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Mendocino Supervisors are appointing a new citizen commission to draw new district lines in the county. This is due to population changes that came after the 2020 Census, which was delayed some due to the pandemic. But the county’s not getting the final info from the Census until the end of September. The county has until the end of the year to redraw district lines. The new citizen commission will meet about once a month before the December 15th deadline. The board is encouraging members of the public to apply ASAP. The board also moved to amend the Mendocino Cannabis Equity Program after the county received more than 2 million dollars to help those most impacted by the war on drugs.

It’s bad in Lake County. Of all the counties in Calif., Lake has the highest rate of COVID cases per 100,000 people. So the Board of Supervisors is asking for everyone to put their masks back on in indoor public places. At their meeting yesterday, the board unanimously approved a mask wearing resolution. Not a mandate, more like a nudge. Lake joins many other counties, Los Angeles, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Sonoma — plus the city of Berkeley, all recommending everyone, vaccinated or not, wear their masks. In Los Angeles County, it’s mandatory. It comes one month after the state fully reopened after nearly a year and a half of staying home to stay safe from the virus.

The Governor has signed a wide ranging broadband access bill into law to “bridge the digital divide”.
The state will invest about $6 billion so all Californians have access to broadband coverage through a new state-owned open access middle mile network and last mile projects to finally connect homes and businesses with local networks. The Governor spoke upon the signing saying as the state builds back after a 15 month closure, they’re committed to addressing the challenges the pandemic exposed, including the digital divide “holding back too many communities in a state renowned for its pioneering technology and innovation economy”. The new law would also set up an apparatus for loans for local governments and nonprofits for broadband infrastructure; create a broadband czar position at the California Department of Technology; and a committee with representatives from across state government.

A man in Fort Bragg has been arrested for having a gun on him while on probation. Police went to William Hill’s house on Monday with a search warrant related to another investigation and found four guns even though the guy’s not allowed to have them because of a criminal protection order. He apparently also admitted to police he knew it was illegal for him to have guns, so he was booked into jail. Because of his record and the ongoing investigation into a felony, which police have not disclosed, bail was set at $100,000 more than the minimum.

A 7-year-old had to be pulled out of a burning home in Willits. The so-called Locust incident burned two structures, one a home in the 1200 block of Locust Street off Walnut Street. Firefighters reported last night multiple structures were threatened, but they held it to two structures. They were there late into the night mopping up. They’ve not said what caused the fire.

A woman from Marysville busted after a car crash near Leggett. The CHP reports getting a call to a crash on the 101 near Leggett’s Cal Fire station. They say 25-year-old Marissa Johnson tried to pass another car while it was not safe and crashed into a truck and trailer which led to an altercation that escalated. The CHP says she pulled out a gun. Scanner reports first said she was firing a machine gun. But when officers arrived the woman was quickly taken into custody. She was in possession of three semi-automatic pistols and booked in jail for DUI, brandishing a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of ammunition by a prohibited person, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Sonoma County could be the scene of a whole lot of power downs. PG&E apparently has new criteria to determine when to trigger a public safety power shutoff. The utility company and emergency officials in the county reported to the Board of Supervisors on risky trees, so-called “overstrike trees” which are a risk to lines due to their height, density and health. The utility company says there are as many as 5.3 million trees like that outside of their right of way but in its Northern and Central California service area. So Sonoma could see an average of nearly 4 power downs a year affecting over 6,200 customers.

The largest homeless shelter in Sonoma County is being hammered by COVID cases. The Press Democrat reports at least 90 residents had contracted the virus since after the outbreak became apparent July 2nd at the Samuel Jones L. Hall homeless shelter in Santa Rosa. 9 residents had to be hospitalized, four were released, and thankfully, there have not been any reported deaths. There were 59 cases reported last week and another 26 possible. They are frequently testing, and so that confirmed seven more cases in surveillance testing. They are not taking any new residents until two weeks after all test negative. The management of the shelter says cases are finally dwindling with just one new confirmed case this week.

A couple of massive wildfires have burned almost 100,000 acres together and are creating their own weather conditions. We’ve been reporting on the Dixie Fire which blew up in a couple days from 20-61,000 acres with only 15% containment. PG&E reported they think their equipment is responsible for starting the fire. It generated a massive cloud yesterday, creating its own lightening. The National Weather Service in Sacramento reported the clouds were dangerous as the lightening created by the fire, could start new fires too. There are evacuation orders in place for Butte and Plumas counties. The Tamarack fire near the California-Nevada border also jumped in size, nearly doubling in one day from 23,000 to almost 40,000 acres yesterday with 0% containment. Heat from the fire is rising, creating clouds and dark skies.

A woman whose daughter has disappeared out of Yuba City says she thinks she may be somewhere near or in Clearlake. Anna Parra Stickle posted on Facebook about the disappearance of her daughter Nichole Huerta, aka Nichole Arnold Schanuth Hopkins. Stickle’s post says there has to be someone out there who knows where her daughter is as she’s been missing since March. She also is asking for anyone who many know anything about who she was with when she disappeared to call her. She says Nichole’s son has been holed up in his room since his mother disappeared. She is also asking for messages on Facebook or you can call and block your number as the family is desperate for info. We’ve placed all info on this radio station’s website and Facebook page. Anna: 530-315-2343.

A major cannabis project could be coming to Clearlake Oaks. The Lake County Planning Commission is considering the project in Kelseyville and another on property split in Middletown. The meeting is tomorrow morning in person and on Zoom. The meeting is continued from two weeks ago for the proposed project at High Valley Ranch. The proposal is for a 649-acre chunk of the 1,640-acre ranch. It would have space for drying marijuana, packing, distribution (shipping and receiving), and other ancillary uses such as office space. The other on old vineyard property with a bunch of walnut trees that need to be removed. They also want to put in more than 100 hoop houses over 4 years.

An affordable housing project is being considered in Anderson Valley with the help of Congressman Jared Huffman. The Community Project Funding process is in the latest House Appropriations Committee’s Fiscal Year 2022 funding bill. Huffman says the Anderson Valley Affordable Housing Initiative could get $400,000 from the federal government. And another project we told you about earlier this week for a bull kelp forest recovery program in Sonoma and Mendocino counties at $500,000. Huffman says the bills will be considered on the House Floor in months ahead.

A man has been arrested after a gunshot victim was dropped off at the Cal-Fire Covelo Substation. Deputies got a call to a 28 year old shooting victim who they say was shot by a family member after an altercation on the road north of Covelo.  Before deputies got to the Cal Fire station, the victim was flown to an out of county hospital. The suspect was identified after as Angel Reyes-Guzman of San Jose and Modesto, so an arrest warrant was issued. Reyes-Guzman was found in Modesto and arrested. He was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail and Mendocino deputies arrived there for continued investigating. Deputies served a search warrant in Covelo at a big illegal marijuana farm. 20 people were seen there, 13 took off, 8 were detained and questioned and nearly 14,000 plants were taken.  Reyes-Guzman has been charged with attempted murder and the personal use of a firearm causing great bodily injury and held on $650,000 bail. 

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