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Monthly Archives: May 2022

A man has been arrested in Ukiah for elder abuse. Mendocino Deputies were called to reports of a domestic violence incident in the 3500 block of Highway 253 last Tuesday by a woman at a call box. Deputies say the woman had visible injuries to her arm and head. They found her ex-boyfriend, Jon Rickel, had pushed her, causing her to fall and get injured. Deputies went to his house and found him, developing cause to believe he hurt the woman. So, he was arrested for Felony Domestic Violence Battery and Misdemeanor Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse. He was booked into jail on $50,000.00 bail.

A man wanted for a felony arrest warrant in Laytonville has been arrested. Deputies say they found James Simmon who told them he was assaulted. They say he climbed up on a roof where Fire personnel found him and gave him medical treatment for what appeared to be a stabbing. But then he was arrested for a warrant. He told Deputies he didn’t want anyone else prosecuted. He was treated, then held without bail.

A plane has crashed east of Willits. Mendo Fever reports a Cal Fire helicopter touched down at the Eden Valley Airstrip where the pilot confirmed there was a small plane that had crashed and a fire had been extinguished. The pilot was reportedly taken into Willits by a passing driver. They called for help. The FAA was also reporting to the scene. The news site reports there were two people aboard the airplane, one was injured and hospitalized, but the other was un-injured. But they were both at the hospital.

A Temporary Urgency Change Petition has been filed by the Sonoma Water Agency for a Critical Water Supply Condition. The petition was reportedly filed with the State Water Resources Control Board due to the drought. If approved, the Russian River’s instream flow requirements would change to allow Sonoma Water to continue minimal instream flows to preserve water supply in Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma. It also means users have to reduce water usage by 20% between July 1st and October 31st compared to the same time period in 2020. Without the declaration water managers say it would lead to even more water declines in the two lakes.

The Lake County Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the Lake County Deputy District Attorneys Association are endorsing DA Susan Krones for another term. Lake Co News reports the decision was made earlier this month, but was made concrete this weekend. Former county supervisor, Anthony Farrington, is running against the incumbent. After Farrington wrote a letter to the editor for the news site which had both the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the DA’s Association sticking with Krones, calling the letter untrue. Farrington said in his letter Krones had not received any endorsements from law enforcement, but the two Associations endorsed Krones after his letter.

A special meeting’s being held by the Clearlake City Council about an appeal by the owner of a local restaurant, which has been scheduled to be torn down. The meeting is this Thursday afternoon regarding the Sunflower restaurant after the council voted unanimously to approve a contract for excavation of the restaurant. It used to be the Lakeshore Inn and became a nuisance in December of 2018, and an abatement order was issued a few years later. Then the city opened bids for it, but a new owner emerged for the restaurant who promised to renovate. That never happened. So here we are. The meeting at 3p Thursday in Council chambers.

Governor Newsom is down with COVID. The Governor was positive over the holiday weekend, testing after a meeting he had in San Francisco with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, who he met to sign a new climate partnership agreement with. Newsom’s office says he has mild symptoms, is working at home, but will take Paxlovid, an antiviral medication. He will stay isolated until he has a negative test. The Governor has been vaccinated and received two booster shots, the last one as recently as May 18.

There’s a new leader for Mendocino Community Health Centers. MCHC announced Rod Grainger is its new chief executive officer. Grainger has 3 decades of healthcare management experience and a strong background in healthcare finance, according to the healthcare system. They report his last job was for ten years at Long Valley Health Center as their executive director. MCHC has been around since 1991 and has expanded from the Laws Avenue location in Ukiah to four sites altogether: Hillside Health Center and Dora Street Health Center in Ukiah, Little Lake Health Center in Willits and Lakeview Health Center in Lakeport.

Students appeared to be fed up with school shootings after the latest massacre in Texas, so they walked out. Last Thursday students across the country left class, protesting what they say is inaction to stop school shootings. Students in Calif. telling the LA Times, they have to advocate for themselves because “thoughts and prayers are not getting us anywhere after years and years.”  The group Students Demand Action had organized a bunch of the protests. They formed after the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The state Education Secretary is calling for something to be done to prevent any more school shootings. Secretary Miguel Cardona’s remarks after the Uvalde, TX rampage that killed 19 students and 2 teachers. Cardona says so far, actions taken have not been sufficient. He added that the country was becoming “desensitized to the murder of children.”

Six people have been arrested on suspicion of scamming California’s recycling program out of ten-million-dollars. The suspects are accused of bringing several tons of recyclables in from Arizona then redeeming it for cash at recycling centers in Southern California. The state’s recycling program only accepts items from California. Arizona does not offer a five or ten-cent rebate for bottles, cans and other recyclable containers. The suspects all face felony charges.

A red flag warning for part of Northern California should be ending tonight. The National Weather Service issued the warning Sunday due to fast moving winds and dry conditions. Multiple fires were also reported during the warning, which has officials concerned about summer months. The red flag warning expires at eight p.m. tonight.

It’s looking better at Pudding Creek Beach in Fort Bragg. Bacteria levels are no longer higher than acceptable state standards. Signs that were put up with warnings about swimming and staying out of the water were taken down. Each week 5 beaches are tested for bacteria in summer months, four are in in Mendocino County. They were all tested again last Tuesday, and Thursday, the tests came back negative. Big River, Little River, Pudding Creek, Hare Creek and Caspar Beach—are tested each week from April to October to make sure levels of three bacteria are safe, they are coliform, E. coli and enterococcus.

Many communities will hold observances to mark Memorial Day on Monday. The Ukiah VFW Post 1900, in conjunction with Lewis White Post 76, will hold its traditional ceremony to honor those who have died serving our country. The ceremony will be held in the tree-lined Russian River Cemetery on Low Gap Road in Ukiah starting Monday at noon. Potter Valley’s Memorial Day service is at Potter Valley Cemetery on East Side Road at 9 a.m. Former American Legion Lewis White Post 76 Commander Ralph Paulin will lead the ceremony, and Potter Valley Scout Troup 72 will assist.

