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The Clearlake City council has sold some property it hopes will bring more affordable homes to the market and bought some property that’s part of a major new commercial development. Lake Co News reports somewhere along the way, the city acquired the 29 acres on old Highway 53 when a proposal to develop it fell through. The buyer is Danco Communities, which wants to divide the land into 22 1.25 acre lots. A family living nearby complained that the project would take away from the quiet country atmosphere there. Despite that objection, members said the city desperately needs more affordable housing. Work could start next year. After approving that sale, the council voted on an unrelated matter to buy two properties near what once was the Pearce Airfield. Members think owning that land will make it easier to develop an area where the city wants a large commercial and retail development.

The Yurok Tribe in Humboldt County wants its local, state, and federal partners to take a stronger stand against human trafficking on its reservation and the surrounding area. The tribe has put out what it calls an emergency declaration highlighting the number of cases involving missing and murdered indigenous women. The Yurok Tribal Court says it received reports from seven Yurok women, including mothers with young children, who were approached by would-be traffickers within the last month alone. All were able to get to safety. In mid-October tribe member Emilee Risling was declared missing. The Yurok and Hoopa Valley Tribe, along with Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office have been searching for her, but she has not been found. The Tribes are offering a $20,000 reward for information about the case. Chairman of the Yurok Tribe Joseph James says per capita, native women and girls are victims of human trafficking at a much higher rate than other groups. James calls the number of missing and murdered indigenous women in the region staggering. He wants immediate action to help his tribe and others deal with the issue.

Lake County DA Susan Krones said she has completed an assignment from state AG Ron Bonta updating cannabis convictions. Bonta wants to make sure those convictions are in line with a cannabis crime sentencing reform bill he wrote back in 2016. Krones tells Lake Co News Bonta required her office to review all of those convictions and determine if sentences should be reduced or charges dismissed. After that review, she recommended that 550 cases be sent back to court for resentencing or expungement. She says what happens to those people is now in the hands of the court system. Bonta’s office says some counties have not finished their case reviews.

No reports of any problems at area schools today, on a day mentioned in several seemingly threatening posts on social media. The posts were vague and not specific and caused concern in districts in California and around the country. School officials said they were aware of the threats, but reassured parents that kids would be safe. Most of those posts were on TikTok. That company says it is working to find out who is responsible and working directly with schools and law enforcement to quash what has become known as TikTok Challenges.

Governor Newsom wants to spend more than 250 million dollars to fight back against organized retail theft. California has seen a dramatic increase in those brazen smash and grab-type robberies in the past few weeks. The governor says those crimes have caused a lot of fear and anxiety. Under his plan, the state would set up a dedicated unit in the attorney general’s office to prosecute organized retail theft. It would also send millions to local prosecutors and set up a National Guard unit focused on crimes related to the drug trade at the U S-Mexico border. He’ll include funding when he submits his new budget to lawmakers next month. Republicans say it is about time the governor realized Californians are fed up with crime.

There’s more info on the woman we told you about who was arrested for child endangerment. Kym Kemp reporting Trinity Bray had crashed last year near Leggett, then went to a marijuana garden for a few days and surfaced again naked on the side of highway 101. All while having her three-year-old son with her. But apparently the boy was found holding onto a log down a steep embankment, he was not with her on the road. The Mendocino County DA charged her with felony abuse or endangering the health of a child. We weren’t sure if her arrest earlier this week was about that incident last December, but it appears it was. Investigators also reportedly found drugs in the car which had gone down a steep embankment, into the Eel River. More charges could be coming.

Law enforcement in Mendocino County report eight murders for 2021. The Sheriff spoke to Kym Kemp regarding the violent deaths, saying many had something to do with black market marijuana sales. He said they were “extremely brutal homicides” and that nearly 90% were people of color, either Mexican or Native American. He also told the news site that the crimes in small towns mean they’re someone we likely know, because we can’t detach when we lose someone in our community, or possibly a friend or family member. Kendall says education and rehabilitation can help communities prevent and heal from violent crime.

The Ukiah Unified School District will be offering holiday free meals for kids. The meals will be distributed by Food Service workers and volunteers from the school district tomorrow at Ukiah High 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  They are offering a fully-cooked, large frozen ham, bag of potatoes, bag of apples, box of stuffing, biscuit mix, cornbread mix or dinner rolls, and milk. The offering for any child’s family who are 18 or younger. The message from the school district also says, “don’t forget to read with your kids over the break, and Happy Holidays from everyone at Ukiah Unified”.

OSHA, the state’s workplace regulator has lengthened pandemic regulations into 2022, but added language to it. Some argue the revisions could make the state’s labor shortage worse. The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board has changed the temporary rule distinguishing people who are vaccinated, from those who are not, saying both may not work if they have COVID symptoms or knowingly were in contact with someone who has tested positive. The rules will be in place from Jan. 14 through April 14. Those who were exposed and, vaccinated but asymptomatic have to stay home for 14 days even if they test negative or, if they return to work, wear masks and stay 6 feet away from others for two weeks.

A new report shows nearly 10% of people in California who’ve died from COVID19 lived in a nursing facility. The State Assembly Health Committee was discussing nursing homes at a recent meeting, noting there were 9,400 who died and 56,275 confirmed COVID cases among nursing home residents who recovered. Assemblyman Jim Wood chairs the committee and convened the meeting on nursing homes, calling the infections and deaths, “truly appalling”. With this the Governor’s administration is putting together a proposal that ties state funding to performance. Nearly 141,000 people in US nursing homes died from the virus.

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