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Just as thousands got their power back on Tuesday, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. announced yet another PSPS again. The energy company powered down 25,000 customers across parts of the state at the beginning of the week and say they’ll end the business week the same way. Early today, maybe already, many people will wake up with no power. Over 4,000 Lake County customers lost their power Monday, but this time around, PG&E has plans for way less customers. They said they’d give a 2 day advance notification, which would have come the same day customers just got their power juiced back up, but it was only one day instead. Again, no customers in Mendocino County will be impacted.

The owners of Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville announced they were selling their riverfront property and just like that, it’s reportedly sold. The Press Democrat reports a private company bid on the land and it’s already in escrow. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors reportedly bid on the land and were rejected. Apparently another local businesswoman was also turned down. The property was listed at over three and a half million dollars. The current owners bought it in 2014 and made several changes. The property has availability for 38-tents on its campground, a four-bedroom, two-bath lodge and 10 vintage cabins from the 1920s.

The mandate for all prison workers to be vaccinated has been blocked by a judge. The judge in Kern County has issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the mandate’s enforcement related to guards and peace officers. The mandate was supposed to start tomorrow but the injunction won’t affect non-unionized staff who work at prisons with health care facilities. 240 inmates and 39 prison employees have died due to complications of COVID19. The group who went to court is the California Correctional Peace Officers Association who is against mandates for its members.

Nursing programs at community colleges across the state are packed and students are challenged to find a program. The student senate of the California Community Colleges is trying to ban the lottery system preventing some from entering the programs. There are about 80 nursing programs at 115 community colleges, and some have waiting lists that last years. The schools all differ though, some use a screening process that looks at a potential student’s background before accepting them, the others are first come, first served, a modified random selection, prerequisite courses or random lottery. Meanwhile there’s been a massive shortage of RN’s in Calif. which started way before the pandemic.

The City of Fort Bragg is no loner taking water from Ukiah. After recent rains came down, the city also reduced its Stage 4 water crisis down to Stage 2. Now businesses and residents can slightly ease up on the strict water conservation measures. The city says it can meet its own demand without the City of Ukiah dragging water all the way over by truck. The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to downgrade the water emergency. So the conservation efforts should be around 10 to 20% of what was used in a non-drought year instead of 30 to 40%.

Mendocino Coast Clinics in Fort Bragg is receiving a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The $2.5 million dollars over five years goes to support and grow the Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program for people to get off opiates. The County has the second highest drug overdose death rate of all California counties with it nearly doubling in the last five years. And Mendocino County’s OD death rate is over twice the state’s rate and nearly double the rate in the entire country. And Mendocino Coast is the only health center on the coast providing the program to treat those who suffer from opiate use disorder.

A man from Covelo busted by Tribal Police has been jailed after a high speed chase. Round Valley Tribal Police called the Sheriff’s office for help stopping Curtis Bettega, who Tribal Officers had lost sight of during the chase. He ditched his car after driving it into a ditch, leaving it with its engine still running. He was caught hiding near the car which had been reported stolen from Ukiah. Deputies found a loaded rifle, with characteristics classifying it as an assault weapon, ammo and nearly 25 grams of meth.  Because of his background he cannot own or possess weapons or ammunition, plus he was out on bail from another recent arrest. He was booked again and held for various crimes on $113,500.00 bail.

The Mendocino County Public Health Office has been awarded a half million dollars for home visits. The grant from the Dept. of Health and Human Services from the Home Visiting Program Innovation State General Fund for work through June 2023. The money to help with outreach and the implementation to better reach, recruit, engage, serve, and retain rural Latina women. It’s part of “Healthy Families Mendocino County” Home Visiting Program. Mendocino County was one of a handful that won the Innovation fund award and will now be able to offer free, ongoing strength-based one-on-one visits.

A man has been arrested for assaulting another man with a rock in Ukiah. Police got a call to Adventist Health Ukiah Valley after the victim went to the Emergency Department. Officers say he had head injuries after being attacked by Orr Creek near N. State Street. He says he didn’t know the suspect and turned over all his personal belongings to him, which included cash, rings, his shoes, backpacks, banking cards and wallet. He gave cops a description including the suspect wearing very distinct shoes. Officers followed the trail of blood by the hospital and found Jason Kreuz wearing those same shoes. He admitted he was in an altercation, and since he was on probation he was searched. They found all of the victims items and arrested him. He was held on $100,000.00.

A man by the Great Redwood Trail called police to say he was attacked. When they arrived, they found him with a head injury, bleeding and with swelling on his head. He says he was walking along when another man on a bike followed telling him to leave the area, then punching him. He says his eyeglasses broke and thought the suspect had something in his hand, but didn’t see what it was, and then he was hit with the guy’s bicycle. He provided a description and declined medical treatment. Alden Larvie was found by Safeway with the bike that matched the victim’s description. He had three warrants for his arrest, so he was held. He admitted the altercation and was arrested for the three warrants, all misdemeanors and held on $30,000.00.

Any help needed due to the drought is available from the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). Several grant programs are available now for urgent and long-term drought response and recovery to support local agencies in Mendocino County. There will be drought funding workshops over the next several weeks, the first is tomorrow from 1-2:30 pm. They’ll go over the basics of getting the grants and how to fill out an effective grant application. email

A man accused of killing his partner in Upper Lake was back in court after the 2017 event. Willy Tujays Timmons was charged with the murder of Vanessa Niko. He’s charged with murder, inflicting corporal injury with a prior conviction within seven years, causing permanent disability, and torture. They were talking death penalty a few years ago in the case, but that never came to be. He’s been in jail ever since. In July he asked for a so-called Marsden Motion, looking to fire your court appointed lawyer. It was granted.  And he has a new lawyer.

The Eel River Cleanup has a date. One week from this Saturday at nine. You can meetup with others at the Pioneer Bridge over the Eel River, five miles north of Potter Valley on Eel River Road. There the Mendocino Solid Waste Management Authority, Potter Valley Tribe, Solid Waste of Willits will be on hand as they sponsor the Cleanup again. They’re working on a 12-mile section of river from Van Arsdale up to the Lake Pillsbury Dam in Lake County. They will be serving lunch this year and practicing social distancing. They will have all the needed gear and hand washing stations.  

For more information, call the Potter Valley Tribe at 462-1213 or Beb Ware at 743-1525.

Still no sign of the man who went missing after taking off in his kayak from Upper Lake onto Clear Lake. The rescue or recovery is now focused on the Clearlake Oaks area after items believed to be Dylan Flanagan’s turned up there. His kayak was found right away, now reports that the Lake County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol also located a paddle, shoe and life jacket. He disappeared after taking off for a paddle on Sunday. He’s been working in the San Francisco area, but hails from Southern Calif. and was staying at a vacation rental in Clearlake Oaks for his 28th birthday and a job promotion.

A woman from Clearlake Oaks in court pleading not guilty to charges of murdering her boyfriend then leaving town. Tammy Sue Grogan-Robinson was in court via Zoom yesterday from the Lake County Jail related to the murder of Charles Vernon McClelland of Rohnert Park. She initially said he raped her so she shot him, then she left town and had to be extradited back. The two reported in an on again off again relationship, but on when he was killed at her home in July. After her claims of rape were debunked police charged her for the unjustified and premeditated shooting death. She pleaded not guilty yesterday and denied special allegations against her. She also waived her right to having her preliminary hearing within 30 days of her plea entry. She’s due back in court November 17th.

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