A report that a woman who has filed a civil lawsuit against Ukiah Police Chief Noble Waidelich wants a jury trial in the case, but she may run out of time. According to, that lawsuit alleges Waidelich beat her and used witness intimidation to escape prosecution. Amanda Carley filed the suit in 2015 and it has pushed back several times. She wants a six-month extension allowed by rules enacted during the pandemic. Carley was a probation officer at the time and was engaged to Waidelich. She broke it off when she claims their relationship became violent. A judge will take up the matter and decide if the suit moves ahead or gets tossed out.

High school seniors who are homeless could get $1,000 from the state to help them out. Lawmakers will consider the guranteed income plan they say would help those students transition to adulthood The latest count shows about 15,000 homeless senior students. The money would be no strings attached and tax-free. The bill’s sponsors say that cash could break the cycle of poverty and put them on a stable financial footing. Governor Newsom wants to spend about 35 million dollars in his proposed budget for guaranteed money to several other groups like foster children and pregnant teens.

It’s fire season mostly year-round in Calif. But as we hit peak season, CalFire is reminding folks to prepare their homes by hardening them. They urge you to abate weeds and build a defensible space zone around your property. As the weather warms, that increases fire danger. Officials with the fire agency are providing tips for residents to ensure they prepare by retrofitting their homes to improve the chance it can survive a wildfire, especially because there have already been red flag warnings this year. Defensible Space is the buffer between a building and the grass, trees, shrubs, or other vegetation, which can stop the spread of a wildfire. They say to use gravel, pavers or other noncombustible materials there and remove all dead and dying weeds, brush and trees.

To learn more about how you can be prepared for wildfire, visit

After reports of shots fired in Ukiah, police have arrested someone they say was involved. Police say a pickup was seen in the area of 200 Ford St. after several reports of shots fired. They saw a vehicle around the corner matching the description and detained two people. There were reports the pickup occupants had an interaction with a pedestrian. Cops gathered evidence and continued investigating and identified the shooter as Bryan M. Sanchez who happened to be on probation for a burglary. There was a 17-year-old with him. Police say there have been a bunch of other reports of harassing behavior by the driver and the victim, a woman. No word so far what set off the shooting incident.

A new scholarship by the Lake County Winegrape Commission has gone to a senior at Upper Lake High. The $5,000 “Future of Agriculture” scholarship went to Atlantis Jones at a recent Senior Scholarship and Awards Night at the high school. The new scholarship is being given to one student in Lake County going to a four-year university, based on academic achievement, financial need, and a demonstrated interest in agriculture. It’s part of a program the Commission worked on to inspire high schoolers with the Lake County Farm Bureau to develop “Cultivate – Careers in the Winegrape Industry”.

Like many places across the country this Spring, Caltrans had a Litter Cleanup Day. This week crews and volunteers poured out onto highways across the state, plucking up trash and debris. In District 1, Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, and Mendocino counties, there was also a call-out to community members to join and pick up litter in their neighborhoods and nearby parks. It’s all part of Governor Newsom’s Clean California initiative, a $1.1 billion campaign over several years tasking Caltrans with keeping roads and waterways free of litter, creating thousands of jobs, and transforming state and local public spaces through beautification efforts.

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry has announced a package of gun control bills in the Assembly after recent mass shootings in Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, TX and here in Sacramento several months ago. Aguiar-Curry says the U-S is the “only country in the world where the regulation of guns and gun-ownership is treated with such callous disregard, where no place is safe, including places of worship, grocery stores and elementary schools”. The package includes prohibiting gun manufacturers from marketing to minors, changes the definition of firearm and firearm precursor parts, addresses ghost guns, reduces the amount of guns one person can have, prohibits 3-D printing of firearms, starts a community violence prevention and recovery program and starts a 10-year firearm prohibition for anyone convicted of child abuse and elder and dependent adult abuse involving violence.

Stopped in its tracks… a case of unemployment insurance fraud in Calif. The Employment Development Department says they recently blocked a fraud attempt by criminals trying to rip off hundreds of millions in benefits from the state with paper and fax applications. They’ve sent notices to those who may be impacted. The agency says the crooks sent tons of fake claims in, about 40,000 more claims than usual. They were not paid, which saved the state more than a half billion dollars. A fraud specialist with the department says they have new fraud filters which stopped the constant stream of fraud attempts, schemes and criminal tactics.

Several thousand dollars has been gifted to the Ukiah Valley Trail Group to improve trails by Lake Mendocino. The group reports getting a $32,000 gift from Pacific Redwood Medical Group so they can realign and improve the trails between the Dam and Spillway. They also gifted $25,000 in 2019 to build the trail above City View Trail at Low Gap Park. The medical group’s fund is based on employee donations but managed by the Group. They say most full-time employees have been donating each month. They picked the Ukiah Valley Trail Group because the non-profit’s mission aligned with the ways they want to improve community health, encouraging physically active lifestyles.

After reports they may have to close down because of budget woes, the Mendocino County Museum in Willits was packed with folks showing support last Friday. That included local officials like the mayor, the 3rd District Supervisor, staff from the Willits Chamber of Commerce, volunteers, and local arts and history enthusiasts. They report more than 100 people came through the museum last Friday night. The mayor also reported the City Council was planning to bring a resolution to keep the museum open to the Board of Spervisors.

The yearly Lower Lake Daze Parade is back. The Lower Lake Community Action Group’s event is this Sunday. There will be a parade and street fair in downtown Lower Lake from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with the parade at 11. They will have a load of activities happening that day with live entertainment, arts & crafts, food and dozens of vendors along Main St.

After Governor Newsom signed an executive order a couple of months back to conserve water, the State Water Resources Control Board is moving on it. Earlier this week the agency adopted an emergency water conservation regulation to make sure local water agencies statewide get more aggressive with conservation measures. The Governor says the state is in a drought crisis and hopes the new measures will mean a reduction in water usage. He said it was especially important now as we head into summer months. The new rule bans watering turf at businesses, but not watering it in recreation settings or for community reasons like at homes or to maintain trees. There are limits to the amount of irrigation though, on certain days, and during certain hours. There will also be patrols to make sure folks abide and don’t waste water, and enforcement thereof.

