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A tiny fire at a tiny cabin in the woods in Leggett quickly put out. Mendo Fever reports the 1,000 square foot cabin caught fire last night, but it was put out quickly after firefighters got there ten minutes later. The Incident Commander said the fire was kept to one outside wall and didn’t spread.

Three search warrants in Willits and Laytonville served by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife as part of their latest illegal marijuana eradication spree.  The agents along with an Environmental Scientist, and deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, representatives of the State Water Board, Mendocino County Code Enforcement and CALFire on the scene with search warrants. No state licenses were noted in the cases so the grows were considered illegal. They also found a bunch of environmental violations including: illegal streambed alterations, unpermitted culvert installation, surface water diversions, unpermitted grading, illegal timber conversion and a poached deer. In all about 12,600 illegal cannabis plants were eradicated and more than 2,600 pounds of illegal processed cannabis was destroyed.

It was a resounding thumbs down from the Point Arena City Council to allow people to live or park overnight in their cars or RV’s if they have no other safe place to park. At their meeting last month the council was looking into a safe parking ordinance, to mirror a similar one in Eugene, OR. The city manager said there was more to consider and civil liability was a concern as well, if something were to happen to a parked person. These sorts of programs have various amenities, but as presented in Pt. Arena, a bathroom would be the minimum and would probably need to be monitored. The cost for the small town seemed to outweigh the benefit, but the matter will be revisited at a future meeting.

They are back after a year without, the Mendocino Music Festival. Starting tomorrow and continuing for ten days there will be live music. Ten concerts in all, an hour long each at the Cotton Auditorium in Fort Bragg. Public safety protocols will be in place, no intermission without proof of vaccination and a mask inside the auditorium at all times. The Music Festival features all sorts of genres of music including, classical, jazz, bluegrass, Cajun, Brazilian and Latin. For more information on tickets and the schedule, please call 707-937-2044 or visit

Temporary water tanks could be brought in due to the drought, skirting certain permitting requirements. At their meeting this week the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors approved waiving permit requirements to bring in tanks for 5000 gallons or less, but residents would have to have a permit later if they decide to keep the massive tanks, or remove them. Mendocino Voice reports the board is trying to figure out other ways to get water, like ponds and reservoirs in other jurisdictions. They also discussed the road dust suppression program being put on hold through the winter and fall.

A major outbreak of COVID has been reported at the largest homeless shelter in Sonoma County. The health department reports over half the residents at the Sam Jones L. Hall homeless shelter in Santa Rosa were infected by Tuesday. There were also a couple dozen other positive cases being reviewed, so the total could be about 85 infections. And almost half of the residents who live at the shelter are fully vaccinated. There had only been 13 infections there before this. They all happened back in January. The shelter has 213-beds. City officials have now reopened an alternative care site at a Best Western in Healdsburg.

The former Governor Jerry Brown says his successor is overspending, and he won’t be recalled. Gov. Jerry Brown interviewed on NBC TV in LA says the money being spent now could bring “fiscal stress” in the future. He says the surplus the state has right now is bigger than ever before, but it’s being artificially pumped up by the federal stimulus money the state’s been getting due to the pandemic. Brown says the way the state is spending is not sustainable and we should find a “more frugal, sustainable, more prudent way of doing business”.  The new budget was signed into law Tuesday by Newsom. Brown also predicted in the interview that Newsom will not be recalled.

Deja vu for those living in Paradise. The Camp Fire decimated the town and just as some have built back, another fire on the border of Butte County has triggered evacuation warnings. The latest, the “Dixie” fire started Tuesday in the Feather River Canyon near Highway 70 and was just about 2 acres until it grew yesterday from the 500 acres it had jumped to, to 1,200 acres in one hour.  The fire is zero percent contained. The fire is moving into Plumas County, but thankfully not near any populated areas in private timber lands. The scar from the Camp fire is also between the new fire and homes. The Camp fire burned over 150,000 acres and was the state’s deadliest fire of all time.

