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The so-called Redbearded Burglar who was wanted in Elk, has apparently been spotted. Someone called the Sheriff’s office to say they saw the guy, fugitive William Evers. He was in their vegetable garden in Albion Monday night. The resident who saw Evers, who’s been wanted for six months or so, says they thought they saw a bear at first, but then saw the red bearded man and had a few words with him, then he left. The Sheriff’s office reports Evers has been living off the land and looked scruffy and was wearing dirty clothes. The person reporting the encounter says Evers was not scary and seemed sad and hungry. Deputies went to the property and did not catch Evers but says their patrol car’s dash camera saw him. Evers is wanted for shooting at a deputy in May, and stealing a rifle.

The State Dept. of Public Health has put out new standards for kids going back to school, working with the California Department of Education. With this the Mendocino County Superintendent of Schools put out a statement saying depending where your children go to school, there may be different requirements with testing, vaccines, safety protocols and quarantines. But Superintendent Michelle Hutchins also said all California public schools must adhere to minimum standards set by the State. The state is trying to make sure kids are in class in person and safe after over a year of online classes. Schools have to have access to COVID tests for kids, if they’re positive they must stay home at least ten days. Exposure isolations differ in vaccinated and unvaccinated students. Masks must be worn by all at all times indoors.

A puzzle of a crime in Fort Bragg. Police say they got a call to a stabbing and a car crash and went to Adventist Health Mendocino Coast to speak with the victim. They were stabbed multiple times, but gave fake stories to police, so did the driver of the victim’s car. Each said they were randomly attacked by a stranger as they stopped their vehicle and got “boxed in”. But investigators talked to two other people who reported a hit and run and they too gave phony stories to deputies. After deep investigation by police after the incident they found the victim and driver were approached by two other people who they followed around Noyo Harbor, then pulled off the road. Deputies say Alfredo Chi approached the other driver and there was a fight ending in the stabbing. Then the victim vehicle tried pinning the guy and crashed into his car. He and the driver later reported being in a hit and run. Turns out it was gang related. Chi is on the run and the man with him was arrested.

A Cannabis Dispensary in Ukiah is reporting a case of COVID19 in a staff member. Perfect Union reports anyone who visited their business between Tuesday, August 17th and Sunday August 29th may have been exposed and public health says they should be tested. And if you’re vaccinated and feel symptoms coming on, you too, should be tested. Public health reminds to stay home if you feel sick and for everyone to choose wisely when they believe they could be putting themselves in a position where they may be exposed to the virus. Common symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath, also you could experience a lot of other symptoms too like the chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, fatigue, congestion, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or new loss of taste or smell.  

A group trying to get the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to rescind the Cannabis Expansion Ordinance or put it before voters, says they were successful with their petition. The group reports nearly 4,200 signatures on their “People’s Referendum to Save Our Water, Wildlife, and Way of Life” have been certified, and they got 801 more than needed. The board will reportedly take up the matter at their meeting Tuesday, September 14th, but it’s not yet known if the board will take a vote that day or continue to consider the matter.  The group says they’re continuing to build their list of people who would endorse their Referendum should it get onto a ballot.

The Caldor Fire is growing in size and encroaching on the southern side of Lake Tahoe. Firefighters watching from the perimeter as the fire plows through parch dry vegetation. The National Weather Service has also issued a critical weather warning through today that could include extremely low humidity and wind gusts of up to 30 mph. The fire was still a few miles from South Lake Tahoe yesterday afternoon. There’s only one road out so residents were packing it up and leaving on Monday as evacuations were ordered by firefighters. The fire has crossed two major highways as it made its way into the Tahoe Basin, as firefighters worked in rugged terrain to protect remote cabins, some have burned though. The Governor of Nevada was urging residents to be ready to leave. The fire is 18% contained.

A fire that started Sunday on the Humboldt Trinity County line is burning out of control. The Northern California Geographic Coordination Center reports the Knob Fire has charred over 1,230 acres in brush and timber. Kym Kemp reports the fire is threatening more than 1,000 structures and there are multiple evacuation orders and warnings for both counties. There are also about a thousand customers without power between Willow Creek in Humboldt County and Cedar Flat in Trinity County. The news site reports witnesses say at least one home burned.

Election officials trying to get out the vote for the recall so they’re spending millions so people know what’s up. The Secretary of State says they’re trying to get more people to vote, no matter their party. The agency is spending $16 million over four-weeks to educate the masses about how to vote in the recall. The nonpartisan ad campaign will include billboards, radio, TV and digital ads so voters know about the recall and learn how to cast a ballot. There’s a question, do you support the recall, yes or no. Then there’s an endless list of people to replace the one term governor. The Secretary of State says her goal is 100% voting, so everyone has a voice.

The Governor is trying to urge more Californians to get the COVID19 vaccine. Gov. Newsom was at a vaccination clinic in Oakland yesterday. He spoke about the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer vaccine and says over 80% of eligible Californians 12 years of age and older had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine so far. Newsom says getting the shots are key to protecting against the virus and the highly transmissible delta variant. The state also implemented the first-in-the-country vaccine verification or testing requirement for state workers and school staff, and vaccination requirements for workers in health care settings.

There’s a new ad hoc committee under the Mendocino City Community Services District to try to get grants to provide drought relief. There’s also a GoFundme set up for Mendocino Drought. A couple of board members from the district are meeting to consider future grants. They’re also planning to hire a consultant to get more grants and look at the possibility of hiring an engineering firm to apply for bigger grants available through the USDA and FEMA. They also discussed the recent agreement by the Board of Supervisors to truck water from Ukiah to Fort Bragg for treatment, then to the town of Mendocino.

Lawmakers considering a statewide vaccine verification law tabled it for now. The bill to require not only public, but private employers to make sure all eligible employees for a COVID-19 vaccine show proof or take a weekly COVID-19 test. Lawmakers were looking to add patrons of restaurants, gyms, bars, theaters and other places, the strictest in the country. But part of that was dropped so the bill is on hold until next year while lawmakers work out exactly what they want in the bill, which would have been among the most sweeping in the country. Earlier this month, San Francisco became the first major U.S. city to adopt such a rule. The bill was reportedly roadblocked with the cost of testing.

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