Commercial fishermen and local tribes are demanding action to reverse a Trump administration rule putting endangered fish in further danger in the Trinity River. The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations and partner organization, the Institute for Fisheries Research have sent a 60-day notice letter to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation about its intent to sue for violations of the Endangered Species Act. They claim the water that’s being diverted from the Trinity River to the Central Valley Project has practically destroyed the river’s salmon populations. So those threatening the suit want a new biological opinion on the conservation methods and measures to be required to protect them. Last year up to 75% of coho salmon eggs died due to the diversions.

PG&E has put out a reminder for outdoor recreationalists during hot weather, to be wary of dangerously cold, swiftly moving water. Even though the snowpack was well below normal this year in Calif., the energy company is reminding folks that snow is melting and filling streams and rivers and to be especially careful by hydroelectric facilities and dams. They add flow conditions can quickly change and as trout season has mostly opened, they’re also encouraging anglers to take precaution. PG&E reminds to plan ahead and while at your favorite recreation spot, looking for ways to quickly and safely escape if water flows and temperatures change. They say to know your limits, bring a life jacket and don’t go in the water at all if it seems unsafe.

Police in Ukiah continue investigating reports of shots fired in the area of 200 Ford St. Police say they had several calls about gunshots going off Tuesday and when they got to the scene they saw a car in the area of N. Orchard Ave. That matched the description of one of the cars possibly involved. They detained two people and say pickup truck passed the area and those inside had some sort of interaction with a pedestrian who the pickup truck occupants reportedly shot near. Nobody was injured, but that person was a target police say, and it was not a random shooting. The shots hit buildings and trees, as we reported. The two detained were released and police continue looking into the event. There had been rumors the Ford St. Project may have been the target.

A Clear Lake High student has been chosen for a $1,000 scholarship from Mediacom Communications. Senior Bailey Rodriguez won the company’s World Class Scholarship which recognizes a student for excellence in leadership and academics. The company congratulated the entire class of 22 with their announcement and singled Bailey out for her outstanding accomplishments. The scholarship is for students who live in areas where Mediacom delivers high-speed internet and digital video service. They typically choose 60 students for the honor.

To prepare for the fireworks show, the City of Fort Bragg is offering community members free driftwood from Noyo Beach. Before now the driftwood had been removed by the city by either the City Public Works Dept., doing controlled burns or distributing permits for individuals to remove wood debris from the beach. The removal is from Friday July 1st during daylight hours. The wood needs to be taken out with hand tools only. They also ask those removing wood to do a site cleanup of any litter or debris nearby. No driving of cars onto the beach.

A man reported missing from Hidden Valley has been found. Yesterday afternoon, 68-year-old John Daniel Bachelder disappeared on foot. It was reported nobody knew what he was wearing or where he went, but that he was walking in the area of the Conestoga Trail in Hidden Valley to look for gems. Police said at the time the man was considered at risk due to possible medical conditions and because of the outside temperature. Lake County Search and Rescue and the Sheriff’s Dept. was searching and found him within a couple hours.

Fort Bragg has a new City Manager. The city announced John Ford of McKinleyville has accepted the job and starts July 5th. The last manager resigned in December and the city hired a headhunter to find her replacement. They apparently looked far and wide, receiving about 15 applications. The recruiter screened them all and narrowed it down to 4 people. Then the City Council and selected members of the city management team interviewed that group and Ford became the obvious choice. They all voted unanimously to bring him on. Ford has experience working in city management in Thousand Oaks, Roseville, the County of Monterey and most recently was the Director of Planning and Building for Humboldt County.

Calif. lawmakers jumped into action after the latest school shooting massacre in Texas. They had previously followed the lead of Governor Newsom who signaled he wanted residents to have the ability to sue illegal firearms dealers. It was intended to mimic the Texas law where people could sue if they knew someone else was providing an abortion. Democratic lawmakers looking to use the abortion law as a way to keep people safe, not a way to punish women or those helping them abort a fetus. The law would let residents file a lawsuit against anyone dealing illegal assault weapons, parts used to build weapons, guns without serial numbers, or .50 caliber rifles and they could win $10,000 in civil damages for each weapon, plus attorneys fees. A package of other gun reform bills passed the Assembly without any Republican support.

An artist in Lakeport is putting the finishing touches on a mural downtown in honor of essential workers. Emma Wakefield’s piece is on the side of the Meals on Wheels Thrift Store on N. Main St. at First Street. The mural shows a child sleeping with a stuffed animal, with a quilt over them that has blocks on it featuring farmworkers, teachers, police officers, construction workers, cooks, firefighters, postal workers, store clerks, doctors and other health workers, and utility workers. The Lake County Arts Council had announced plans for a new mural in partnership with the city of Lakeport, Lake County Rural Arts Initiative and the Lake Family Resource Center last December and the artist was chosen this spring during a competition.

You can add another mile to your hike in Low Gap Park now that the Upper City View Trail has officially opened in Ukiah. Adding on to the trail built over a decade ago, you’ll be able to take in wildflowers in bloom. There’s one entrance to the new loop on the right of the City View overlook, where a sign was put up to show adventurers which way to go. There’s a warning though that the new trail is narrower than the City View Trail with some twists and turns. The Daily Journal reports it’s a bit bumpy for running, but if you slow down, there are signs pointing out what birds you might see and how the trail came to be. The signs are temporary.

They’re looking for people to serve on the next Mendocino County Civil Grand Jury. The deadline to apply is tomorrow at Superior Court for the 2022/2023 Grand Jury to be sworn in at the end of June. The Superior Court says it’s a great way to learn about the inner workings of government while providing a service to your community. There are 19 people chosen for the Jury who serve for a year, providing civil oversight of local government and agencies; and respond to citizen complaints. They set their own agenda and meeting schedule. You get $25 per full panel meeting, $10 per committee meeting and committee attendance at public meetings. Mileage is also reimbursed at the current County of Mendocino rate. And there’s free onsite parking.

