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Another run in with the law for the so-called Redbearded Burglar. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that a SWAT officer and police dog handler was injured while searching for William Evers in the woods of Albion Ridge. They had to evacuate the officer from the area as Deputies once again lost sight of Evers who’s been a fugitive since about February. He was spotted last week in someone’s garden not far from where law enforcement tried nabbing him again. Deputies went out at 4:30 yesterday morning after Evers was seen around midnight. They say because it was dark outside and the terrain, he got away again. He was last seen running toward the Salmon Creek drainage.

A man has been hit by a car and died in Covelo. Mendo Fever reports first responders were called to an intersection yesterday morning finding a pedestrian down. The CHP responded along with deputies, but apparently they couldn’t even get a description of the car that killed the man.

Some boat ramps are closing at Clear Lake due to the drought and some people are finding their wells are running dry. So the state is looking for people to report how the drought is affecting private wells and surface water sources. There have already been nearly 600 reports of household water shortages this year, with about a quarter of them reported in the last month.

To submit a report, and find resources for homeowners, such as lists of well service contractors, visit

A small fire has been reported in Clear Lake, but it was put out quick. The fire Monday afternoon was about eight acres before being contained last night. They’ve named it the Round fire after it started near Round Mountain Road, a couple miles out of Clearlake Oaks. Four air tankers, two helicopters and a tactical plane were on the scene.  

A man from Willits has been arrested in Lakeport after police found a loaded, high-capacity firearm magazine, a rifle and drugs in his car during a traffic stop. 18 year old Henry Gonzalez has been arrested for possession of narcotics for sale while armed with a firearm, putting a child in danger under circumstances likely to cause harm and a minor’s possession of alcohol in public. He was found with three minors in the car. The officers who stopped Gonzalez say one of his young passengers tried to hide the magazine while they were stopped. Backup from deputies and CHP officers helped police find a modified rifle with a pistol grip, psilocybin for sale, and marijuana. The three minors were released to their parents and Lake County Child Welfare Services was there. Gonzalez was held in jail on $75,000 bail.

A new project by Lake County Tribal Health is being considered by the Planning Commission. They meet tomorrow on Tribal Health’s application for architectural and design review for a new building near Tribal Health’s existing offices for a Job Skills Center where they can have trainings in carpentry, cabinetry, and simple electrical and plumbing trades, and also for housing equipment. Apparently the program already started before the pandemic, but they put the project on hold.

Lakeport is trying to entice hotel developers to town. The city council heard from the community development director last month that the city was approached by a couple of developers about a possible lakeside project at the Dutch Harbor. It would be next door to the currently under construction, Lakefront Park. The city has to call the property surplus for the project to move forward on the nearly 3 acre property. There are ideas that include a private or commercial waterfront project. The city manager says they did a hotel feasibility study a few years ago and a hotel was the highest use for the Dutch Harbor area. The city will have to give written notice that the property’s available to local public entities, including schools and park districts, and housing sponsors who have reached out to the Department of Housing and Community Development of their interest in surplus property.

Since so many are retiring in the face of the pandemic, California is looking at a possible nurse shortage the next five years.  A new report by the UCSF Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care says there is a shortage of over 40,500 full-time equivalent RNs, a nearly 14% gap the state will be dealing with thru 2026. The info just out from the 2020 Survey of California Registered Nurses and final data from the 2019-20 Annual RN Schools Survey. One of the authors of the report says the pandemic has sped up a trend that was already building, so employers should try to hang on to older RN’s and find career paths for new grads.  There are over 350,000 registered nurses in Calif. hospitals, clinics and other facilities, and over 450,000 licensed nurses.

One of the Mendocino County Advisory Redistricting Commission meetings is being held online. The meeting tonight at 6:15 will be one of many after the last census report. Each decade it has to be done. It might mean changes for either representative Mike Thompson of St. Helena, now in the Fifth District or Jared Huffman of San Rafael of the 2nd District. The meeting will continue the process tonight of redrawing the supervisory and congressional districts based on population that came out of the 2020 US Census. It could also mean a change for supervisorial districts due to uneven population growth. There will be public comment and you can check out the full recording of last week’s meeting too. That’s on the county’s YouTube channel.

They’re looking for someone to take over the Mendocino County Auditor-Controller’s office as the current office holder is retiring. The Mendocino Voice reports Lloyd Weer is retiring early and there was quite the ta-doo at the last Board of Supervisors meeting about his deputy taking over. Apparently District Attorney David Eyster is against appointing Assistant Auditor-Controller Chamise Cubbison to take over the position which is elected and still has nearly a year and a half left on the term. So instead she will be the acting auditor-controller until the board finds a permanent replacement. County staff was all for putting Cubbison in the position but Eyster filed a couple of lengthy documents regarding expense reimbursements and regulations on government spending.

A new restaurant is opening downtown, but it means the end to Danny’s Vacuum Repair Shop. The repair shop is being evicted from its long held location on North State Street, with 2 months notice. The Daily Journal reports Danny is considering a new location or retirement. The newspaper does not mention what restaurant is taking the space, only that it’s “upscale”.  

At a gathering of local restaurant managers and owners on the upcoming vaccination mandate, the Mendocino County Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren appeared. There was a good turnout outside the Ukiah Valley Athletic Club where one man was asked to leave after yelling into the crowd. Dr. Coren asked the crowd for alternatives to his proposed mandates for employees and customers of local restaurants and bars. Some managers said they will lose employees if they’re forced to get the shots, and Coren said he wanted to work with the community to figure it all out together. The meeting was held Saturday and Coren didn’t say whether he’d change what he was planning and when he would release the new guidelines or when they’d take effect.  

Two women, accused separately of arson and other crimes each got sent to prison in Mendocino County.  35 year old Tasha Marie Ornelas, a homeless woman from Ukiah agreed to a deal for felony arson of grasslands, and a sentencing enhancement because it happened during a state of emergency. She faced nine years and got five after being seen with lighter in hand near some small fires in June. And 28 year old Michelle Perry, also homeless from around the Ukiah area was found guilty of recklessly causing a fire of inhabited property, and a sentencing enhancement that it happened during a state of emergency. She was reportedly seen lighting a plantar box at Unity Hall on fire, using hand sanitizer as an accelerant. She faced 7 years, and also got five.

Busy agenda for the Lakeport City Council. At their meeting tonight the council will consider a Small Community Drought Relief Program Grant. The city’s trying to get $1 million dollars as part of the grant program created for small communities to improve, upgrade or replace infrastructure affected by the drought. If approved the city’s considering replacing a well at Scott’s Creek which is apparently close to running dry. The council’s also set to give their approval to submit an application for funding to the Competitive Permanent Local Housing Allocation and discuss new use of the Carnegie Library building. In the basement of the building for offices and laboratory space, and the second floor for community outreach meetings and an environmental information center.

The pandemic is not done wreaking havoc on schools. It’s only been days or weeks for some rural districts, and already, some have had to close due to Covid outbreaks amongst students and staff. Ed Source reports at least five schools closed last week because of Covid infection rates, and others were going to close this week. Most schools were closed a year ago, so this is kind of new territory for many. And some of the schools this year, are not allowing quarantined students to do online learning, they instead have to enroll in independent study. The state education code says it’s up to a school board or superintendent to decide if a school should close.

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