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A man and woman from Covelo have been arrested in connection to a carjacking. Round Valley Tribal Police and Sheriff’s Deputies on the scene last Wednesday afternoon for a report of a possible carjacking of two men. Police and Deputies found the stolen vehicle, but it had crashed and those inside had run from the scene. Police say Harlan Nelson Hawk Williams went to a home where Bridgette Frank was and the two stopped a car, pointing a gun at 2 occupants who were ordered out of the car and onto the ground. One was hit in the head with a firearm. Then they took off. Williams was found later and arrested. He and Frank were identified by the victims who got the car back.  Williams was arrested on multiple charges and held without bail and Frank for Robbery and held on $75,000.00 bail.

A woman from Gualala has been arrested after reports of a burglary. Deputies saw a woman on the home’s surveillance video. Colleen Warner was arrested after being identified on the video. She’s charged with First Degree Burglary and held on $50,000.00 bail.

A man from Hopland has been arrested for Elder Abuse. Deputies say an 81 year old woman said she was being yelled at by her 58 year old son, David Thomsen, and he flipped over a table and broke glass and a laptop. He was arrested and found to have a restraining order against him by the woman. It said he could have peaceful contact only, plus he was on probation for elder abuse. He’s arrested again for Felony Violation of Probation and Violation of Emergency Protective Order and held without bail.

A man from Ukiah found to have a decade’s worth of problems with police has been arrested again. Police found Tony Maples Friday, who they knew from previous contact and knew he had an active warrant. He was detained, then taken to jail and held on $7,500.00 bail.

A man from Fairfield has been arrested in Willits after a routine traffic stop. Deputies pulled over Darryl Dempsey Friday night. After running a records check, they found he was on federal probation and not allowed to own or possess firearms or ammunition. The Deputy thought he seemed nervous or off somehow so they searched the car, finding a semi-automatic handgun, full ski mask, gloves, a screwdriver, pliers, and a California license plate that did not belong to the vehicle. There was also bolt cutters, a large sledgehammer and a big box of black garbage bags, which all seemed like burglary or robbery tools. The guy was arrested on various charges and held on $25,000.00 bail.

The state Dept. of Water Resources has granted money to fund a salmon protection project. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is giving $1.5 million dollars to Water Resources for a Juvenile Salmonid Collection System Pilot Project. It’s to see if they can collect the juvenile fish as part of a reintroduction of endangered winter-run Chinook salmon and other runs of salmon to their historical habitat in the area below the Shasta Dam in the Sacramento River. It’s part of a larger plan to reintroduce winter-run Chinook salmon to the cold McCloud River.

In one of several moves due to catastrophic wildfires in Calif., the Governor’s office along with the Insurance Commissioners Office working with fire safety experts to help harden homes and businesses against wildfires. The program, “Safer from Wildfires” is a list of achievable, effective actions to try to curb the amount of risk for homeowners including community-wide safety recommendations, so fires don’t spread to other properties. The parties involved say it will help to make sure residents, businesses, communities, and insurance companies follow science-driven mitigation efforts to minimize any wildfire risk with a ground up approach. There will be incentives for homes and businesses to harden their properties.

The Gov. has announced a new law so that people impacted by gun violence can sue the manufacturers of assault weapons. Like the Texas law allowing people to sue abortion providers, the proposed Calif. law could allow individuals to sue anyone who manufactures, distributes, transports, imports into the state or sells assault weapons, .50 BMG rifles, ghost guns, or ghost gun kits. And the bill bans advertising certain types of weapons to minors.

A couple of teams of high schoolers had their Mock Trial competition, this time, it was a murder mystery. Two Fridays ago, students were in court in Lakeport for the 10th annual competition in partnership with the Constitutional Rights Foundation, the Lake County Superior Court and Lake County Office of Education. Middletown and Upper Lake high schools competed, and Middletown won. The event was online last year due to the pandemic. The court’s judges take turns each year as an actual judge for the competition.

The California State University Chancellor has resigned abruptly. It was an unexpected move by Joseph Castro who left without notice after he was accused of mishandling claims of sexual assault and workplace intimidation against a former colleague while he was the head of Fresno State University. Castro only had one year under his belt as Chancellor. He was also the first Mexican American chancellor of the country’s biggest 4-year public university system. The resignation came after closed door sessions of the Cal State Board of Trustees around the accusations.

A woman is dead and four other people have been injured after a head-on crash this past weekend near the Mendocino Coast. The CHP reports the accident Saturday afternoon happened after a driver in a 2010 Toyota Rav4 crossed “for unknown reasons” over to the westbound side and hit a 2020 Honda Accord head on. The man in the Rav4, a 24 year old from Albion had minor injuries and did not have to go to the hospital, but the driver of the other vehicle, a 25 year old man from Martinez ended up in the hospital with moderate injuries. His passenger, a woman, also from Albion died. Two other passengers had major injuries. The CHP reported all in both cars had on seatbelts, and they did not think anyone had been drinking, but they were investigating further.

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