Applications and related information are available on the Internet at: Grand Jury ( The application may also be obtained in person at the Superior Court, 100 North State Street, Rm. 303, Ukiah or by calling the Grand Jury at (707) 463-4320.

In light of reports of a weird virus, known as monkeypox outside of Calif. the Mendocino County Public Health Office is shedding light on a reported case inside the state. Dr. Andy Coren reports the state Department of Public Health began investigating a possible case of monkeypox in Sacramento County in someone who had recently travelled abroad. The virus is generally found in Central and West Africa and isn’t usually seen in the United States or Europe. There have been cases suddenly reported in Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom of the rare and usually mild illness. It presents with flu-like symptoms and a rash of sores and is passed through close contact with the lesions. The risk locally is considered to be very low. The public health office is also reporting on severe acute hepatitis cases in children. They appeared from October 2021 and February 2022 in young children in European countries and in
the United States. While public health has not reported any local cases, the state is warning to consider liver enzyme tests in children with stomach ailments or jaundice.

Four teenagers, one of them legal age, have all been arrested after reports of an armed robbery in Cloverdale. Since it happened so close to Mendocino County, the sheriff’s office was informed the suspects may be headed over the county line. Cloverdale police found out the four were headed to Yorkville and their vehicle was seen outside a home there. A search warrant was obtained, and a SWAT team was called out. They commanded ten people, two adults and 8 juveniles, to get out of the home. The group was detained, and evidence was found linking four people to the armed robbery. Officers also found a stolen firearm. 18-year-old Angel Marron and three juveniles were arrested and brought back to Sonoma County for processing.

A man from Boonville is in jail after a call from his wife that he was vandalizing their home. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reported with CalFire as the woman said the man was also burning items and had a knife. Anderson Valley Fire and California Fish & Wildlife Wardens responded too. Fire personnel and Deputies found Stacey Rose had threatened to kill anyone on the property. They deployed a drone which caught an aerial view of the man and used the drone’s speaker to talk with him, but he would not comply. He finally put his hands up in the air and was taken. But family members say he pointed an assault rifle at them. Deputies found an imitation firearm; which looked like an AR-15 rifle. Rose was booked for several crimes including Felony Criminal Threats, Misdemeanor Resist, Obstruct Public Officer and held on $20,000.00 bail.

The state reports a Sacramento County resident just back from Europe may have contracted monkeypox. Health officials have not confirmed the virus in the man yet with the CDC, but say the patient traveled to areas where monkeypox was recently confirmed. The patient is isolating at home away from others, even though the virus is considered a low risk for transmission to the general public. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscles aches, swollen lymph nodes, exhaustion and a rash, starting on the face, a day to three after developing a fever. Transmission occurs when the infected person has prolonged contact with another person or animal, it enters through broken skin, respiratory tract, eyes, nose or mouth.

A man from Redding admitted he set a bunch of Northern Calif. fires in 2019 and 20. 41 year old Eric Smith was arrested in the summer of 2020 and charged with four counts of starting fires on federal land. Police say he set nearly a dozen fires between the summers of 2019 and 2020 using hard to detect items to ignite them, like cigarette lighters and handheld torches. The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of California also noted he started the fires when not a lot of people were around, like in the early morning in remote areas. Many were small and knocked down fast, but one closed part of a highway for a time. CalFire identified him as a suspect after one fire burned 600 acres. Smith faces 20 years in prison and a $1-million fine.

After the August Complex fire burned over a million acres a couple summers ago, cleanup is still happening. Now, as part of that, the Six Rivers National Forest has opened public comment for the Mad River Restoration Project. There is some fuels management to be done along with native plant and habitat restoration, plus economic recovery of dead timber. The forest service is also looking to install a new radio repeater and antenna set up on Grizzly Peak. The project on about 12,400 acres of high fire-severity area. The Mad River District Ranger says it will help them use disaster relief money to continue removing dead and dying trees and plant trees in strategic areas of the Upper Mad River watershed above Ruth Lake, North Fork Eel River and Upper Van Duzen River watersheds.

For more info:

Written comments can be submitted via one of the following three methods:

Mail to or hand delivered between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays to the Mad River Ranger District, 741 Highway 36, Bridgeville, CA 95526
Fax comments to (707) 574-6273
E-mail comments to Please make sure that August Complex Restoration Project is in the subject line of your email.

A new business is opening in Ukiah. The palliative care provider Madrone Care Network will have its ribbon cutting ceremony a week from Monday at 4:30pm. They’re located at 643 S. Main Street. The chief operating officer for the new care center says they provide a way for folks to “navigate the complexities of the healthcare system” in Mendocino and Lake counties. They treat patients with cancer; heart, lung or liver disease; multiple sclerosis; ALS; and many other serious illnesses. On staff, they have nurses, social workers and chaplains.

A report by police late last night to stay away from the area of Orchard Avenue. This morning Mendo Fever reports after ten last night law enforcement were on the scene with two people being held by them at gunpoint. The news site reports the two were being held in connection to a shooting on the outside of Ukiah’s substance abuse treatment center on Ford Street. A staff member at the Ford Street Project called saying multiple shots were fired from a handgun at the building out of a car. No injuries were reported as the shots hit the building and trees. The news site reports the two being held were minors.

A new mental healthcare facility is being considered by the Ukiah Design Review Board. The matter to be reviewed at their meeting tomorrow for a planned 16-bed mental health treatment facility along the 101 near the Social Security building and old Best Western hotel, which is now the Live Oak Apartments. The project would be located on South Orchard Avenue. The application is by Redwood Community Services for the project to be built on what is now a vacant piece of land. They hope to put in in and outpatient mental health services, administrative offices and meeting rooms. The application says it will be for Medi-Cal beneficiaries 18 years of age and up.  

The meeting of the Design Review Board will begin at 3 p.m. May 26.

To participate or view the virtual meeting, click here: you can call in using your telephone only: 1-888 788 0099, Access Code: 824 9767 8329.

