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A man in Piercy has been arrested after an assault on his mom. The Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to a home where a man says he was awakened by his son yelling at his mother. When the man got out of bed, he saw his son, Anton Kloiber squatting over his mom as she lay on the floor, hitting her in the head with a blunt force object, he then threw it at dad and ran away. Mom was taken to a hospital and Kloiber was found nearby at a gas station and arrested for Assault With a Deadly Weapon and violation of Post Release Community Supervision out of Mendocino County. A judge was contacted later and an Emergency Protective Order and Bail Enhancement was secured. Kloiber’s being held on $500,000.00 bail.

A package of wildfire related bills authored by State Senator Bill Dodd have been approved as another potentially destructive season arrives. Dodd’s office announces the bills will enhance the state’s ability to prevent, prepare for and respond to future infernos. The bills which now head to the Assembly, were overwhelmingly passed by the Senate. One will create an Office of Wildfire Technology Research and Development to study, produce and test new equipment to fight wildfires; the next to encourage more controlled burns across the state, making insurance more accessible for professional burn bosses.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Drought Ad Hoc Committee is meeting for a virtual town hall. A week from today at 4:00pm, Supervisors John Haschak and Glenn McGourty are hosting the virtual Countywide Drought Task Force Meeting with an update on discussions with community partners and staff. Members of the public will get an update and will be able to share any recommendations they have with the Ad Hoc Committee.

To join via Zoom, click the link:

Passcode: 665233

The webinar will also be streaming live on the County’s YouTube channel ( and the County’s Facebook page (

For more information, please contact the Mendocino County Executive Office at (707) 463-4441 or

He’s at it again, the owner of a Mendocino coast restaurant is defying pandemic safety protocols. This time, he’s charging $5 for those who enter Fiddleheads wearing a mask. The cafe in the town of Mendocino was even closed down a couple of times and fined for disobeying COVID19 lockdown measures for restaurants. Owner Chris Castleman has posted a sign outdoors that says his policy is, if you wear a mask, he’ll charge you $5, and if you mention being vaccinated, that’s another $5 hit. It comes after he faced fines and citations from the County regarding masking protocols last year. This spring he also offered 50% off your bill if you came in and threw out your mask upon entering. Castleman says all the money he makes on his protocals will go to charities who suffered fallout from lockdowns. The Mendocino County Public Health Officer Doctor Andy Coren disagrees and says Castleman getting media coverage could interfere with the county’s fight against the virus.

The Mendocino Volunteer Fire Dept. working with experts from the California Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito to help an injured sea lion at Portuguese Beach. A spokesperson for the Marine Mammal Center says the animal had “multiple facial injuries” and was being checked out to see how old it was, its gender, overall condition, examine its facial injuries and check for any other health abnormalities. Rescuers needed to work with firefighters due to the terrain. They sent a metal carrier down to the beach to hoist the sea lion up with.

A facelift for the downtown plaza in Ukiah. A report says the area needs cleaning and painting in several areas after finding mold and graffiti in several places and being unsuccessful at removing it. So the city has a power wash planned along with some primer, and anti-graffiti topcoat of quality paint.

A state of emergency has been declared by the Karuk Tribe in the Klamath Basin due to the ongoing drought. The tribe says it could end in the loss of an “an entire generation of salmon.” They say they found dead young salmon in their monitoring traps and the ones that were still alive were infected with disease. The fisheries is monitored each year along the Klamath by biologists who check for a deadly pathogen Ceratonova shasta, or C. shasta. So they trap fish for testing. This year they say up to 97% of their samples of juvenile salmon tested positive for the disease.

The number of residents in Lake County is down. According to a new state report the lowest level in 14 years. Lake Co News reports it’s happening at the same time the state’s population also went down. The data from the California Department of Finance’s annual demographic report. It says there were abou  182,000 less residents last year. And as of this past January 1st, the state’s population was at 39,466,855 with negative growth of -0.46% in 2020. It also said Lake County’s population was down -0.1% at 63,940 as of Jan. 1st, the lowest since 2007. Mendocino County was also down, -1.2% and Sonoma was off -1.5%. The report says the declines year over year were due to deaths, immigration policies and deaths due to the pandemic.

The Lakeport City Council’s preparing for July 4th celebrations. At the meeting Tuesday, they approved an application for a celebration with pandemic safety protocols in place.  Last year the event was canceled for obvious reasons. But the number of COVID cases have been down as of late, allowing the state to fully reopen June 15th. So city staff have been working on a modified event the last several months. The city manager says it’s been a group effort. There will be a larger area for fireworks so they can ensure social distancing and in an area with more visibility. No alcohol will be allowed. The vote to approve the celebration was unanimous.

Still mired in a backlog of unemployment claims, the state’s been unable to catch up for a month and a half. So some people are reportedly paying private companies to get through to the constantly busy Employment Development Department’s phone lines. The San Francisco Chronicle is also reporting some non-English speakers are paying intermediaries to fill out their unemployment applications and continue to follow up each two week cycle. The agency had supposedly been working to shorten wait times, but some are still paying for robocalls to hold their place in line. At the same time a judge has ordered Bank of America, which uses debit cards to pay unemployment in California, to stop using a fraud filter and reopen denied claims.

The biggest state worker union in Calif. has approved giving the Governor’s recall fight a $1 million boost. SEIU Local 1000 represents 96,000 state workers. The board of directors of the union approved the large donation yesterday to help win the recall election for the Governor. The Union president called for an emergency meeting of the union’s board of directors last week because she lost the presidency after her opponent said the union shouldn’t support Newsom. The new president takes over this month. He will need the board of directors support to oppose the recall. 44 people on the board voted to support the massive donation, nine voted against and five abstained.

No more restrictions on churches as far as the virus goes, but the state has to pay over $2 million dollars in fines to lawyers who challenged the safety protocols in houses of worship at the height of the pandemic. In a deal approved by a federal judge earlier this week, a permanent injunction was ordered that said restrictions on houses of worship cannot exceed those on retail businesses. But the case rate is way down now, so it doesn’t really do a lot as it relates to COVID-19. All restrictions in the state will be lifted June 15th. The Governor’s office however has put out a statement that said Newsom put the health of Californians first when imposing church closures and capacity limits.

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