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Stimulus payments that were tacked on to debit cards have reportedly been stolen from Lake County Social Services. The Economic Impact Payments were for people who were under conservatorship with Social Services and worth about $600 each. There were 21 reported missing. Now a former employee of Social Services, with access to the cards is being investigated for their possible theft.  Susan Marlowe was the Deputy Public Guardian/ Deputy Public Administrator for Lake County Adult Protective Services. Other staffers reportedly found suspicious activity in one bank account and Marlowe was connected to it. So the Sheriff’s office started to investigate and found nearly $6,000 missing and when they questioned Marlowe, she admitted using them for her personal use. She was arrested last Tuesday and is due back in court October 8th.  

A young man accused of killing his wife last year has admitted the crime. 23 year old Tavion Jamel James Johnson, formerly of Willits admitted last week that indeed he killed 49 year old Elenah Louise Elston in March of 2020. He’s now pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and for inflicting traumatic injuries on a domestic partner after having a prior conviction for domestic violence. He disregarded orders to stay away from the woman from a few years ago. He will be sentenced to 15 years behind bars. He’ll be formally sentenced on Sept. 28th. He will have to serve at least 12 years, 9 months before any consideration of release.

A woman seen hosing her house down at the scene of the Cache Fire several weeks ago is in trouble with the law for supposedly stealing a hose from firefighters during another fire. Rebecca Moresi was arrested in July, then free until her arraignment tomorrow. Firefighters were missing 4,000 feet of hose after a fire June 21st near where the Cache fire broke out. The fire was only 25 acres but triggered evacuations. Part of the hose was returned but more hose was missing along with brass fixtures. Moresi admitted she went into the fire zone and ripped off the equipment and was arrested on suspicion of theft.

A van has gone down a 300 foot embankment along the 101 near Hopland. One person had minor injuries and another with “moderate-to-major injuries.” Mendo Fever reports hearing on the police scanner that a vehicle not visible from the road, had crashed, but you could see the tail-lights so an air ambulance reported to the area. It landed in Cloverdale, then the patients were brought to the chopper. The crash was near Frog Woman Rock Saturday and the driver had minor injuries.

A special Lake County Board of Supervisors meeting is being held to extend the urgency ordinance for a moratorium on early activation permits on land use projects. The board also gets an update on the COVID-19 pandemic, local schools and there will be a public hearing on the supervisorial redistricting process. The board will hear from the Superintendent of Schools just after the meeting starts tomorrow morning. Then they’ll take on the redistricting process and consider responding to the latest Grand Jury Final Report.

Six people ended up in the hospital after a three car crash on Highway 20. The crash Saturday night east of Clearlake Oaks, near mile post marker 39.5. The CHP reports the vehicles involved were a silver SUV and a white sedan with a third vehicle 30 feet down an embankment. Of the six involved, two had serious injuries. Firefighters and deputies went down the embankment to find more victims, but there were none. Two air ambulances came to the scene, the other victims were transferred by ground ambulance.

Another shot in the arm for those still impacted by lockdowns by the state last year during the first days of the pandemic. There’s a $12 billion state tax rebate program in play after Gov. Gavin Newsom was looking to provide direct relief to those hit the hardest.  Governor Gavin Newsom’s Immediate Action package was enacted this past January to offset the worst economic effects of the pandemic. There’s another $4 billion for the lowest income Californians,  including undocumented workers who file taxes, but they were not eligible for the federal stimulus.

A state Assembly committee has passed a bill regarding police using excessive force. Last week the Appropriations Committee passed the bill on party lines, so it has to go to the full Assembly, then the Senate next month. It’s to expand another police transparency law passed 3 years ago that would make police records public when serious injuries are inflicted on an arrestee. Many groups who support criminal justice reform, free speech, along with media groups, organized labor and grassroots organizations support the bill, along with some cities and counties, including Oakland and Los Angeles County.

The pandemic is creating COVID burnout amongst healthcare workers. A new report says four ER nurses quit one hospital in Eureka this month alone. Nurses are leaving their jobs nationwide as the stress of the pandemic is leading to career changes, early retirement or desk jobs. And healthcare providers are suffering along with hospitals. Besides burnout, the report by Cal Matters also says California’s vaccine mandate for health care workers has left some hospitals severely understaffed. And traveling nurses are passing up jobs in California so they don’t have to get the vaccine.

The lawsuit against the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors by Sheriff Matt Kendall’s on the board agenda. Tomorrow they’ll discuss the Sheriff getting a lawyer on the county’s dime who doesn’t work for the county, which in the county code could mean it would not be a county liability, but something the Sheriff may have to incur. The supes are also looking funding for mental health care services, mental health crisis responses and how the county handles that with various agencies. They will also talk further about the work of the drought task force ad-hoc committee and hauling water from Ukiah to the town of Mendocino. And Fort Bragg is talking about that at their city council meeting tonight. There will be another special meeting on water issues Wednesday too.

Mendocino County has put out the word it needs water hauling services. The formal bidding process could start as soon as tomorrow from Certified Water Haulers for a per gallon and per hour estimate to haul water. They need estimates for as much as 47,500 gallons a day transferred for September, October, and November, assuming 20 working days in the month. The water will be picked up in the City of Ukiah and hauled to Mendocino.

A woman from Covelo’s been arrested after a call to a home that two people were fighting with another person. Deputies say when they got to the home 2 Sundays ago they found Jessica Oliver who other folks said was throwing rocks at them. One car on the scene had a broken rear window reportedly caused by Oliver. So she was arrested for felony vandalism, and committing a crime while out on bail and held in jail on $40,000.00 bail.

A man facing robbery charges earlier this year has admitted the crime. Dean Michael Stevens entered a no contest plea Friday ahead of his jury trial for the Chase Bank ripoff in Ukiah.  Stevens also admitted a Strike sentencing enhancement for another robbery he was convicted of in Sonoma County Superior Court in 2015.  He had to agree to spend 10 years in prison as part of his deal, he cannot get out of prison until nearly 8 years are spent behind bars. He will be formally sentenced next week.

A young man from Redwood Valley has been arrested after police find a bunch of weed in his car. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports during a traffic stop the Deputy contacted Kody Idica. After the Deputy saw weed on the floorboard he searched Idica and the car, and found a bunch of cocaine in the guy’s pants pocket and evidence he was probably selling drugs. He was arrested and held on $25,000.00 bail.

A man from Ukiah’s been arrested after a call to the Sheriff’s office about a disturbance. They identified Mark Ray as the offender and found he had a Felony Warrant out for his arrest. He was taken into custody and booked on $50,000.00 bail.

Two men from Ukiah have been arrested after a call to a motel two weekends ago for causing trouble. The motel said they wanted Leartis Caradine and Rocky Duman to leave. Deputies found meth and a pipe in a car they believed Duman was driving. The two men had a bunch of personal items at the motel and asked to get that so they were escorted back into the motel where Deputies found a commercial quantity of methamphetamine among the items. They say they believe Caradine was selling meth and he was on active parole, so he was arrested. They also confirmed Duman was driving the car with the meth piped and drug so he was arrested. Each for possession of a controlled substance. Caradine was held without bail since he was on felony parole.

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