Warning signs will stay up at Pudding Creek Beach in Fort Bragg warning folks to stay out of the water until test results come back. The Mendocino County Environmental Health Dept. reports that should be tomorrow. This is all happening after a bacteria report came back that it didn’t meet state standards. It was the second time in less than a month bacteriological quality didn’t meet state standards. The sampling is done weekly from April to October at Pudding Creek and at Big River, Little River, Hare Creek and Caspar Beach to make sure the levels of three bacteria species harmful to mammals and birds: coliform, E. coli and enterococcus are at safe levels.

The city of Clearlake has sold a piece of property to a developer for a new apartment complex to be built next to a new sports and recreation center. The city manager says the five acre parcel on Burns Valley Road closed last week and the sale documents were recorded on the $1.5 million deal Monday. He also said the project would probably cost about $50 million to complete. The sale comes after the city council voted unanimously to approve the deal with the company Danco for an 84-unit apartment complex with mixed-income family units.  Lake Co News reports the city’s mayor said they were behind schedule about a month to six weeks where they wanted to be on the project.

Lake County has a new, permanent county administrative officer. After Carol Huchingson announced her retirement, her deputy, Susan Parker was announced as the interim officer. Last night Lake County Supervisors announced they had appointed Parker permanent County Administrative Officer. After a closed session yesterday, the announcement was made by the Board Chair, adding that Parker had done an outstanding job so far, and they were excited she agreed to accept the permanent position. She was named Assistant CAO three years ago, after a rigorous nationwide search. Parker has experience outside of Calif. and has a Master’s in Public Affairs and Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin.

The state Assembly has passed a bill that may mean trouble for social media companies. The bill says some children are becoming addicted to social media like Tik Tok or Snapchat. It looks to fine the platforms up to $25,000 per violation if a child is harmed physically, mentally, emotionally, developmentally or materially. Some who are against the bill say it could mean social media companies would stop operating in Calif. for some children instead of facing possible liability. The bill only applies to social media companies with at least $100 million in gross revenue over their last year.

The Governor says he’s looking at possible mandatory water restrictions if residents don’t cut their use in the drought, during the hottest summer months. That word came as the Governor met with water agencies who supply water to the largest cities in the state. So far there have been no mandatory cuts, but voluntary ones haven’t really dented water usage. Instead, water use was up 19% compared to the year 2020. The Governor said all of the state’s water agencies should take a more aggressive approach to get the word out that we are in a drought emergency, and they should implement conservation measures. This is the third year of drought, with most of the state in either severe or extreme drought conditions.

After two years online, we’re back to in person festivities for the Mendocino Film Festival. Organizers have announced they have almost 60 films, panels, workshops, and parties June 2 – 5. That includes 35 features and 23 shorts. As we previously reported there will be an animator who has been nominated for an Academy Award twice on hand to share parts of his upcoming film. Bill Plympton will be joined by other filmmakers, including Academy-Award winning documentary filmmaker Freida Lee Mock who will screen The Choir and Conductor with a live choral performance after the showing.

For more information and to buy tickets, check out:

After a couple years away the Redwood Empire Spring Fair is back at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds. The Fair CEO, Jennifer Seward says they’re excited to bring folks back in person with classic fair food, carnival rides and entertainment, including live music, Monster Trucks and Mudd Boggs. The event June 3rd – 5th is free, but you need a ticket to sit in the grandstands. You can pick up tickets at all Mendo Mill stores in Lake and Mendocino Counties and at the Ukiah Grocery Outlet.

The Willits Unified School Board and Staff have recognized former colleagues who have retired from the district. A couple of weeks ago the Board and others recognized the retirees who gave so much to the district, during their careers. They also took time to recognize Reclassified English Learners, then got on to the business at hand. They discussed issues with their bathrooms, where drug use was occurring, cigarettes were being smoked and more supervision was requested. The school board is also looking at potentially hiring an assistant superintendent but is first going to hire more aides and up the amount of one on one time students get with them. The board also heard a presentation about unsheltered and foster students and discussed resources available to them.

West Business Development Center (West Center) has been appointed as the next Economic Development Liaison for the county. The Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to direct the Executive Office to partner with West Center during the first part of the new economic development program. The Board agreed to pay $175,000 for a one year contract to work in economic development; business recruitment and retention; and workforce development. Any businesses interested in getting a grant or moving to or expanding in Mendocino County would go through the West Center. It’s all part of the MOVE 2030 initiative which is being paid for by the federal Economic Development Administration to help Mendocino County have a more resilient economy.

It’s that time of year again, but it’s a tad odd, a black bear seen wandering about densely populated Bay Area neighborhoods. Recently a bear was seen in Fairfield, by an In and Out Burger joint. The neighborhood contains busy streets, strip malls and Interstate 80 is nearby. A bear was reportedly seen a bunch of times in Vacaville, maybe the same one, maybe not, officials say. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife reports the state has up to 40,000 black bears in the state. They say they’re monitoring the Fairfield situation along with police. Residents are reminded to keep pets inside and close up trashcans that may have rotting food or produce in them.

Pacific Gas & Electric has announced they’re undergrounding lines due to the continuing risk of wind mixing with wildfires due to climate change. The project is costing the energy giant $3.75 million a mile, and there are 10,000 miles they are burying. It comes after the company has been continually blamed for starting fires in Northern Calif. as their equipment is taken down in windy weather and ignites. They’re further blamed for destroying thousands of homes and were even criminally charged for deaths in the 2018 Camp Fire in Butte County. They’re targeting the highest risk areas first for undergrounding, looking at weather patterns, fire history, tree density, outage data and more. Some of the areas of priority include, Santa Rosa, Rossmoor, Pacifica and the coastal towns of Pescadero and Davenport.

The Planning Commission in Lake County is holding public hearings on multiple projects. This week they’ll consider a cell tower, a business that wants to put on special events and the county trying to use the old juvenile hall as a homeless shelter. The meeting is this Thursday online and in person. The cell tower is being proposed by New Cingular Wireless, or AT&T Mobility in Clearlake Oaks. The special events permit is being proposed by a couple who own Ripe Choice Farm and want to put on a couple of events a month for about eight months of each year. A neighbor is opposed to it though. And finally, the old juvenile hall would be turned into the Elijah House Foundation homeless shelter, if approved.

