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A large homeless camp in Lakeport is gone. Lake Co News reports the Lakeport Police Department and Public Works staff have removed the site, near the Safeway on some city-owned property known as the Ninth Street extension. Police say the camp was a concern because of safety, sanitary conditions, and fire danger risks. Occupants have been offered help by county homeless outreach organizations. Officials say they have safeguarded personal property that belonged to the people camped there and are working to make sure no similar unauthorized sites pop up elsewhere in the county.

The California Attorney General’s Office is now reviewing sexual assault allegations against former Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli. The Press-Democrat reports Sonoma County deputies have finished their investigation and turned their files over for a possible decision on charges. Detectives aren’t saying what, if any, charges they think might be warranted. Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Juan Valencia says he doesn’t know how long the prosecutors will take to review the case and how they would announce their findings. The investigation into allegations by 13 women that Foppoli sexually abused them has been going on for just shy of a year now. Foppoli resigned after the outcry over the allegations, first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle early last April. He has since denied doing anything wrong and said earlier this month he expects he will be cleared by what he calls an incredibly thorough sheriff’s office investigation. No matter the outcome of the investigation, the lawyer for one of the accusers says a civil suit is likely.

There’s a new face on the Middletown Unified School Board. District parent and educator Chris Ochs was sworn in on Thursday night. He fills the seat left vacant when former board member Misha Grothe resigned last month. It has been a turbulent time in the Middletown district, with three other resignations in the last four months and four superintendents in the past two and a half years. There has also been a division over the district’s Covid-19 mask policy. The board interviewed two other candidates before selecting Ochs. Members who voted for him say they were impressed by his background as the director of facilities, maintenance, and operations for Calistoga Joint Unified School District. Among other responsibilities there, he has handled a 47 million-dollar master plan and written several grant proposals for the district.

A group of Native Americans is trying to set things straight in Kelseyville. The group wants the name changed as it’s a reminder of a pioneer Andrew Kelsey who committed crimes against indigenous Pomo and Wappo people in the mid-1800s. So since the town’s main street has a view of Mt. Konocti, the group would like to call the town Konocti instead. It’s not the first time it’s been attempted either. But Citizens for Healing in Lake County have been drafting an initiative for the name change they hope to get on the ballot in a future election, but not this year.

The Red Bearded Burglar is going to prison for a long time. William Evers who burglarized at least one home in the town of Elk three times, has been sent to prison for 25 years to life. The Press Democrat reports one of his victims says he left holes in the walls at her home and took personal items, but now that Evers has been sent to prison, she feels safer. Evers was finally arrested last November in Albion after being a fugitive for nearly a year. There were a few run ins with locals before he was finally caught. Evers has also been ordered to pay restitution to his victims, of around $2,500. He pleaded guilty to his crimes, including assault on a police officer. He was also charged with 15 counts of burglary.

Two apartments have been gutted by a fire in Willits. Little Lake Fire reports they got a call yesterday morning about a fire on the first and second floor of a building, encroaching upon the attic. There was also a tenant trapped on a balcony, but firefighters rescued her. She did have burns on her hands from touching hot railings, but apparently said no to medical help. The fire chief says the flames never made it to the attic, and it all started after a stove-top accident. The person who reported the fire said they were cooking and a flame suddenly flared up. They tried using a blanket and it didn’t work. Those who lived in the 2 apartments were being helped by the Red Cross.

A pretty good-sized Mountain Lion has been spotted by a family in Fort Bragg. A woman reported their home, which has a porch camera, recorded the large animal on her property near Otis R. Johnson Park. Apparently, there is a creek nearby which may attract the animals. The animal sighting was going to be reported to wildlife officials today.

After a double stabbing in Guerneville, Deputies found the suspect dead. After detectives investigated the incident from earlier week, more details have emerged. Mendo Fever reports a woman called for help from a home, and a car had crashed into the same home. Inside the home, Deputies found a man down with at least one stab wound, who was excessively bleeding. The man died at a hospital. Later Deputies got a call to another stabbing victim who got a ride to the hospital. They identified the suspect later and found his truck, and he was dead inside. They say they believe he acted alone. But they have not released info on a possible motive.

Due to the extreme drought, and no rain in sight, the Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water) started inflating a rubber dam near Forestville. It’s part of the drinking water supply process which usually happens in spring or early summer as demand increases. Since there wasn’t really any rainfall in January and February, water demands are up earlier than usual. About 600,000 residents in parts of Sonoma and Marin counties get their drinking water from the river. When the dam is fully inflated, which takes a few days, there’s a small pool of water in it which Sonoma Water then takes for filtering ponds which also help recharge the groundwater.

Ukiah Police have identified a woman who was found dead in her apartment earlier this week. 55 year old Deborah Garner-Flicker was reportedly killed inside her home and 38 year old Drew Price has been arrested in connection to her death. He has had a history of mental health hospitalizations and was in jail being held without bail. Medics were called to Garner-Flicker’s apartment, where the manager said Price was there earlier. It had first been reported as a possible overdose, but police found Garner-Flicker with obvious signs of trauma to her face and signs of a struggle. The victim and suspect had known each other. Police say Price was also served with a restraining order the same day for a family member and that he may have burned his parents rental property down after he was told to move.

The Governor says he has a plan to dull the pain of gas prices at the moment. Governor Newsom announced an $11 billion package to give money back to Californians because of high gas prices. He says his proposal will also protect residents from volatile gas prices, and advances clean transportation, with three months of free public transportation, fast-tracking electric vehicle incentives and charging stations, and new funding for local biking and walking projects. It could mean as much as $9 billion in tax refunds for Californians with drivers of gas driven vehicles getting $400 direct payments per vehicle but capped at two vehicles. The rest addresses climate change.

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