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A wildfire is out of control in Oregon, knocking out power lines that are extremely important for stabilizing the grids in much of the western U.S. California says there can be rotating blackouts because of it. And Nevada faced a power emergency. The Bootleg fire, which has burned almost 80,000 acres and is zero percent contained is impacting the California Oregon Intertie. Last August we had the first rolling blackouts in twenty years, when we had an energy crisis due to extremely hot weather. We’ve already had a call for conservation of energy, that was before the official start of summer.

Children have to wear masks to school in the fall if they’re vaccinated or not. That’s the word from the California Department of Public Health. Dr. Mark Ghaly announced children have to wear masks in classrooms even though the CDC has different guidelines that they’re unnecessary if certain protocols are followed. The CDC relaxed masking guidelines Friday. The agency says kids with the vaccination can go without face coverings but should still stay 3 feet apart inside classrooms. But while Ghaly applauded the move he also said “masking is a simple and effective intervention” and that “treating all kids the same will support a calm and supportive school environment.”

A missing fire hose has been found in Clearlake, and a woman has been arrested. The hose stolen last month after the Wilkinson fire, was found over the weekend. Police say the Fire Chief at the Lake County Fire Protection District was in touch after finding the hose and some other equipment had been taken. Now they report 1,100 feet of hose and some of the stolen connectors were found and 31 year old Rebecca Moresi was arrested. The woman apparently admitted she was in a fire zone and took the hose and connectors. She said she had a pump on her property and was going to use the stolen equipment. She did not go to jail but promised to return to court. The stolen equipment was brought back to the Fire District.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors discussing moving the office for the Registrar of Voters. The board is considering a lease agreement with the John Allen Dye Trust of 1993 for a building which used to be the offices for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. It would be a ten year lease from August 1st until July of 2031. The County Administrative Officer told the board both the registrar and auditor-controller have been needing new space for some time. They’ve been looking for a new location for 2 years. Apparently someone with the John Allen Dye Trust contacted the county to say the PG&E space was available. It would be $2,200/month to lease it. But that could be raised after the fifth year.

A bunch of people lost power in the southeastern section of Lake County, but no cause has been released yet. Yesterday folks in and around Hidden Valley Lake lost power. About 800 or so customers got their power back after about 12 hours.  It unfortunately happened during high temperatures that were over 100 yesterday. There were also no cooling centers for relief. Some people were posting on social media about having now power, and that it was 106 or so out when it happened. Some people were posting for their neighbors to check their elderly neighbors to make sure they were ok.

A wildfire is under control near Ukiah after less than one hour. The Police scanner said it broke out where Highway 20 and the 101 meet near Lake Mendocino. The fire was between Redwood Valley and Ukiah south of Vinegar Point. Aircraft and bulldozers were sent to the scene along with ground crews from Redwood Valley-Calpella Fire and Ukiah Valley Fire Authority. The fire reportedly held steady at 2 acres and was burning on a hill in brush. Around 8 last night some traffic lanes were closed to give firefighters more space to work.

New info on a fire that broke out last week called the Broiler Fire which burned about 80 acres and 3 homes. Someone mowing dry grass in the heat of the afternoon reportedly started the fire. Flow Cannabis reportedly put out a statement saying it was their employee who was mowing and hit a rock, causing a spark. The president of the company says they were truly sorry for the “stress, anxiety, fear, and loss” their Redwood Valley neighbors have endured. The fire started July 7th behind the Broiler Steak House. There were quick evacuations of nearby residents. The fire was stopped after two days. Nine structures in all, including the 3 homes were destroyed.

A new report from the Mendocino County Public Health Office says only about ½ the local population has received a vaccination against the coronavirus. On Friday, during their regular discussion on the pandemic, the acting Public Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan called that a “vulnerability” if there are more surges. She says there have been about 34 residents that have gotten the virus even though they were fully vaccinated. One of them was hospitalized. They’re still urging residents who’ve not received their shots to do so. And if some have only received one shot of the 2 shot regimen, to complete their series.

In Calif. the Delta variant is taking over. About 52% of the cases were identified as the strain in Calif., and about 31% were the UK or Alpha variant. The CDC reported the Delta variant is in the Midwest, where it’s upwards of 80% of cases. The strain surfaced in India and is more infectious and can increase the chance of hospitalization. Health experts say it can be resistant to vaccines. But the unvaccinated are more likely to be at risk. There’s also a couple new variants, the Lambda, and now the Epsilon, which was first detected here in Calif.

More info on the shooting death of a man in Clearlake Oaks who police say may have been killed by a woman he assaulted. Last week the Lake County Sheriff’s office reported going to a home where they found the man dead from gunshot wounds. Major Crimes Detectives apparently found out through witness accounts the woman had been raped by the man at her home before he was shot to death. He’s now been identified as Charles Vernon McClelland of Rohnert Park who she had an on again off again relationship with over five years. She says he assaulted her and before he tried again she got a hold of a gun and shot him multiple times. Police say the victim is fully cooperating with them.

COVID19 is spiking again in Lake County. The public health department’s website reported 54 active cases. 2 percent higher than a week before. The county is reporting both testing positivity and daily rates on the rise after an all time low last month. There are also a couple cases of the Delta strain, which has been rising fast across the globe. The health department reports 50 percent of residents are vaccinated and 43.5 percent were still unvaccinated. Other news in Lake County on the pandemic, they’re trying to get an updated number on the amount of deaths. And senior centers will continue to stay closed for indoor dining services. It also looks as though the county may be without a health officer at the moment, with interim health officer, Dr. Evan Bloom saying he is no longer doing the job as of July 1st.

A man in Lakeport has been arrested for a car theft earlier this year. 28 year old Austin Schweitzer was in jail for another reason and was about to be sentenced but asked for a continuance. He’s now charged with Vehicle Theft, two counts of Buy/Sell/Receive Stolen Property, Shoplifting (up to $950), Grand Theft — Sell Access Card- Intent to Defraud. He entered a so-called Nolo plea to the car theft and the rest of the charges were dropped. That’s like a guilty plea. A deal for sentencing was agreed to, but the judge can change it. He’s accused of stealing a car in February as it sat with its engine running, to warm it up. Then he tried to use the victim’s credit cards, which alerted police and he was caught.

A man and woman in Ukiah have been arrested after a deputy on routine patrol saw them pull into a business. A records check on the man, Edgar Vazquez, showed he was on pretrial release and could be searched. While searching the vehicle and Vazquez himself, he was found with what looked to be meth. In the car was drug paraphernalia and a couple more packages that looked to be wrapped up for sale, also of meth. Deputies found that Vazquez and his passenger, Ivette Mendoza had engaged in conspiracy to possess and transport meth for sale. So the pair were arrested on multiple charges including possession of a controlled substance for sale, conspiracy to commit a crime and transporting a controlled substance for sale. Vazquez was held on $50,000.00 bail, but Mendoza was booked and released with a promise to return to court.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors are back for their regular meeting after a week off for the Independence Day holiday. The board will hear their weekly update from the public health officer, who this week may be former officer Dr. Noemi Doohan, as Dr. Coren had been on vacation. But we have not confirmed that. They will consider some moves as it relates to economic impacts due to the pandemic. They’ll continue the coronavirus discussion later with stimulus money distribution to Northcoast Opportunities and the Community Foundation of Mendocino County. They’ll later take on an urgency ordinance regarding the drought emergency and hear from the Drought Ad Hoc Committee and potentially take action on items they suggest. The board will also talk about widening the E. side of Potter Valley Rd. and have a discussion on redistricting.

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