Governor Newsom says we could be a step away from affordable high-speed internet for all. At least for communities in the state without. The state would hire contractors to build 3,000 miles of broadband infrastructure. It’s part of the plan for the Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative. Two vendors have been awarded almost $225 million in contracts and the state will purchase the optical fiber and materials for the 3,000 miles of the network. Newsom says it’s imperative for education, healthcare and employment services. The Middle-Mile network would bring high-speed broadband to unserved and underserved communities, regardless of technology used, on equal economic and service terms.

You’ve only got a few more days to clean up your yards ahead of peak fire season in Lakeport. The City of Lakeport’s Municipal Code says weed abatement is non-negotiable and has to be done by June 1st. The city will abate if they declare a property a nuisance first, after a property owner doesn’t self-abate. Dry vegetation has to be pulled at least one time between May 1 and June 1 every year, but it’s likely you will have to do it more than one time.

For further guidance on how to maintain your defensible space, please contact the Lakeport Fire Protection District at (707) 263-4369 or review materials available from Cal-Fire at https://www.readyforwildfire. org/preparefor-wildfire/get-ready/ defensible-space/

The Mendocino College Foundation has handed out some scholarships for the next school year. It was the first mixer at the Ukiah Campus since the pandemic started. On May 11th, scholarship students and their families; donors; College faculty and staff; and members of both the College Board of Trustees and the Mendocino College Foundation (MCF) Board of Directors watched as over $204,000 in scholarships were distributed. 114 students enrolled for this coming fall are getting help paying for college.

Two people are dead in Ukiah in what police say was a murder suicide. The Sheriff’s office reports getting a call Friday night to a home on Burke Hill Rd. to a man and woman down, a possible murder/suicide. 56-year-old Suzanne Stark looked to have been shot to death, along with her husband, 57-year-old, Shawn, who they say appeared to have shot himself to death after. The son of the couple reported the incident, saying he was home at the time, but didn’t see what happened. Deputies say the evidence showed it was a murder/suicide, with the husband and dad, Shawn, being the shooter, then killing himself. Detectives say the pair had an argument before the shooting, but there had never been domestic disturbance reports at the home before.

Scary situation this weekend, a fire breaks out in the Point Arena area, but didn’t do much harm. The 36-acre Owens Fire started over the weekend bringing many resources out to attack the fire which did trigger some evacuations. The fire is reported to be 100% contained with all evacuations lifted. It mostly burned brush and vegetation at South Highway 1 at Owens Road. No word how it started.

A man in the Anderson Valley area has been arrested after reports he was burning his partner’s property and had previously threatened to shoot police. It was first called in as a domestic situation, the woman telling dispatchers her partner and her had an argument, and he was burning her property and had a long rifle on him. The man was confirmed to have had a military background and possessed several firearms. He apparently told police he intended to commit suicide by cop, and he’d be hiding in a creek if they came after him. A crisis worker was sent to the scene but had no luck with the man. The weekend event in Boonville ended after a drone caught where the man was hiding and he was arrested.

A former Mendocino County School Superintendent says Nicole Glentzer is the right person for the job. Raymond Chadwick has written a letter to the editor at Mendo Fever saying he’s known Glentzer more than 8 years and found her to have all the right traits. He added that during the pandemic, she was at the forefront of returning students and staffs to in person school in a safe environment. And Chadwick added that Glentzer has positive and cooperative relationships and has a contagious energy and positivity in dealing with even the toughest of issues.

The Mendocino Children’s Fund has suffered a loss after thieves broke into some storage units. In a Facebook post, the fund announced the rip off is a devastating economic loss. The post said they try not to ask for too much help, but now that they were stolen from, they’re in need. They’re asking for the public’s help so they can replenish what was lost. They have served families from Rockport to Gualala and inland to Comptche for three decades.
Checks can be mailed to

PO Box 1616
Mendocino, CA 95460

You can PayPal us at You can donate online below. Thank you for trusting us for 30 years. Please share with others.

A resolution has been approved by the Lake Local Agency Formation Commission for a protest against the city of Lakeport’s proposal to annex the South Main Street corridor. Last week

LAFCo gave the green light to move forward with the resolution after revisions requested by commission members and the city of Lakeport. The annexation covers 137 acres across from South Main Street and Soda Bay Road and east of Highway 29. The protests from 16 of 50 parcels were sent to the Assessor-Recorder’s Office and the Registrar of Voters Office. They needed a 25% protest and had 36%. Now the matter will go to election of the registered owners of land.  The city has to come up with a plan and report back to LAFCo. Some folks spoke out about the authenticity of the protest list. The city has 45 days to take formal action on the matter.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is taking up the cannabis ordinance they’ve been considering for some time. The meeting tomorrow morning on Zoom and in person will also look at bids for a new multiuse path for Middletown. The cannabis ordinance would be revised regarding permits and how they enforce locally. The memo to the Board by the Community Development Director says Cannabis projects are becoming more controversial, so they will be presenting changes to the ordinance, then there will be workshops on Wednesday and Thursday for the general public. The board will then consider the bid for the Multiuse path in Middletown of over 1.1 million dollars to a contractor from Santa Rosa, which was the lowest bid they received.

Police in Clearlake say they’ve located a missing ten year old. On Sunday police announced finding Willie Brown Jr at Austin Park. He was reported missing early Sunday morning after he was seen leaving the Lamplighter Motel. An alert was sent out just before 2 am and he was found by 9am.

The Mendocino County Public Health Officer says there’s a new wave of COVID19 with more than triple the number of cases each day. During his Friday address, Dr. Andy Coren said the amount of cases in Calif. have been skyrocketing. And here in Mendocino County there were just 3.6 cases per 100,000 people per day a few weeks ago, but now it’s 13/100,000. Coren also noted the amount of people in the hospital was also up, doubling over the last week. It’s all due to two new sub-strains of the Omicron variant of coronavirus. He said he expected the county to be in the high transmission rate by this week. He also said there were way more cases in school since Spring Break and proms, but thankfully, there were no new deaths to report.

