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2 people in Ukiah are arrested after a traffic stop turns up drugs and paraphernalia. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports one of their deputies stopped a car for a code violation. Laura Adams, the driver and Leartis Caradine, the passenger. He was on parole with a felony warrant for his arrest. And Adams was on probation from Mendocino County and seemed high so she was searched. The Deputy found 4 separate bags of suspected Fentanyl, another bag with heroin and 2 smoking pipes and a digital scale. The 2 were arrested for crimes including parole violation, having drugs for sale and transporting them. Adams was released with a promise to come back to court and Caradine was held without bail. 

Passing phony checks will get you in trouble with the law like a man from Santa Rosa found out in Ukiah. A Mendocino County Deputy saw a man acting weird near a car so he approached. He says the guy gave a phony name, but he was identified as Michael Munoz. He was found to be on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) from Sonoma County, plus he had a warrant for violating his release terms. He had a meth pipe, those checks from businesses throughout Sonoma County that were stolen. The checks were written out with high dollar amounts with fake signatures. So Munoz was arrested for possessing fraudulent checks, violating the terms of his release and an outstanding arrest warrant. He’s held without bail in the Mendocino County Jail.

The Governor is said to be okay, after being attacked by a man during a visit to a barbershop and pizzeria in downtown Oakland. The CHP reports Newsom was walking to the businesses in Old Oakland to promote small businesses last Thursday when an “aggressive individual” approached him. The CHP is like the secret service for the governor, guarding him when he leaves Sacramento. They took the Governor away from the 54 year old man and arrested him. The East Bay Times reports the Governor joked and said some people just have different ways of saying hello. A woman called a reporter though saying the man arrested is her brother. She says he’s homeless and has severe mental health problems. And the way he reportedly acted was “consistent with his past behavior.”

A man from Sacramento found in Redwood Valley with a bunch of drugs and paraphernalia. A Mendocino County Deputy at a traffic stop Thursday and contacted Nicholas Rea, and his female passenger and while talking to the driver saw drug paraphernalia on the center console of the car and a container, used for heroin storage. Rea was on probation and had previous felonies on his record so a search was conducted and a loaded firearm was found under Rea’s seat. There was suspected heroin, methamphetamine, paraphernalia and a loaded, .38 so he was arrested and booked on zero bail due to the pandemic. The charges include: Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Possessing a Controlled Narcotic and Paraphernalia.

A man in Point Arena’s busted for indecent exposure and burglary. Police say Pete Rose, Jr. from Point Arena was found sleeping on the street in front of a business. A deputy found he had a warrant for his arrest and recognized him, knowing he had a warrant for burglary and another for indecent exposure, so he was arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on $25,000.00 bail.

A drug addict found to be in possession of a short, barreled shotgun has been arrested in Covelo. Early Saturday Deputies saw a car driving in a creek bed, then stop and turn their lights off. When approached the driver, Luiz Gonzalez was seen with an open container of alcohol, so they searched and found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun under the front seat. It was under 18 inches long, thus illegal. Deputies also say the guy seemed high and found his driver’s license had been revoked for DUI. They also say the man was addicted to drugs and not allowed to have weapons. He also had a warrant for the DUI arrest. He was booked into jail on $35,000.00 bail.

A man from Redwood Valley spotted driving the wrong way has been arrested. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports a patrol vehicle tried to stop a driver who sped up and passed a car on the right shoulder. They also passed another and drove over solid double yellow lines, then drove in the wrong lane of traffic. They were going about 100 miles per hour before crashing into a tree, then driving off again, through some vineyards, and ditching the car and running away. He found a boat and took into onto a pond, but couldn’t swim so well so firefighters were called. They tried to get him out for two hours. His boat capsized though and he swam to shore so he was arrested there. He was identified as Nathan Feliz who had two active felony warrants for his arrest for possession and manufacturing of assault weapons for $60,000.00 bail. He had other charges tacked on for evading at $210,000.00 bail. 

If you’ve been vaccinated and need proof there’s new technology for that. You can upload if you’ve been inoculated for COVID-19. After getting your vaccination record from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can turn it into digital proof. The state Dept. of Public Health says you should keep the paper card, but they thought some would like to have an electronic record. The state has a special website for this where residents can upload their personal information and phone number. They will then get a personal identification number to be used to access a digital copy of your vaccine record with a scannable QR code.

A man from Ukiah and a teen have been busted for having drugs, nitrous oxide containers and a gun. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports contacting two people last Wednesday morning at the South Boat Ramp. They were found with several nitrous oxide canisters. They gave deputies phony names, but the deputy found the driver was a 17-year-old from Covelo and his passenger was 19-year-old, Bryan Sanchez of Ukiah. The deputy also found about a half ounce of suspected cocaine in one baggie and less than a gram of suspected heroin in another baggie in the pants pocket of the 17-year-old, (and) a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the glove box, and nitrous oxide all over the car. The teen went to Juvenile Hall on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance while armed with a loaded firearm, carrying a loaded firearm while not the registered owner, giving a false name to an officer and possession of nitrous oxide. And Sanchez was booked for giving a fake name and possession of nitrous oxide and released at the scene.

A man from Willits has been arrested for an alleged violation of his probation after some sort of altercation by the Highway 101 Willits Bypass. According to Sheriff’s deputies they went to some state property under the bypass after reports of a man and woman in an argument there. They say Tate Madson and the woman, who’d been living in the vacant field had an argument. Then they say he gave them a fake name because he had two felony arrest warrants for violation of probation. He was arrested for violation of probation and for giving a fake name to the deputy. He was booked in jail on $45,000 bail.

A planned horse park is trotting along. The Westside Community Park Committee reports completing an encroachment from Highway 175 by the entrance into the eight-acre site where they’ve planned the horse park on the north side of the highway near Lakeport.   A community member did the encroachment for free with the help of the Public Works Director and a Foreman. Another community member hauled asphalt there and the asphalt was purchased at a big discount for the horse park entrance. And Westside Community Park Committee members volunteered for traffic control while the paving was being done. 

The Lake County Board of Supervisors will be finalizing the new guidelines after the state reopening and Cal OSHA’s new safety guidelines. It’s all in alignment with CDC protocols for the fully vaccinated. Their meeting tomorrow morning after county staff and supervisors talked about the federal and state health guidance. Lake Co News reports fully vaccinated county employees can self-certify with human resources so they don’t have to wear a mask. The board will also present a proclamation commending Dave Deakins for his 33 years of service to the residents of Lake County and to Jeff Rein for 30 years of service.

Since the state reopened and Cal OSHA announced modifications to mask wearing and social distancing for fully vaccinated individuals, the Lake County Superior Court reports its changing rules in the court and for employees. The presiding judge’s order from earlier this month is being modified as of today to eliminate physical distancing requirements and end the face covering requirements, but only for fully vaccinated people. The order in place before will stay in place for those not fully vaccinated. So they have to keep wearing a mask at all times in the court unless public health directives change.

The logging that was going on in the Jackson Demonstration State Forest has stopped because of the protesters on foot there. The logging company’s president says since protesters have been in active logging areas while trees were being cut, they had to stop for safety reasons. The Caspar 500 Timber Harvest Plan was ongoing, but some against the logging were in the area where the work was being done. The president of the company says he thinks they’ll have to depend on law enforcement or Cal Fire to restart their work. More protestors were expected at the site today.

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