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A judge in California backs top drug manufacturers after local governments sue for promoting opioids. The judge in Orange County issued a tentative ruling saying there was no evidence the manufacturers of the drugs were deceptive in their marketing efforts to get prescriptions out unnecessarily. Nor did they create a public nuisance. Plus he said how can we know more prescriptions were not the result of a medically appropriate provision for pain medications for patients in need.  Los Angeles, Orange and Santa Clara counties and the city of Oakland claimed the companies misled doctors and patients and downplayed the risks of addictions, overdoses, deaths and other health complications, and overstated the benefits for long-term health conditions.

After almost two weeks of rain in the North Bay, at least in Santa Rosa, the city’s fire dept. said fire season was over. It started there May 17th. Plus PG&E is tabling their fire prevention plan that shut down power for fire-prone areas whenever something touched a power line. The Public Safety Power Shutoffs worked but customers complained there were more this year, and they were longer.

The Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer’s mandate for restaurants to put signs up so customers know the vaccination status of employees is now in place. It’s been about a month since Dr. Andy Coren implemented the health order for businesses who serve food or drink indoors to have a red, yellow, or green sign displayed. Green means all who work there are vaccinated, and only customers who are also vaxed can come in. Yellow means some are, some are not and everyone can come in anyway and Red means, they don’t know whether their employees have taken the shots or have recently tested negative.

The man from Humboldt County missing after a camping and hunting trip with his son is still gone. 48 year old John Davis vanished a week ago Sunday while in the area of Highway 162 and the 8-Mile Bridge. The Sheriff’s Dept. says they believe he may have been swept away in the rising waters of the Eel River. Deputies say Davis and his son woke to find water in their tent and his son went back to sleep in their car, while Davis said he would move their tent then go back to sleep too, but he was never seen again. The Sheriff’s office sent out crews and volunteers joined for four days with no luck.

The new 30-foot buffer zone so that protestors are held back at coronavirus vaccination sites is removed. A judge tossed that rule but left others in place even though it was argued the new law was a violation of free speech. The law said you couldn’t get within 30 feet of someone at a vaccination site to ”obstruct, injure, harass, intimidate, or interfere with that person.” The judge said the buffer zone was too restrictive. Those against the bill said it was too broad and included any vaccine or even anti-abortion protesters. The Alliance Defending Freedom sued on behalf of Right to Life of Central California. They’re right next to Planned Parenthood, where they offer abortions, the HPV vaccine, but not vaccines for COVID-19.

The health exchange is open. It’s open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. Next year’s policies are reportedly cheaper because of expanded federal subsidies. Yesterday was the first day to enroll or change your insurance under Covered California. You can go online to signup or give them a call. You can also sign up in person at one of several offices statewide. But call before you show up as many may still be limiting in person contact due to the pandemic.

Another person in Mendocino County has died from coronavirus. The Mendocino County Public Health Office reported last night a fully vaccinated 74 year-old woman from the Ukiah area became the 89th person in the county to die of COVID19 complications. The office says the woman had severe comorbidities.

Christmas tree permits are available from the Mendocino National Forest. It’s just $10/household starting today. You can get your permit in Covelo, Upper Lake, and Willits at one of the Mendocino National Forest offices, or from local retailers. You can also even get one this year by mail. You have to use your permit this year as trees are only allowed to be cut from certain areas. Permits are limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

PG&E has finally decommissioned its Humboldt Bay Power Plant. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. along with the Power Plant filed a request with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to terminate the license. The nuclear officer for the company said they spent hours for a safe and successful decommissioning. The Humboldt Bay Power Plant was a 63-Megawatt electric boiling water reactor. It has been turned off actually since 1984 after operating for 13 years. Since it’s in a seismically active region when it was shut down for refueling and upgrades it stayed closed. Then too many regulatory changes were made for the reactor operation and design so they decided not to turn it back on and decommission it.

Lake County gets to hear from consultants working on redistricting. There’s a hearing tonight in the Supervisors chambers in the courthouse with consultants from the legal firm who have five drafts of possible boundary alignments. The maps come after community input along with the BOS during a hearing Oct. 2nd. The presentation will be on Zoom or in person, for those interested. The last redistricting public hearing will be November 30th during the regular BOS meeting.

A missing woman and her dog who were on a solo road trip after the death of her grandfather have been found dead in Del Norte County. 33 year old Courtney Bryan, a Patagonia employee in Reno took time off to go to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Her sister appeared on Dateline and said Bryan went to Hunt Hot Springs, outside of Redding. They reported her missing Sept. 27th. A hiker reportedly found her car in an embankment off Highway 101 and called police. The woman and her dog had both died in a car crash. Her sister confirmed the same on the social media platform, Tik Tok.

Once again the commercial Dungeness crab season is delayed. This is the third year in a row due to endangered marine animals feeding off the coast in large numbers. They could get trapped with the crabs if the crabbers pots are allowed to be set out.  The season is supposed to start November 15th but they won’t discuss the issue again before November 22nd, just days before Thanksgiving. Then they will see if there are any endangered whales and sea turtles still in the area where the commercial fleet sets out.

You still have time to vote in the Hopland Fire District election. You can go right to the Hopland Fire House to cast your confidential ballot.  If you are in Ukiah, go to the Elections office on Low Gap Road.  Measure L for a new special tax to keep fire services going is listed on today’s ballot. If you want to bring in your mail in ballot, you can place it inside the drop box at the County Administration Building in Ukiah. You can mail it as long as it’s postmarked today, you can bring it to the elections office or drop it off at your Polling Place tonight before 8 pm.

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