Fort Bragg is going to make history with a new affordable housing project run entirely on electric and solar power. The Plateau by The Danco Group is a nearly 39 million dollar project, featuring 69 cottages and townhomes. There will be one, two, and three-bedroom apartments for low-income seniors, individuals, and families. The project will have solar rooftop panels to provide 100% of the project’s net energy use, with zero natural gas at the property. Each unit will have Energy Star all-electric appliances, LED lighting, highly efficient heating, air conditioning, and hot water systems. There will also be five electric vehicle charging stations completing the all-electric project.

The next 100+ Women Strong of Inland Mendocino County Gathering is coming up. Next Thursday, the gathering is happening from 5:30-7:00 pm at Rivino Vineyards and Winery. Anyone who wants to help the nonprofit is invited. There will be three nonprofits in all who are presenting, they include United Disaster Relief of Northern Calif., a group from Ukiah who used to be known as MendoLake Complex Fire Relief. Also on hand, Building Bridges, services for the homeless; and the Shanél Valley Academy in Hopland. They will also be presenting the Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County an award as their chosen nonprofit this year. Each attendee must pledge $100 to the cause. They’ve already raised five thousand dollars. For more info,

The Mayor of Cearlake has proclaimed May as Tourism Month. The proclamation for the state of Calif. Mayor Dirk Slooten said during the proclamation announcement last week that tourism plays a major role in both the county and the state’s economic prosperity, bringing in over $144 billion in spending in 2019. There was a drop in spending during the first days of the pandemic, and the economic lockdown with folks out of work and not traveling. Lake County lost 47 million dollars in tourism dollars in 2020. The Mayor says the state saw a return of tourism last year, but not yet near 2019 numbers. The proclamation urged residents to help their fellow residents get back to work and support local businesses by traveling in the state.

The Mendocino County Public Health Office is warning to stay away from the water at Pudding Creek Beach in Fort Bragg. The Environmental Health Division got back a water sample report to check on bacteria levels earlier this week, indicating the ocean water quality at the beach in Fort Bragg does not meet State standards. Warning signs have been posted at Pudding Creek to avoid contact with ocean water due to an increased risk to human health. Pudding Creek is along Hwy 1 at the north end of Fort Bragg. Contact with ocean water should be avoided for 50 yards on either side of the drainage entering the ocean. The signs will stay up until the water quality meets minimum standards specified by the State of California regulations. Environmental Health Division staff determine this safety standard based on bacteriological findings in their regular water sampling.

A former Mendocino County deputy and a former Willits Police officer now on a YouTube show called Confessions of an Ex-Cop says his former co-workers were corrupt. Trent James says his former colleague, Lieutenant JD Comer was under investigation for possessing child pornography and the Sheriff’s office is actively covering it up. Then he switched the alleged crime to Comer’s son Bailey who was booked into Mendocino County Jail for kiddie porn possession. Meanwhile, Mendo Fever reports the Sheriff admitted Comer’s home, where many people lived, was the scene of a criminal investigation, that also triggered an internal affairs investigation. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation. Sheriff Kendall has denied any sort of cover up since the alleged crimes occurred in 2019 and we’re just now getting wind of it. Comer’s son is accused of unlawful and knowing possession of videos and images depicting persons under 18 years of age engaging or simulating sexual conduct. He was booked, then released from jail last weekend.

A vegetation fire in Lucerne has been contained with no injuries and evacuations. Cal Fire reported Wednesday afternoon with Northshore Fire to a one-acre fire. It was contained at 2.5 acres. Fire officials have identified a local man as possibly starting the fire after it spread from a small barbeque to surrounding vegetation. They also found the guy had a warrant for his arrest in Lake County, so he was hauled in for violating state law, causing a fire through careless or negligent action. He was arrested by CAL FIRE Law Enforcement and booked into the Lake County Jail. A warning was also issued by Cal Fire as the weather warms up, fuels are already way too dry for this time of year, so be careful if you do choose to cook outdoors.

A structure fire has been reported in the 1100 block of S. Dora St. where police are telling residents to stay away from the neighborhood. Apparently, someone called dispatch to say the NorCal Dermatology Building was smoking and on fire at 1101 South Dora Street. Firefighters reported not being able to get into the building as it was well-involved. There was also a power line reported down in the area of the fire, and there were probably oxygen tanks inside. But they managed to get it under control and were there overnight, cleaning up afterwards.

Firefighters reporting to the scene of a fire in Fort Bragg say a kitchen fire was spreading. The fire on N. Sanderson Way shut down the street as fire crews arrived to assess the situation. A neighbor called the fire in saying they could see flames. There was a fire hydrant directly in front of the home. Mendo Fever reports someone was inside with a psychiatric condition, but they found the fire was not intentionally set and damage was limited.

Several thousand people reported to be without power from Rockport to Little River. PG&E said more than 11,000 customers were in the dark last night all the way out to Melbourne and the Big River Campground along State Route 20. The outage or outages, as there may have been two separate incidents, started yesterday afternoon with utility personnel scrambling to the scene. As of last night around 9pm, it appeared everyone had their power back on.

A man from Southern Calif. is going to prison for sexually assaulting a teenager from Lake County. 32-year-old Trevor Noel Reynoso of Murrieta is going to state prison for 16 years for supplying a teenage girl with drugs who was then sexually assaulted. Reynoso was reportedly arrested in June of last year after the mom of a 15-year-old called to report the girl had been sexually assaulted. The victim told police she met Reynoso online and they had sex several times over a four-month period. She said he gave her drugs for sex. It was found Reynoso had been targeting minors on Snapchat then would give them drugs in Hidden Valley Lake. The reporting minor worked with the Sheriff’s Office to nab the guy. He told police he thought the victim was 18.