A man from Clearlake has been killed in a head on crash in Colusa County. Lake Co News reports the man was identified yesterday as 57 year old Roman Calderon. He was ejected from his pickup truck after driving on Hwy 20 near Hwy 16, crossing the double-yellow lines and hitting Jacob Funk and his 3 passengers head on. The CHP at the time said they considered alcohol or booze a possible factor and said Calderon was not wearing a seatbelt. He died at the scene. The others in a Dodge Durango ended up in the hospital.

There’s no Public Health Officer in Lake County at the moment, so the county’s epidemiologist updated the Board of Supervisors this week. Sarah Marikos says the case load is growing, and for a time recently had been the highest in the state. She also told the board the testing rate has slowed, the slowest since the case surge at the beginning of this year. There were 36 cases for the week beginning July 4th. The daily case rate for a seven day stretch was at 10 cases per 100,000 people. The state’s at 3 to 4 per 100,000.  Then this week, it already appeared Lake was going to be at 11 cases/100,000, the highest daily rate in California. So far 63 people in Lake County have died from COVID19.

Public comment is being accepted by the Bureau of Land Management’s Ukiah Field Office to plan for trails and roads inside the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument on BLM-managed public lands. They’re having a Zoom meeting next Wednesday night on the 30 day scoping period. There are over 330,000 acres of public lands in the Monument, co-managed by the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service within Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Solano and Yolo counties.

Written comments may be submitted electronically to the project ePlanning website; via email to; or by mail, BLM Ukiah Field Office, Attn: BSMNM Travel Management Planning EA, 2550 North State Street, Suite 2, Ukiah, CA 95482.

A nasty virus is circulating among many northern Calif. counties in deer. So the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking residents not to feed wild animals, as a reminder so cases of adenovirus hemorrhagic disease don’t spread. When the animals congregate in a herd the disease can spread, there’s no cure or vaccine for it, so they’re trying to slow the spread. It’s usually found in young animals, but is not known to spread to humans, household pets, or domestic livestock.

The Mendocino County Public Health Office is confirming the Delta strain of coronavirus is here locally. At the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren reported there is a cluster of cases, but he says the vaccines are effective against the strain. The average rate of cases is higher than the state as a whole, at 5.3 cases/day per 100,000 people instead of the state’s 3-4 cases/100,000 people. Dr. Coren reports nine people are in the hospital and five are in the Intensive Care Unit. 2 are Lake County residents, and two are hospitalized in Sonoma County.

A homeopathic doctor in Napa Calif. is facing federal fraud charges for supposedly selling bogus vaccination cards. Not only that, but prosecutors also say Juli Mazi was selling so called immunization pellets which she said would provide life long immunity to COVID. She claimed the pellets had trace amounts of the disease and that vaccines had “toxic ingredients” in them. The fake vaccine cards she’s accused of distributing looked forged to show the owner of the card had Moderna doses, and still some patients were told to just fill out their own cards. The prosecutor on her case accused her of preying on fear and spreading misinformation and peddling fake treatments.

A man in Ukiah busted after deputies on routine patrol saw no tail lights on a car. The car seen near the 101 and the Perkins Street off ramp so they stopped the driver. In the car, Aaron Simpson, the passenger, allowed a search and deputies found blank checks from Express Mart in Ukiah. The deputies found he didn’t work there and should not have possession of the checks. The CHP was there too and found what appeared to be meth in a baggie in the car. So Simpson was arrested for Felony Possession of Check With Intent To Forge, Felony Possession of Stolen Property, and Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Substance. He was booked on zero bail though due to the pandemic.

A woman from Willits has been arrested after a report of somebody trespassing and possibly stealing a horse. Deputies spoke to the person who called the theft in and found a woman, with no shoes on identified as Makayla McGrew. She was informed she was on private property and needed to leave, but she came back. People there say she placed a halter on a saddled horse and got on it, then someone confronted her as she tried leaving. She got into a verbal confrontation with them and finally dismounted and left again. She was arrested later on grand theft and trespassing charges, but no bail due to the COVID-19 bail schedule set by the State of California Judicial Council.

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