sale, transporting a controlled substance for sale, possessing a firearm by a prohibited person, resisting arrest and being armed in commission of a felony.

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