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A man in Garberville’s been arrested after being seen acting suspiciously near a car reported stolen out of Fortuna. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s dept. reports seeing Raymond Smith taking items out of the car, parked along the side of the road. Deputies contacted Smith, finding he was a sex offender, who had failed to register. He’s booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle and failure to register as a sex offender.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors said no to an amendment with NaphCare, a healthcare and mental health provider inside the jail. The company had a representative at the Board meeting Tuesday with a presentation about their work, but no matter, the board voted unanimously to hold back nearly $3.5M for services through the end of 2022. The Board wants more information to see how the company will handle complaints the county’s received about how inmates in crisis are being treated. The CEO of the company was at the meeting and said he would provide more information later, but that they’ve been successful saving lives.

A special election is being held in Point Arena for two open city council seats. The election isn’t until February. Two other councilmembers have resigned, thus the special election. Those interested have to be a registered Point Arena voter, be at least 18 years old by Election Day, February 22, 2022 and must live in the city while serving. You can pick up application papers at the city clerk’s office.

The state of California is in the money. A new report says there’s quite the budget surplus, even after money spent on the pandemic. It’s also possible there’s enough so that citizens can get some of the cash as the state meets constitutional limits on state spending. The state’s independent Legislative Analyst’s Office released the “Fiscal Outlook” yesterday for the budget year beginning July 1st showing a $31 billion surplus for the 2022 budget. It remains to be seen, but the Gov. and state lawmakers may have to cut taxes, spend more on infrastructure or give rebates back to taxpayers and spend more on public schools.

A woman who was charged with a misdemeanor for cruelty to her German Shepherd still has an appeal pending against her. Mendo Fever reports Katie Rhiannon Smith of Caspar who got out of a jury trial with a plea agreement for felony animal abuse for the injuries to Thunder the Wonder Dog. Her case made headlines after charges were reduced to a misdemeanor, but there’s an appeal pending. The appeal filed in August, but there were more charges against her earlier in the year and the judge was removed from the case. Last week Smith was ordered to pay fees to the Humane Society and others. Her probation ends next month due to a new state law.

A fire spotted in Fort Bragg has been quickly put out. Mendo Fever reports the vegetation fire was under the town’s Hare Creek Bridge. A pedestrian was reportedly fingered for starting the fire that scorched an area about 20 feet wide. The California Highway Patrol, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, and State Parks Officers reported to the scene.  No word on any arrest.

A group of hikers had to be rescued in Redwood Valley. Mendo Fever reports the Sheriff’s office reported they were stuck in the Tomki Road area. The organizer of the hike reportedly sent a drone to track the missing hikers. The Sheriff’s office tells the news site the hikers were able to get themselves out as deputies got to the scene. They were reported to be two men and one woman who were out all night earlier this week.

A man from Upper Lake is going to prison after being found guilty in the beating death of his longtime girlfriend. Lake Co News reports Willy Tujays Timmons was convicted for the 2017 torture and killing of 35-year-old Vanessa Yvette Niko. There were other charges too, inflicting injury resulting in a traumatic condition and aggravated mayhem, with several special allegations found to be true. Niko was a member of the Habematolel tribe and of Samoan descent and a mother of six. A mural of Niko was dedicated in downtown Upper Lake to bring attention to missing and murdered Indigenous women.

A woman from Clearlake Oaks is going to trial for the shooting death of her former boyfriend before she left town. The judge in the preliminary hearing of Tammy Grogan-Robinson found there was enough evidence to try her for the death of Charles Vernon McClelland of Rohnert Park. She first said he raped her. But police later said that was a phony story. She left town and was arrested in Missouri. She was extradited back to Lake County in August. She’s due back in court November 30th.

They’re finally taking out the hazardous waste from the burn area created by the Hopkins Fire in Calpella. County staff gave a report to the Board of Supervisors this week. The county’s Disaster Recovery Field Operations Coordinator says they’ve cleared debris from several properties after the September 12th fire which has been deemed arson. They’ve taken out Household Hazardous Waste with the state on 35 properties. And now will start the Phase 2 cleanup, weather permitting. They’re accepting Right of Entry forms for the work unless a property is using a private cleanup crew.

Lake Family Resource Center is accepting donations to West America Bank for their yearly holiday food giveaways.  Lake Family says the donations go to residents in the county and are 100% funded by other community members. Donors can also write a dedication with their donation which is then printed in the Record Bee newspaper and online.  Their holiday program this year is drive through only. You can donate at Foods Etc. in Clearlake, or Bruno’s Shop Smart, in Lakeport. For those who want to receive, you have to bring in a photo identification and proof of physical address. All participants must wear masks, no exceptions.

A man from Texas whose car was found along the side of Highway 101 in Leggett appears to be missing. The Austin Police Department says Zachary Manuel Velasquez has not been seen since October 12th at his home, and nobody has heard from him since October 16th. His car was found along the 101 at Mile Post Marker 86.75 near Highway 271 earlier this week, triggering a search of the area. No evidence Velasquez was ever there was found and local hospitals and medical service agencies didn’t turn anything up either. He’s described as a 30 year old man, 5 foot 4, 150 pounds, with short black hair, short black goatee and brown eyes.

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