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The Assistant Superintendent of the Ukiah Unified School District Nicole Glentzer has received the 2021 Ray Curry Award. The award from the Association of California School Administrators is given yearly for an outstanding human resources administrator in California. The Superintendent of schools said Glentzer is a “remarkable leader and human being”, inspiring us daily by confronting difficult situations with a kind heart. The president of the Association bestowing the award on Glentzer says she worked closely with her and was impressed by her “knowledge, care, integrity, and ability to deal with the most stressful situations”. Saying she’s always kind and solution oriented.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is not doing a vaccine mandate for County employees. The agreement yesterday after four hours of lively debate. There are reported to be 2,400 unvaccinated County employees. The board did however issue new protocols, calling for weekly testing and screening for unvaccinated staff.  One supervisor disagreed with the singling out of the unvaccinated, calling for screening all employees.  The public health officer at the meeting said it was unnecessary, as far as CDC standards, to test vaccinated individuals who were not exposed or have symptoms.

The fire restrictions on the Mendocino National Forest are over. They ended today. Forest visitors who have a valid Campfire Permit can get back to having open campfires and camp stoves anywhere on the forest including designated wilderness areas, dispersed campsites, and in developed recreation sites, including campgrounds. You can apply for a permit at all U.S. Forest Service, BLM, or CAL FIRE offices, or online at There are no fireworks allowed ever.

Sonoma County has announced reaching its 400th death due to COVID19. The bleak landmark as two more deaths were reported. At the end of 2020 there had been 194 deaths, which occurred over about 9 months. About the same this year. The latest deaths were both unvaccinated. One a man between 70 and 80 who died Aug. 21st at a hospital; and the other was an unvaccinated woman between 40 and 50 who died Oct. 1st, also at a hospital. The two both had underlying health conditions.

The Skunk Train is reportedly negotiating with Georgia Pacific to get some land at the Mill Site to expand. Last night at the Fort Bragg City Council meeting they were discussing acquiring the rest of the Georgia Pacific Mill Site land to cleanup as required by the Department of Toxic Substances Control. After cleanup of the land, restoration of the Mill Ponds, tributary creeks and estuary, development of new housing.  But the Skunk Train wanted part of the land, but the city decided it wasn’t in the best interest of the community. So the Skunk Train filed suit to acquire the land anyway by eminent domain. Georgia Pacific said they don’t have the power to do that, but the case has not been settled and the City is still negotiating to get the land.

A woman in Fort Bragg says her brother in law was hit by a car that took off. The Fort Bragg Police Dept. posted on Facebook that Grace Potter reported her brother was hit and had injuries to his face, shoulder, and multiple broken teeth.  The police department is trying to find out who hit the 39 year old man. The woman says the vehicle was a gray/light-colored SUV heading South. Police want anyone who may have seen something to report it.

After 25,000 PG&E customers just got their power back after the last intentional power down in fire weather, there could be another around the corner. The utility giant says it’s getting ready for another potential public safety power shutoff starting early Thursday. 4,008 in Lake County were without power including over 300 medical baseline customers. Lake Co News reports a spokesperson with the utility company says PG&E crews patrolled the area of the latest power down in Lake County and showed at least four instances of weather-related damage and hazards including vegetation on power lines. The company reports monitoring the weather which may include dry offshore winds for Northern and Central California. And that they’d give 2 days notice to about 29,000 customers in small stretch across 19 counties and four tribes.

Cannabis on the docket at the next Lake County Planning Commission meeting. Some routine business first at their meeting tomorrow then they will consider a major use permit for High Caliber Farms. They’re asking for three medium outdoor cultivation licenses and a self-distribution license for commercial cannabis cultivation and distribution. Their business has almost 37,500 square feet of canopy on a 78-acre property in Upper Lake. The commission will also consider a major use permit by Lake Vista Farms for 15 acres of outdoor commercial cannabis canopy in five fenced growing areas in Clearlake.  Plus another cultivation request on 15,000 square feet in Kelseyville.

A new grant from the federal government for the CHP so they can continue looking out for dangerous driving behaviors. The patrol’s Regulate Aggressive Driving and Reduce Speed, or RADARS, VI grant is to help bring down the amount of car crashes due to speed and the amount of people killed and injured in the crashes. The CHP commissioner says reckless driving is a major threat to everyone on Calif. roadways and the grant will help provide “focused education and enforcement” targeting speeding and aggressive driving, including street racing and sideshow activities, which she says will help prevent crashes resulting in death or injury.

The Willits Police Chief is asking the city council for permission to reach out to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office for help getting fill-in dispatchers temporarily or part time due to a staffing shortage. Apparently there’s an agreement in place already, but there’s only a maximum budget of $6,000 and Chief Lizarrago says he needs $25,000. There are only two dispatchers in the department so they need outside help. They have one possible new hire and are trying to find more and are training other staff to pick up the slack. If approved the Sheriff’s office dispatchers would continue working from the communications center in Ukiah and would be provided by the county on an overtime basis.

Could there soon be a U-Haul facility in Ukiah’s future? The Planning Commission will consider a plan for a three story building at 675 N. Orchard Avenue. But the plan was panned by the city’s Design Review Board, who wrote to the planning commission that it doesn’t match the character of any Ukiah neighborhood. The Board also said it’ll block views of the Eastern Hills, and views of the city from the highway. The plan now is for a 40-foot high, self-storage box, 325-feet long. The Design Board said it should instead be in a mixed use area near places like auto part or tire stores like on Airport Park Boulevard. But city planning staff liked it for the proposed area.

Lake County still does not have a permanent Public Health Officer as Dr. Gary Pace resigned in the spring. Then the county also lost the health services director so the Board of Supervisors has to fill both spots during a pandemic. Dr. Pace is the interim officer and Dr. Charlie Evans and Dr. Evan Bloom are also alternates when Pace is unavailable. The County Administrative Officer, Carol Huchingson is acting as the interim health services officer. After several interviews for a new Public Health Officer, Supervisors directed staff to renew their recruiting effort. But the recruiter says she’s not confident she’ll be able to find someone in the final months of the year due to the holidays.

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