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Assemblymember Jim Wood’s bill for affordable health care has passed the State Assembly and moves to the Senate. The California Health Care Quality and Affordability Act will start the Office of Health Care Affordability to analyze the health care market for cost trends and what the spending drivers are, the come up with policy to lower health care costs so it’s more affordable. If it passes and all health care companies have to provide info on their plans. Something like this is already in place in six other states, and Wood’s office says it’s showing results and moderated health care costs.

The campaign finance watchdog in Calif. is now joining others, investigating the former mayor of Windsor. Former Mayor Dominic Foppoli is under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct, harassment and rape, now he’s being accused of bribing a town council member not to run against him. Rosa Reynoza alleges Foppoli offered money if she wouldn’t run for office a year ago. Reynoza says Foppoli had raised a lot of money. The two met at a coffee shop last June where Foppoli said Reynoza had no chance of winning and offered her other positions. She told him no and has texts to prove it.

The California Public Utilities Commission is ordering state utility companies, including PG&E to pay up and fix issues after bungled public safety power shutoff events. The CPUC says Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric all didn’t follow their stipulated guidelines for several of the 2019 power downs during wildfire weather. Some of the things the utility companies will have to do now follow guidelines by the state, improve customer communications, train staff on standard emergency management systems, file annual reports that show progress and make sure to report to the commission within 10 days of any event.

The vote regarding a big chunk of land to be donated in Ukiah has been tabled by the Planning Commission. City staff requested the commission hold off on the talk about donating the land in the Western Hills for open space preservation, but there could also be low density housing allowed on part of the 700 acres.  The Planning Commission was supposed to talk the plan over, but city staff said they needed more time to review public comment and recommended a continued public hearing on the matter. Apparently, the city got about 20 letters from the public many with concern about the housing idea.

A man accused of DUI with his child in the car has been arrested. Police say they got a report of a crash May 21st and found a gray Kia sedan had swiped two parked cars then took off. Police say the man had his teenager in the car with him who he had just picked up from Ukiah High School. Lincoln Chalmers was drunk police say, after they conducted sobriety tests. His blood alcohol content measured three times the legal limit. So he was arrested for driving under the influence, hit and run, and felony child endangerment. But he was freed due to the pandemic. He will have to report back for his court date. 

Allegations of harassment and intimidation just that the Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce says so they won’t be investigating. The Advocate News reports finding out from the Chamber the allegations against board president, Ray Alarcon are considered a personnel matter and they Chamber says because of that they’re not allowed to discuss it. The newspaper reports it’s not a violation of labor laws to discuss if there might be an investigation. The former CEO claims, in her resignation letter, that there was a climate of constant harassment and discriminatory behavior. She says she spent years trying to resolve the issues, but the board chair says they’ve done a lot of investigating and have received no response or information from the former CEO. Several board members also resigned in solidarity with the CEO.

PM News

Someone from Mendocino County will have $50,000 more in the bank to start the weekend. We don’t know yet WHO that lucky person is, but they were one of the first 15 winners in the state vaccination incentive program announced by the Governor today. The other winners all come from counties in population centers around LA, San Diego, and San Francisco. The next round of $50,000 winners will be announced next Friday, while 10 people will get 1.5 MILLION on June 15. Everyone who gets a shot gets a 50 dollar gift card until the cards are gone. The promotion MAY not be achieving its goal. Since it started a couple weeks ago, the number of new vaccinations is actually DOWN.

A gas station in Mendocino has a dubious distinction. The travel and navigation website Gas Buddy says a gallon—ONE GALLON—of gas at Schlafer’s Auto Body & Repair will set you back $6.73. That is the highest price at ANY pump in the US, more than twice the national average. Owner Judith Schlafer says don’t blame her for that price. She tells SF that because her station doesn’t have a high volume gas business, HER cost is through the roof compared to big operators like Costco and Safeway. If you want the cheapest gas in California, you’ll have to head north to Smith River near the Oregon border. That’s where Gas Buddy says a gallon at the Lucky-7 Fuel Mart on Highway 101 costs $3.25.

National recognition for the Lake County poet laureate. Georgia Marie Guardado is one of just 23 poets from around the country to be named a 2021 Poet Laureate Fellow by the Mellon Foundation. The award supports the laureates and poetry programs in the communities they represent. Lake Co News reports that Guardado will get $50,000 to install poetry boxes, poetry display cases, tiny poetry libraries, and poetry murals in all 18 communities in Lake County. She is from Lakeport and has just been offered–and accepted — a second term as the county’s poet in chief.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help a well-known doctor who practices at Adventist Health. Dr. Paul Carty-Soriano was seriously injured in a crash near Ukiah earlier this week. He had to be airlifted from the scene, and according to, Dr. Carty-Soriano’s family is with him as he remains at an out-of-area hospital. So far, the GoFundMe page has raised almost $31,000 of its $100,000 goal.

CalFire says your emergency plans should keep PETS in mind. This is national pet preparedness month, which Cal Fire says is a good time to make sure you have the essentials for your four-legged family members ready to go. That would include things like enough food and water, leashes, toys, treats, and any medicine your animals need. There  is a section with information about animal safety concerns on the  website

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