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A bunch of illegal cannabis grows descended on by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The office reports going out from June 4th to the 9th in Covelo and Albion. One of the Covelo properties came in to deputies as a tip where they found nearly 4,200 plants and 76 pounds of processed weed.  Then another Covelo property turned up almost 3,100 plants and 36.5 pounds of processed bud, the third brought over 2,330 plants and a fourth where 4 men were seen in hoop houses, take off when they saw police presence. Deputies eradicated over 5,130 plants on clear cut tribal land, a bunch of guns, 2,200 pounds of drying bud, 600 pounds of processed weed and assault rifle ghost guns, a rifle and one semi-automatic handgun. Finally in Albion, they found 12,615 growing marijuana plants, a rifle and $5,000.00 in money orders. No word on any arrests.

A man in Lake County has been arrested after a mom reported her 15 year old daughter had been sexually assaulted. The victim told a deputy in February she met a man on a social media site who said he was 21 years old. They had sex a bunch she says, and he gave her drugs for the sex. The deputy told the girl to contact the man on the app to meet her in Middletown. The deputy went up to the guy who gave a fake name and denied knowing the girl. But the victim positively id’d the man who admitted he did know the girl, but thought she was 18. 31 year old Trevor Reynoso of Murrieta was wanted in Texas for possession of child porn and arrested and booked on the Texas warrant in Lake County. He faces more charges here including Lewd Acts with a Child, Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor, Arranging to meet a Minor for Purposes of Sex and Soliciting Prostitution from a Minor. He’s held on no bail.  

A red bearded man wanted for a burglary in Elk has been spotted again, inside the same house he’s suspected of burglarizing. Word went out last month that a 40 year-old white man with a red beard and brown hair with a skull or several skull tattoos and a demon face tattoo was wanted and considered armed and dangerous. On Monday while a homeowner was out, they saw William Evers in their home on a live-time footage security camera. Cops say that’s the same home he’s suspected of ripping off in May. Deputies from across the region and 2 SWAT teams descended on the home and he got away again.

A Flex Alert has been called for by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) due to extreme heat. The alert from 5-10 p.m. tonight. Cal ISO asking for voluntary electricity conservation because of the current heat wave, to make sure there’s enough energy to meet power demands, and not to have rolling blackouts. They ask to have your air conditioning set to 78 degrees or higher, use large appliances less, and turn off unnecessary lights and other small appliances.

The Sheriff has put out a public statement regarding communications he’s had with the Board of Supervisors. Sheriff Matt Kendall says there’s been talks about the budget and serving the public. He warns there’s a limit to how efficient the department can be, which the public “demands and deserves”. So Kendall’s IT department, vehicle replacements and other items he says are extremely critical to the operations of the Sheriff’s Office are being reviewed. He says his office expense can be a drain because of consistent drug abuse which he calls a major factor in psychological well-being and a direct contributor to crimes including burglaries, assaults and crimes against persons. He says the county needs to pay now, or we’ll all pay later.  He says he’s confident in his talks with all parties, that they’ll be able to strike a balance.

Some people protesting at Jackson Demonstration Forest say loggers felled a tree a little too close to them. Mendo Fever reports the logging started early yesterday as part of the so-called “Caspar 500” timber harvest plan in the forest. They were taking down huge redwoods, protestors say, within about six feet of them and someone trail riding on a bike. They also say they sounded a horn to let the loggers know they were there. They even walked up to the loggers to try to plead with them to stop but they were refused by a supervisor. The news site reports it led to a tense stand off with the protestors and the bike rider talking to 3 loggers, talking them into stopping. The news site also reports some concerned community members have asked the Cal Fire State Forests Program Director to stop the logging while people are in the woods. They’ve responded that it’s okay for folks to be in the forest at a safe distance. But they claim tree sitters were demanded they leave, and the Sheriff was called. And it looks like it will all continue.

The state is telling thousands of water users to stop diverting water from the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta watershed, from Fresno to the Oregon border due to the drought. The users, 4,300 of them, were notified by letter because the water supply is not sufficient and “not lawfully available” to some users. And they’re warned, if they don’t stop pumping, they could receive a cease and desist order and face fines of as much as $1,000 a day. The notices reportedly came from the State Water Resources Control Board and compliance is considered voluntary. They went out to those who have claims to the water from after 1914 — “junior” water rights holders. 1914 was when the state enacted its water rights law.

It passed overwhelmingly and Congressman Mike Thompson signed on to designate June 19th as the Juneteenth National Independence Day, a new federal holiday. It marks the day when Union Troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to announce the end to the Civil War and an end to slavery, many slaves didn’t find out until that day in 1865. Many states have recognized the day already, California started in 2003. Thompson put out a statement saying Juneteenth is the day the last enslaved people were freed… and two years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. The bill heads to President Biden’s desk for signature next.

Lakeport police have received a commendation… the Gold Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement Policy Management. The Police Chief Brad Rasmussen says they partner with Lexipol for up-to-date policies on law enforcement response and actions. He went on to say we’re all well aware of recent national events which created calls for police reform and changes in policing policy. He says they had already updated their policies before the events and updated their best practice policies, putting them in line with changes the public was seeking. Some of that included use of force issues.

Following the state and federal government mandates, the Mendocino County Public Health office has updated the mask requirements related to COVID19 in the county. The office says the risk remains in Calif so they would like the continued use of facial coverings to slow the spread in the most vulnerable people in the community. Masks should be warn on public transit and in transit hubs, healthcare settings, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, homeless shelters, emergency shelters, and cooling centers and indoors at public schools, childcare facilities and other youth settings. Anyone not vaccinated has to continue to wear a mask indoors at businesses at in local government offices serving the public. Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear face coverings in these settings. Individual businesses can still mandate masks if they want.

In Lake County, the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to lift the mask mandate for vaccinated employees when the state rules are revised. Cal OSHA is meeting today to discuss the mask mandate and other safety requirements as it relates to the pandemic. And the Governor has signaled he will follow what they say and may adjust state requirements, and sign an executive order. On Tuesday the state scrapped the Blueprint for a Safer Economy and it’s social distancing and mask mandates for members of the public who are vaccinated, but in businesses employees are still required to wear masks. Cal/OSHA, the state’s workplace regulating agency will vote today on whether to allow vaccinated workers to remove their masks. Unvaccinated workers would still have to wear masks. Supervisor Bruno Sabatier motioned to “unofficially” lift mandates Friday and “officially” next Tuesday at the board’s next meeting.

The same day there was a confrontation between activists and loggers at the Jackson Demonstration Forest in Casper, the activists reportedly opted not to meet with a couple of county supervisors because they invited Cal Fire to join. Mendocino Voice reports the activists were to meet County supervisors Dan Gjerde and Ted Williams to tour the forest but just before the planned walk thru, the groups led by the Mendocino Trail Stewards decided not to go with Gjerde because he invited Cal Fire reps. It’s all happening during a timber harvest plan, well under way and managed by Cal Fire. The news site says the activists said the largest trees shouldn’t be logged because of the amount of carbon they take from the atmosphere. Cal Fire says they have to log, to maintain the forest and after all it is a “demonstration forest” where logging practices are demonstrated.

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