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A man busted by deputies as they look for someone else. Deputies say they went to a home in Willits to serve a warrant on Steven Ramier for evading and instead found Jewel Dyer standing near the driveway to the home holding a plastic bag of illicit drugs. Deputies also found he was on parole and high on something. They then found Ramier, but he ran so they had to chase him down. He was finally taken down, then both he and Dyer were arrested and booked into Mendocino County Jail. Ramier was held on $135,000.00 bail and Dyer was held without bail due to a Parole hold.

Deputies say at least 100 residents had their mail ripped off by a couple, one of them arrested in Potter Valley. The Sheriff’s Office reports Sharon Smith of Potter Valley and Charles Maxfield of Willits were seen in a suspicious vehicle near some mailboxes. A witnesses said they thought the pair were stealing mail and approached their car, but they sped away. Deputies saw the car and only saw someone in the passenger seat, but thought they heard activity in the bushes nearby. They say they found the driver there, Charles Maxfield who was on Post Release Community Supervision for mail theft in the past, but he ran away and they couldn’t catch him. At the same time they found a massive amount of mail and documents in the car, none in Maxfield or Smith’s name. Smith was arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail but not held due to the pandemic. Maxfield is still on the run. 

A man from Ukiah has been arrested after reports of people possibly camping in and vandalizing the Little Lake Cemetery in Willits. A deputy saw a car there and looked inside, finding Steven Lawson who was on parole with an active pick up arrest warrant, so he was held. His car searched and deputies found a meth pipe, a fixed blade knife and a small canister of pepper spray, none of which he’s allowed to have while on parole.  He’s charged with violating his parole and for possession of tear gas by a prohibited person and held on no bail.

A man from Southern California visiting Clear Lake reportedly disappeared after going paddling in his kayak. The 28 year old was identified as Dylan Flanagan was at the lake Sunday afternoon and vanished. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reported sending out a Marine Patrol unit and finding a kayak, but no sign of Flanagan. A relative says they saw him paddling away from the Clearlake Oaks Boat Launch around 5:00 p.m. Sunday. A search by deputies on land and in the Lake turned up nothing. He’s described as 6”1’ about 170-190 lbs with brown hair, brown eyes, and a distinctive brown mustache/beard combo. He was last seen wearing a navy Hawaiian shirt, black sunglasses, a straw hat, and tie-dye boardshorts.

The tall trees in the Muir Grove of Giant Sequoias are still very much in danger from two fires. The unrelenting flames have been threatening the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks for weeks. Some of the taller trees at the gate to the parks were wrapped in aluminum and retardant has been dropped on the trees by an airplane. Something never done before. The KNP Complex fire started in lightening a month ago. Along with the Windy Fire which is also burning nearby, they’ve already burned 26 groves of the trees and blackened over 184,000 acres combined. Some of the scientists working along with firefighters say most of the fighting they’re doing is experimental. The Windy fire is 85% contained, but the KNP Complex is only 20% contained.

A fire that started in Clearlake has been stomped out quick, with the help of an off duty firefighter who jumped into action. The fire, called the Box fire was reported around 1:30 yesterday afternoon near Jack in the Box. Firefighters descended on the area pretty quick after the fire quickly grew to two acres between Dam Road and Highway 53. Lake County Fire and Cal Fire along with a chopper and other air resources started working on the fire as someone driving by jumped in and stopped, Tommy Scalfaro. He was driving by with his girlfriend when they saw the flames and stopped. He’s a Cal Fire firefighter. He grabbed tools from his truck and ran to the fire before the on duty firefighters arrived. 2 other drivers stopped to help. The fire broke out during the red flag warning which remains in effect today. 

PG&E has notified customers in nearly 2 dozen counties of the all clear after the latest public safety power shut-off. But not so fast, as the energy company announced they were turning power back on, they said they may have to turn it back off tomorrow due to another weather system moving through the area. Lake County had 4,000 customers impacted. 20,000 others were also in the dark, but not in Mendocino County. Meteorologists with the company says there were wind gusts recorded at 55 miles an hour in Butte County, 52 mph in Shasta and 47 mph in Tehama County. They have not said when power would be turned back on because they’re still checking their equipment.

A new law in Calif. says you cannot harass people if they’re going into a vaccination clinic. The Governor signed the law into place Friday, which already went into effect. It’s just a misdemeanor though for harassment, intimidation, injuring or obstructing someone who is trying to go get their Covid-19 or any other vaccine, and it’s punishable by a maximum $1,000 fine and/or up to six months in jail. Free speech experts said it was probably unconstitutional, but language was then removed from the bill. But they say it still violates the First Amendment.

Community clinics who are already pretty low on funds say giving the COVID-19 vaccines has resulted in a major cash flow problem. The clinics here and in other states are reportedly awaiting money from the federal government for administering so many doses since January, about a million here in Calif. Some of the clinics report not billing for the shots because it’s too confusing. They also say they’re owed tens of millions. Federal data shows these health centers have administered almost 15 million vaccine doses.

The Governor has signed the majority of the bills on his desk into law from the 2020-21 legislative session. Some of the action includes providing immediate relief for those hardest hit by COVID-19, taking on the homelessness & housing affordability crisis, transforming public schools as gateways for opportunity, building infrastructure for the next century and fighting wildfires & taking on climate change. It’s all part of his agenda for the California Comeback Plan. He commented Saturday during signing that he was thankful for the efforts from the Legislature, with that and his Plan, they’re hitting fast forward on the state’s recovery from the pandemic. Some of the legislation signed was from State Senator Mike McGuire.

A woman in Mendocino County says she and her toddler and grandma were chased by someone driving nearby. The woman, who was anonymous on the Red Headed Blackbelt site woman says she was with her two-year-old daughter and grandmother at the South Fork of the Eel River near the Peg House when the driver seemed to try to hit them on purpose, over a concrete barrier, through a wooden fence and then a little to close to them. She said they were on the river a couple hours and were walking to their car off Hwy 101 when it happened. She described it as a light blue sedan who crashed and barreled towards them. She called 911 and were met about a half hour by law enforcement. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s says they reported there after getting a call to help from State Park rangers.

California hits a grim COVID19 milestone more than 70,000 dead. The data emerged on Monday as the state reports having the lowest infection rate in the country. The most recent surge in cases was over the summer due to the delta strain, which mostly hit those unvaccinated. California has now had the most deaths of any state, just barely passing Texas and Florida. But the state’s per capita death rate of 177/100,000 is in the bottom third for the U.S. Over 70% of California residents have been fully vaccinated and 8% more have initiated their shots.

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