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Three more people have died in Mendocino County due to the coronavirus. Public Health has announced being notified of the deaths, all were under 50 years old and unvaccinated. This means 67 people have died to COVID-19. The 65th death was in a 36-year-old woman from Ukiah who was the youngest person so far to die from the virus. The 66th death was a 47-year-old man from Ukiah and the 67th was in a 43-year-old man from Covelo. The deaths as the delta variant of the virus continues surging across the state. Public health reminds to get vaccinated and mask up when outside your household. The daily positivity rate is about 41 cases/100,000 people. If we were still in the color coded system, we’d be considered in the “Purple Tier”. Public Health also reported 16 residents in the hospital and 8 in intensive care.

A man from Ukiah has been arrested after the Sheriff’s Dept. reports he stabbed a dog and attempted to stab somebody else. Mendocino deputies got a call 2 Fridays ago where witnesses said Diego Pulido stabbed the family dog as someone was leaving to take the dog to the vet. There was also a family member possibly stabbed too, so medical assistance was called and deputies used a loud speaker to try to lure Pulido out of the house. The man armed himself with a kitchen knife. The dog is expected to survive and the family member was also okay after the dog bit them while they tried helping it. Pulido was arrested for felony animal cruelty and booked in jail on $15,000.00 bail.

After reports that a 12 year old was sexually abused, a woman in Potter Valley was arrested. Deputies say they got a call about suspected sexual abuse of a 12 year-old and after investigating connected Lexie Thompson to the minor. They say in July she had sex multiple times with the child who was known to her. She was interviewed by police and arrested for lewd sexual acts with a minor under 14 years old, oral copulation of a minor under 14 years old and sexual penetration with a foreign object of a minor under 14 years old. She was also on probation. She’s booked in jail with no bail.

Two people in Fort Bragg have been arrested at the onramp of the 101 near Lake Mendocino Drive after a code violation led to a search. A deputy pulled Lily Simili and her male passenger over. They say the passenger gave a fake name. Deputies also noticed what looked to be a meth pipe in the car and searched the passenger, identified as Hunter Casey. They say he had meth on him and that he had a felony warrant out for his arrest. He was arrested for violating probation, impersonating another, having drugs on him and drug paraphernalia and held on $30,000 bail. Simili was given a ticket to appear for having drug paraphernalia on her.

A bunch of weed confiscated or destroyed as agents with the Mendocino County Code Enforcement Division. They were out looking for marijuana grows without permits in Willits and Laytonville. They found well over the legal limit at seven locations and say those responsible eradicated almost 680 plants at the locations.

Student government at Mendocino College is urging fellow students and community members to get their COVID19 shots. The Associated Students of Mendocino College are strongly encouraging the vaccinations, which are not required to go to the school. Students who prove they have been vaccinated though, could get a $100 Visa gift card. Vaccines are widely available, they remind, including the Pfizer vaccine, which has received full approval from the FDA. The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines also have been proven to be highly effective and safe and received emergency approval from the federal agency. The student government president says the vaccines are vital to getting back to normal.

Due to the extreme heat in parts of the Western United States, the California Independent System Operator, or ISO, has ordered a statewide Flex Alert. It’s the second day the agency has called for voluntary electricity conservation due to hot weather taxing the energy supply. Consumers are told to use large appliances and air conditioning less during these times. The Flex Alert goes from noon to 9 p.m. due to high electricity demand during those hours and narrow margins of supply. There are above normal temperatures across the western US all week, and the possibility of record-breaking heat.

The pastor of a megachurch in Northern Calif. is giving out religious exemptions for folks opposed to getting the vaccine. The Kaiser Foundation reports the church in Rocklin, Destiny Christian Church, also defied public health orders holding in person service during the stay home order in 2020. But the state got rid of nonmedical exemptions six years ago for childhood vaccinations. And Governor Newsom put out a public health order in July saying all state employees and health care workers must be vaccinated against COVID19 or have a weekly test. That followed with schools needing the same, public or private. And both the California State University system and UC system requires vaccines for students and staff.

A fire that destroyed two buildings in Guerneville and heavily damaged another has been deemed arson. Someone’s also been arrested in connection to the fires, 50 year old Jennifer Swan. The Sonoma County Fire District reported Swan will be charged with a felony count of causing a property to be burned as a result of malicious arson. She faces up to three years in prison if she’s convicted. The Fire Marshal and chief says it was a high dollar property loss, so they went for a bail enhancement. Swan is being held on $500,000. One of the businesses had been vacant a while, another had a new tenant, yet to move in and the third was open, Gypsy Sisters Boutique dress shop.

The delta strain of COVID19 is wreaking havoc on Calif, especially in the Central Valley where hospital officials say they have to transfer critically ill patients over 100 miles away because their ICU’s are full. The report that the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento area and rural Northern California were being hit the hardest by COVID-19 hospitalizations on a per capita basis. The Los Angeles Times analysis also says the areas have the lowest vaccination rates than in highly populated, coastal areas of Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. The Emergency Medical Services Manager for Fresno, Kings, Madera and Tulare counties recently said their system was paralyzed and at a standstill and completely overwhelmed.

The Calif. State Water Resources Control Board has changed its recent curtailment orders so the city of Ukiah can draw water out of the Russian River for emergency use. The agency pre-approved a health and safety exemption for the city for coastal Mendocino County communities. It comes as talk of trucking water from Ukiah, to Fort Bragg for treatment, and finally to the town of Mendocino. The agency also said the city could have applied for an exemption, but did not, so amending the curtailment order will not cause the city to be fined. So the city will be able to draw around 326,000 gallons of water over the next three months, or 50-acre-feet. The city itself is not providing the water per se’, just allowing certified water haulers to move the water to Fort Bragg. The water deliveries began this week after the Board of Supervisors gave the plan the green light.

The MendoLake Food Hub is back, providing fresh food to families in Mendocino and Lake counties. The group was working to support local farmers and producers pre-pandemic. They were also providing farm fresh food to schools, local grocery stores, and restaurants. But now they’re helping more needy families. Apparently the idea came during lockdown as grocery store shelves were bare, but farmers had plenty, but no way to distribute it.  The MendoLake Food Hub got a contract for their plan from the USDA for boxes of food to be given to families through the Farmers to Families Program.

To become a part of the MendoLake Food Hub community, visit For more information, call (707) 467-3238.

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