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The Mendocino Board of Supervisors have had yet another redistricting hearing. It was the fourth meeting on the matter which has to happen each decade after the latest US Census report. It means the five districts must be evenly distributed with residents. The supervisors appear to be near the end of the redistricting process, asking staff to bring back a resolution to adopt the final map. The law requires there must be at least four public hearings. The fifth is coming on Tuesday where the Board is expected to complete the process. The meeting will be livestreamed on the county’s YouTube page.

For more information, contact the Executive Office at: (707) 463-4441 or

Lake County is doing the same, each of their five districts will have 13,633 residents or be within 10% of that number. There will be some juggling with some folks moving districts, but not large chunks of the population. The board also told staff to bring them a resolution to accept the new maps ahead of the Dec. 15 deadline.

A man from Kelseyville who was arrested in connection to a standoff with police has been arrested again, for threatening others. Joshua “Buck” Brown was arrested yesterday morning after a search warrant was served at his home because of a report of elder abuse and criminal threats. It comes four years after the standoff with a SWAT team. Another SWAT team came to serve the warrant with officers this week because of past interactions with authorities and former county supervisor Rob Brown related to a rail being installed near an illegal road access. He’s due in court today.

Plans are well underway to convert hundreds of miles of crumbling railroad from Sonoma to Humboldt County into the rail trail. At a town hall last night, State Sen. Mike McGuire touted the plans and what’s been done so far to get the area in shape. He says the state has earmarked $10.5 million in this year’s budget to start the master planning process. That will outline the plan to construct the nearly 300 mile trail and say how it will stay secure after it’s done, especially in back country areas. McGuire says the community will be front and center in the entire planning process. He says some of the trail is already being put together in areas like Willits and Arcata.

A man that disappeared while on a hunting trip with his son five weeks ago has still not been heard from. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says they have a couple of new plans about how they will search for John Davis after new evidence was found in an aerial search last week. They say they will have teams on the ground even as the family continues their foot search. But the Sheriff’s office says some of the area around Highway 162 is private property so civilians won’t have access. The family for their part says they’ve been searching for the last two weeks without any Sheriff’s dept. help. The family is looking for a home to rent in Covelo so they can continue searching. The Sheriff’s office says they think Davis disappeared into the Eel River during a heavy storm in swift moving water.

Watch out for CHP officers in an enforcement operation in their Northern Division. They’ll be out in force on Highway 101 today in an effort to reduce the amount of injury and fatal traffic crashes on the 101 after hundreds of crashes the last two years in Mendocino and Humboldt counties. The CHP reported over 1,500 crashes causing 535 injuries and killing 32 people. They pegged the cause of most of the crashes on speed, reckless driving, unsafe lane changes, unsafe timing movements, following too close, distracted driving, and DUI.

A case of the new Omicron coronavirus strain has surfaced in Calif. The White House made the announcement yesterday as new restrictions were put in place for travel to and from South Africa where the strain first turned up. Dr. Anthony Fauci announced the Calif. case yesterday saying the person had traveled from South Africa back to Calif. November 22nd and tested positive on Nov. 29th. Still pretty sketchy info on the strain so far, just that it has multiple strains within itself.

Two more people in Mendocino County have died from coronavirus. The Mendocino County Public Health Office put out a statement last night that the 98th death was that of an 87 year old woman from Ukiah who had not been vaccinated, and the 99th death was in a 64 year old Ukiah man, also unvaccinated with severe co-morbidities. As with all other deaths from the virus in the county, public health is again reminding to be careful where you go, as you may be exposing yourself to the virus. They also remind you can get the vaccine and those over 65 years old should consider getting the booster shot.

Due to the drought the Dept. of Water Resources is issuing no more water to agencies in 2022. Further, the agency noted if conditions continue to be this dry, there could be mandatory cutbacks. The State Water Project which delivers water to 29 districts have the maximum they can ask for. They get adjusted each winter and spring after we see how much snowpack and rain we get. But 2020 was the second driest in the state ever. And those districts allocations dropped from 10% in December to 5% in March. The 0% allocation has only happened once since 1996, in January of 2014, during the last drought.

The Bureau of Land Management is asking the public to speak up on some wildfire mitigation efforts in high risk areas on public lands. The agency is seeking public comment on the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) fuels treatments programmatic Environmental Assessment (SWFT pEA) in Calif. and Northern Nevada. There were over 8,000 wildfires in Calif. this year that blackened almost 2.5 million acres. The public comments are being accepted through the end of the month: or by email: For additional project information, contact the BLM at the email address above.

The Holiday Lights Parade is happening in person in Fort Bragg. This Saturday at 6 pm the mayor will speak briefly then light the Christmas tree, then at 6:30, the parade gets underway. Nor Coast Rodders is coordinating the parade, the Lyme Timber Company is donating the tree, and PG&E was apparently involved in where to place the tree. They say they still need volunteers for traffic control to help police at crosswalks and with road closures.

Interested volunteers should contact Acting Sergeant Anthony Welter at 707-961-2800 ext. 168 or at

Questions regarding this information should be directed to the Community Development Department at (707) 961-2824 Ext. 111.

Police dispatch reports in Covelo of a black truck with two people inside firing a gun. Mendo Fever reports there were two incidents, the first last night at about 6:05 pm, someone called saying they were near the 2300 block of Henderson Road when the black truck drove by playing loud music with one person inside in a light shirt and another person, with one of them firing a gun three times then taking off toward Round Valley High School The other incident about a half hour later, someone called police to say the black truck had someone inside fire a shot in the same area of Henderson Rd. One person also got out of the truck.

Hundreds of healthcare workers will be ousted from their jobs for not being vaccinated against COVID-19. The mandate the governor put in place in Calif. earlier this year covers all staffers in healthcare settings. The deadline was at the end of September and Kaiser and Sutter Health started suspending people, but still gave them time to comply. Now Kaiser said this week they’ll give the workers another extension of the December 1st deadline, for one week. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center starting firing people in October., Sutter was giving until mid-October, but no word if they fired anyone. And word is that John Muir Health in Contra Costa County put 5 dozen workers on leave and fired 19 eventually.

The stage 4 drought designation continues in the City of Mendocino. The Mendocino City Community Services District Board of Directors supported the Superintendents recommendation to continue the Stage 4 drought designation because it didn’t hit the required 12 inches of rain in October and November. They were close, but no cigar, at 11.2 inches last month. They’re meeting next, December 20th to discuss the designation. They also hired consultants to help them with grant applications of over $3 million dollars to upgrade their recycled water treatment plant.

A new mercantile store is opening at the Shannon Family of Wines company in Kelseyville. On Saturday, the company from Lower Lake will open the old Steele Wines business complete with a wine bar. Their offerings include grass-fed lamb, organic olive oil, and free-range eggs from small, local producers. They also boast a pet-friendly lawn and picnic area where food and wine lovers can hang out. They’ll be open Thursdays through Mondays and reservations are not required.

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