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A dead body has reportedly been found in Hopland. The CHP was apparently flagged down Friday afternoon by someone around the area of Geysers Road and Highway 101 for a possible body. Sheriff’s deputies went to the area finding the corpse in a remote field off the highway. The agency sent over Violent Crime and Crime Scene detectives. No other info was immediately available.

After a routine traffic stop for expired registration in Covelo, a slew of weapons are found at a home. Leonard Whipple III and four juveniles were in the car, one of the kids, a 16 year old had an active warrant and a deputy said he saw smoked marijuana cigarettes, and bud marijuana inside. After a search, the deputy found materials consistent with the sale of marijuana. Whipple III was cited and released for transportation for sale of marijuana. The 16 year-old juvenile male was arrested and taken to Juvenile Hall. After a search warrant was served at Whipple III’s home, a woman was arrested. Deputies found over a dozen guns and ammo, high capacity magazines and drugs. One was an assault weapon. No weapons were secured and a 13 year old lived there. So various charges including child endangerment were filed against Whipple III. There’s a warrant for his arrest and for Leonard Whipple, Jr.

A traffic stop in Covelo ends in the arrest of a couple of men. The small truck was pulled over last Wednesday, and a bunch of open containers of booze were found inside. The driver, Christian Mendoza and his passenger, Jorge Campos-Diaz were inside and a deputy found that Campos-Diaz had four warrants for his arrest, one was a felony, so he was detained and a search of the car turned up an unloaded semiautomatic handgun under the driver’s seat, and a spent .22 caliber cartridge. Mendoza was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm and held on $15,000.00 bail and Campos-Diaz was held on $25,000.00 bail.

The CEO of Mendocino County is out. Carmel Angelo has announced she’s retiring after more than 12 years. She says March 19th will be her last day. She was apparently already planning to leave in October, but a serious illness in her family has her leaving sooner. She says last January she had another family illness, then in the past week, the same. Angelo says the decision to leave sooner came after last week’s Board of Supervisors meeting, during which she was getting texts about her family. Before being CEO, Angelo was the county’s Director of Health and Human Services and is a former nurse.

A man the Ukiah Police Department says seemed to be driving drunk has been arrested. Police say early yesterday morning Kody Idica was stopped along with his passengers, Monica Diaz and Dominic Idica. Kody was arrested for DUI after a field sobriety test. During a check of the car, a ghost, semi-auto Glock handgun was found loaded with 9 live rounds of ammunition. So the other two were also arrested on various charges.

Police say a man in Covelo’s been arrested for causing a disturbance, banging on doors and windows of a home. Ambrose Fallis, who was found to be on Post Release Community Supervision was found at the home. He was searched and found with drugs, a violation of his release. He’s arrested and held in Mendocino County Jail on a No Bail status.

The Governor has announced he’s looking to spend hundreds of billions in his new budget. Newsom’s new budget proposal includes a $300 million expenditure, that includes more money on more law enforcement, with a focus on retail theft and another 2.7 bil emergency package for coronavirus testing and hospital staffing. There hasn’t been a lot more reporting on what else Newsom intends to spend on. Last November, the Legislative Analyst’s Office said they saw the state having as much as a $31 billion surplus this year.

A joint meeting is set for the Lakeport City Council and Board of Supervisors for a shared tax proposal regarding the South Main Street area. Lake Co News reports the meeting tomorrow night in person and on Zoom. The board is meeting separately in the morning and may discuss closing Board chambers due to COVID. But tomorrow night, either way, they’ll consider the tax sharing agreement with the city council related to the city’s annexation of a 137-acre area across from South Main Street and Soda Bay Road. The city and county would share property tax and sales tax revenue from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2040.

If you’re planning to take a visit to a nursing facility in the state, plan to show your vaccination card. Under new rules in Calif. you must be fully vaccinated for a visit to a skilled nursing home, and boosted, if you’re eligible And that’s not all, you also have to show a negative test result for COVID-19 for most indoor visits. If you’re unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, or eligible for a booster, but haven’t gotten it, you might be able to have an outdoor visit, but also have to show proof of a negative test too. You will also need to wear a mask and physically distance from all except the resident you are visiting. The state Dept. of Public Health mandate goes at least until February 7th.

The Mendocino County Public Health Officer says there’s no proof so far that omicron is in the county, but figures it probably is. At his briefing Friday, Dr. Andy Coren says the variant doesn’t seem to have gotten here yet, but he doubt’s that. He adds the county doesn’t have the data to show it is for sure though. He said the state and county though have entered, what he referred to as the “omicron blizzard.” Dr. Coren says cases are doubling in the county by the day. There were 15/100,000 cases last Thursday, then 30/100,000 the following day. Dr. Coren reported hospitals had not seen a surge yet, but two hospitals were dealing with staffing shortages.

After State Senator Mike McGuire said he would do whatever he could to stop a clandestine plan to ship coal overseas from the Port of Humboldt, the Eureka City Council passed an ordinance that could further get in the way of any secret plan. The city council voted last week to ban handling, storage and transportation of coal on city property. There wasn’t a whole lot of chatter about the ordinance as the council had already discussed the proposal numerous times. At the meeting, members of the No Coal in Humboldt Coalition called during public comment in support of the ban.

A new report shows the amount of Californians who have received a COVID booster shot were pretty low as the omicron variant starts to blanket communities. Reports of some hospitals being at capacity, infections at record highs and impossible to get tests, or testing lines stretching for hours. CalMatters reported only 38% of eligible Californians had received their booster vaccine. And that it varied by county with the far north of the state, and rural areas with the lowest numbers. The Bay Area had the highest rate, 55%. The state’s Public Health Officer said after two years of the pandemic, he thinks there’s some fatigue around it.

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