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After reports of a fight outside a business in Covelo, deputies reported to the scene, finding a stabbing victim. The Sheriff’s office reports getting a call Saturday to the 76000 block of Highway 162 after someone was stabbed in their neck. Round Valley Fire responders reported to the scene and took the victim to the airport, to be transported by an air ambulance out of county for treatment. Deputies say the suspected stabber was a 17 year old male who had been in an argument with the victim. The kid was arrested for attempted murder (664/187 PC) and assault with a deadly weapon (245(A)(1) PC) and booked into the Mendocino County Juvenile Detention Center.

After deputies spotted a man they knew from previous contacts, he was arrested for trying to break into a car. A Sheriff’s deputy patrolling in Willits saw William Goforth standing next to a vehicle and trying to pry a metal object into the doorframe of the car. The Deputy thought he was trying to break into the car so he approached and found Goforth had a pistol in his pocket. There were also three concealed knives on him. He was not allowed to own or possess any firearms or ammunition because he’s on probation and had a recorded drug addiction. They checked the RV where he’s living and found a ghost gun there too. Goforth was booked into jail on various crimes and held on $15,000.00 bail.

The indoor mask mandate has been lifted in Mendocino County. On Friday the announcement was made by the Mendocino County Public Health Office for the indoor mask mandate to be lifted as COVID cases continue dropping. Dr. Andy Coren says there is still high transmission in the county, per CDC guidelines, so in those areas, where it could be risky, a mask should be worn. It’s no longer a mandate though, it’s a recommendation. Dr. Coren says the office is happy with the progress, but they do expect there could be more surges of the virus in the future. At the same time the office reminds over 120 people have died in the county, many are still sick, and more still suffer from long term symptoms, or “Long-Covid”. The agency reminds the best protection against the disease is getting vaccinated, increased outdoor activities, instead of indoors, and continue to mask up, because they save lives.

An online townhall is being held in Lake County to act against the ravages of wildfires, climate change and drought. The town hall on tree mortality caused by these calamities and bark beetles too. The meetup Thursday night at 6 by the Lake County Community Risk Reduction Authority (LCCRRA), a collaboration County and City governments, Tribal Nations, Fire Protection Districts, water purveyors and other partners.

A former Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy says he’s taking up the matter of still missing Khadijah Britton of Covelo. Former Deputy and Willits Cop, Trent James worked on the case and recently posted a video with details he gathered after Britton’s disappearance. The last she was seen was reportedly with her former boyfriend, who family members say kidnapped her. Negie Fallis has been in jail for some time on various other charges. James video is posted on Mendo Fever and says Britton was assaulted by Fallis after she broke up with him, even using a hammer on her. Britton reported the assault, but later rescinded the allegations. James says Fallis kidnapped her days later and she was never seen again. Another woman apparently drove the two somewhere, and James spoke to that woman. James also says there were more than 40 search warrants served and a shallow grave found at Fallis’ mom’s house. But none of this has been confirmed by Mendocino County law enforcement. James is asking for the community’s help finding Britton’s body before Fallis potentially gets out of prison by the end of the year.

After reports of flames and smoke by a home in Ukiah, firefighters pop on to the scene, making quick work of it. The report Saturday afternoon of a fire near Ukiah High School. As firefighters arrived, they saw a black plume of smoke. The back deck of a home had caught fire, but the rest of the home was solid and saved from destruction. Mendo Fever also reports a crew of paramedic trainees heard the dispatch call and went during their lunch break to the scene. They apparently broke out garden hoses to help. The fire is under investigation, so far, no word how it started, but it may have been a malfunctioning extension cord.

Local assistance grants are coming to counties due to the drought including Mendocino and Lake. Calif. Is dealing with the third year of drought. The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has announced a sixth round of Small Community Drought Relief program grants. There’s $49 million in funding for over a dozen projects. Several of those for disadvantaged communities, including five Tribes, who will be able to complete infrastructure repairs, well rehabilitation, and pay to haul water. The Manchester Band of Pomo Indians, Round Valley Indian Tribe, Yokayo Tribe in Mendocino County will benefit.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is considering ending mask mandates in county facilities and reforms to the county’s cannabis tax after complaints by those in the industry. The meeting, as always tomorrow morning. It’s in person and on Zoom. The Health Services Director Jonathan Portney is presenting a report to the board after the state lifted the mask mandate for most indoor spaces, but they could add a recommendation to mask in certain spaces. Portney is expected to say based on state and federal guidance, and from the new Public Health Officer, that the mandate be dropped in county facilities, but that it’s recommended. County staff will also present the board a change, from a cannabis cultivation area tax, into a canopy area, to reduce the tax 15% and other changes, after hearing from cannabis business owners in January.

The Affordable Care Act has offered health insurance to tens of millions nationwide. In Calif., millions may lose their insurance or have to change to new coverage because two federal programs to help folks keep or afford their health plans expire this year. That could impact two to three million Californians who use Medi-Cal for their coverage. They could lose their insurance by this summer after the COVID-19 public health emergency is set to end. That changed recently to next month though. So 150,000 Californians could soon run out of options unless federal subsidies are renewed.

Changes to the Fort Bragg Dog Park are in place. The park is in front of the CV Starr Community Center. It’s not any bigger, but the city has apparently helped make adjustments if the weather’s bad, fenced in an area where there is all weather safe earth. Plus, they filled gopher holes and there’s no dirt, only wood chips. The chips were also treated with a flea and tick solution. Folks who frequented the park in the past led the charge to make it a better hangout for their furry friends. Private fundraising also helped. There was a rummage sale in the CV Starr parking lot which raised thousands, enough organizers say to defray the costs for the city.

Cal Fire has a new chief. The Calif. Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection announced last week that a 31 year veteran of the agency had taken over. Joe Tyler takes over as catastrophic fires continue burning in the drought stricken state. Some of the worst fires have occurred in the last five years, including the massive Ranch Fire, the August Complex, the Camp Fire and last summer’s Dixie. The Governor’s office announced Tyler’s appointment Friday, the first day on the job as the head of the agency for him. He’s the 22nd leader of the department and will be in charge of a $3.7 billion budget and over 9,600 employees who responded to over 535,000 emergencies last year. Tyler’s been with Cal Fire since 1991.

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