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A cannabis business is proposed at a site on South State Street and two buildings will be torn down to accommodate it. The Daily Journal reports that demolish request went through quick, but not so much for the old Dragon’s Lair building. The two buildings to be torn down to make way for a new dispensary are in the 1100 block of South State Street at Talmage Road. In just two weeks the city council approved the move. The Community Development Director Craig Schlatter told the paper the Dragon’s Lair building is listed in the city’s Historic Resources Survey, so it’s taking longer to be removed. The city has to complete certain studies before the building is demolished to be sure it won’t hurt the environment or historic resources.

A man from Rohnert Park received a decade behind bars for the death of his brother-in-law. The Mendocino County DA reported 24-year-old Oscar Ruiz got 120 months in state prison after agreeing to a plea deal last month for voluntary manslaughter and the personal use of a firearm. The DA’s office says he shot and killed his in law last July after an argument at an illegal marijuana grow north of Laytonville where they were employed. The DA says Ruiz may only have to serve 85% of the sentence if he gets time off for good behavior.

A man connected to both Redwood Valley and Talmage is going to prison for life, without the possibility of parole for a murder last year. The DA posted on Facebook that Jameson Wolfgang Jackson’s sentencing was stalled for six months, but yesterday he received life without parole and an additional 32 years to life after he was found guilty last August for first degree and attempted murder in the first degree. The jury found he fired a gun intentionally from a car. The DA reminds it was not his first violent conviction, that as a minor he was sent to prison for the robbery and murder of a shop owner in Brooktrails. He was paroled on his 23rd birthday in 2008, and no longer on parole by 2010.

Reports late last night of a fire near Guerneville. The Press Democrat reported the fire on Old River Road and that firefighters had to hike to the rugged area. They reported a bulldozer was also pulling into the area around 9 p.m. and driving a line around the 2-acre fire so firefighters could reach the fire early this morning.

The federal government says they’re not allocating water to farmers in the central valley as the state hits another year of severe drought. The regional director for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said it will be devastating, but we need rain. The fed operates the Central Valley Project, which is made up of dams, reservoirs and canals. It’s one of a pair of systems providing water for agriculture, drinking water, and the environment. The other is run by the state government. Each February the federal government announces how much water they’ll allocate for their contracts and updates its allocations all year long according to local conditions. Last year farmers in the valley only got 5% of the allocation from the federal government but it changed to 0% as the drought got worse. This year starts at 0%, but water for other uses, including drinking and industrial, is at 25%.

A new affordable housing project for senior citizens has been approved in Lakeport. The city’s Planning Commission gave the greenlight yesterday for the Bevins Street senior apartments. AMG & Associates are developing the 40-unit complex on 3 acres. The income bracket is from 30 to 60% of Lake County’s median income. It’s also near another senior housing center, Bella Vista, which was built by the same developer, their 4th project in Lakeport. The new project will be 32 one-bedroom homes and eight two-bedrooms. They will each have either a patio or a deck. They also plan on putting up a community center that has a kitchen inside, an exercise room, laundry facility and business center, community garden boccie ball court, a fenced dog park, parking and a covered picnic area.

A truck found last week near Hopland along the Russian River was reportedly stolen. The
pickup found last Friday was reported stolen to the Hopland Fire Protection District whose Chief says the call was that there was a vehicle in a tree that couldn’t be seen from the highway near Frog Woman Rock. Since it was so close to the river, swift water swimmers searched just in case there may have been someone inside, but nobody was found. Firefighters reported the truck rolled about 300 feet down an embankment, and the CHP is investigating the crash. The truck was reported stolen from Ukiah about a week before.

An online petition to save a 500-pound bear in California is halfway toward its goal. Supporters are also calling police in South Lake Tahoe to the point it’s becoming a problem. Police are asking them to stop, saying they have no control what happens to “Hank the Tank.” The bear still hasn’t been found after breaking into 40 homes since last summer in the search for food. The ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ says it will help officials find him a home and a sanctuary in Colorado has offered to take the bear.

Police in Ukiah say they’re getting a bunch of calls about stolen cars. Police say the majority of the vehicles were unlocked and unattended, while in front of homes to warm them up. Police are calling these “warm-up thefts” because what they have in common was they were out on a cold morning that the car was running. They say they get it’s inconvenient to sit in a cold vehicle, but it would be worse to have the vehicle stolen. They say you can just use a bath towel or other fabric to your windshield the night before or get a windshield cover. They also say you can visit the AAA website and search. Police say they just want to raise awareness to residents who are looking to actively warm up their cars on cold mornings.

The Governor and the President speaking about Climate Change and other issues. Newsom and President Biden talked with community, labor, and industry leaders about the state’s clean energy sector. They spoke about recent work to develop lithium, a major part of batteries needed for zero emission vehicles, clean electric grids, and other renewable energy sources. The Imperial Valley is a source and they’re now calling it the Lithium Valley. Newsom called the area a game changer for the country’s transition to clean energy and zero-emission vehicles, which Newsom says is a critical breakthrough in the fight against climate change.

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