Hundreds of millions of dollars coming to several Calif. counties by way of the State Transportation Commission. The $700 million to help repair and/or improve road infrastructure. There are two Lake County projects and four in Mendocino. The Lake County projects include $384,000 to cover mitigation work at Bachelor Creek Bridge on Highway 20 near Upper Lake; and nearly $4 million dollars for emergency allocations for embankment, guardrail and drainage repairs on Route 175/Hopland Grade near Hopland. In Mendocino County, almost six million is going to improve the South Fork Eel River Bridge, another one million or so for signs to go up on Route 1 near Fort Bragg, 2 million more to build a retaining wall, and for roadway and drainage improvements on Route 253 near Boonville; and finally, another 5.2M for emergency allocations for embankment, guardrail, drainage and road repairs on U.S. 101 near Willits.

Over 300 people took turns using the Ukiah Skate Park for the Skate Jam. Skaters along with their friends and families, plus vendors and bands partied in the outdoor space last year, so they’re doing it again. Skate Jam 2 is this Saturday, May 21st from 1-7pm at the Skate Park. The Sundays in the Park concert promoter says he has always wanted to do shows at the Skate Park, so he made it happen last year with the help of the City of Ukiah. About a half dozen bands will perform, they’re skate punk and rock bands, including a couple local outfits. It’s free for anyone who wants to skate during the event, and there will also be some organized competitions throughout the event.

A man from Daly City has been arrested after a high-speed chase in Ukiah. The California Highway Patrol reports stopping a Hyundai Santa Fe Monday morning as it was traveling too fast on the 101. The officer who contacted the driver, who was identified as Luis A. Mendoza-Gonzaga, says he admitted he didn’t have a driver’s license, so the officer told him to hand over the keys, but he took off. They report he hit speeds of about 120 mph, with Mendoza-Gonzaga driving erratically, going the wrong way on an on ramp. Ukiah police joined the pursuit and helped corner the guy who was found to be in a stolen car with ammo and meth on him. He was finally taken down and booked on suspicion of possessing stolen property, vehicle theft, evading an officer, delaying and giving false information to an officer, and possession of a controlled substance. He was held under $50,000 bail.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors has decided to pursue a new sales tax ordinance so the county can pay for local water supply protection and to help boost fire services. At the supervisors Tues. meeting they heard from a board member on the Russian River Flood Control & Water Conservation Improvement District who also serves on the Inland Water and Power Commission of Mendocino County. And during public comment a representative called in from the Mendocino County Farm Bureau who supported a tax increase. The board ended up voting unanimously even though two Board Members first seemed hesitant, to have county staff draw up a tax ordinance to provide money for fire and water and return to the full board on June 8th with the document.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors had reports from the Sheriff’s office and the Dept. of Public Health. It was during the monthly update from Public Health Officer that the news came about an uptick in COVID cases and a recent shortage of baby formula nationwide. The Public Health Officer Dr. Erik McLaughlin said COVID in Lake County has gone from 1.5 percent positivity to 4.4 percent. He said they’d be more nervous if that percentage was ten percent, so it’s not an emergency yet. The most who are getting the virus are in the age range of 18 to 34. He says they are expecting hospitalizations. At the same time, he spoke about the infant formula shortage and warned moms against diluting formula. The Sheriff also updated the board on the annual report being available online for the public to see; and spoke of a recent complaint about an illegal marijuana garden in Twin Lakes where they found nearly 2,500 cannabis plants and 340 lbs of drying marijuana.

The Mendocino County Board of supervisors voted unanimously this week to move ahead with a possible sales tax ordinance that would be used to fund projects that protect local water supply as well as boost fire services. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports that two board members expressed doubts that a new spending measure would be approved by voters but ultimately voted to begin drafting a sales tax ordinance regarding allocations for fire and water. That plan will be presented to the full board on June 8th.

There’s an elevated fire weather outlook today and tomorrow in northeast Mendocino County and the eastern side of Lake County. The National Weather Service in Eureka says a red flag warning has been issued across the northern Central Valley and into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada due to high winds, higher than average temperatures, and low relative humidity.

A woman suffered traumatic injuries last night after being kicked by a horse in KLEE-own. Mendocino medical responders were called to a field behind a home on Mill Creek Road just before 8:30 and MendoFever reports that EMTs used a six-wheeler to access the patient. She was taken by air ambulance to an out of area hospital.

A small fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the hills above Lucerne. Lake County news reports that the Robinson fire was first reported just before 3:30 p.m. along Robinson Road. Reports said the fire grew to two acres as the wind pushed it uphill into brush. A man in a motorhome was trapped for a time but Northshore and California Fire were able to reach him. The fire was contained. The cause was not yet released.

The Clearlake City Council will meet tonight to discuss new rules for a food recovery program, the sale of a vacant city-owned parcel and a contract for police mobile audio visual equipment. The meeting is set for 6 p.m. in the council chambers at Clearlake City Hall. It will also be broadcast live on the city’s Youtube channel. Residents can participate via Zoom or in-person.

Humboldt Bay fire crews were called to a structure fire late yesterday afternoon at the Humboldt Waste Management authority building in Eureka. Humboldt Bay’s fire chief told ABC 7 News that they responded to the Hawthorne Street facility around 5pm and found that the sprinklers inside had gone off as soon as the alarms went off which made it easier to contain the fire. No word yet on the cause.

And Ukiah Symphony Orchestra is set for their final performances of the season. The Ukiah Daily Journal Reports that “At The Movies” 1. will feature medleys of movie and TV show soundtracks including The Mandalorian, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Tickets are available at and the Mendocino Book Company. Shows are Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm.

Police arrested a man near Ukiah following a high-speed chase in a stolen vehicle. California Highway Patrol reported that on Monday morning just before 10- troopers pulled over a Hyundai Santa Fe for speeding on US 101 south. MendoFever reports the driver, Luis Mendoza-Gonzaga, told officers he didn’t have a license and when he was asked to turn over his keys he sped away. The pursuit reached speeds of over 120mph and the vehicle exited the wrong way on the Perkins St. ramp. Ukiah PD and MCSO helped search for the vehicle abandoned at the Big Lots parking lot on S. orchard Avenue with ammunition and what appeared to be drugs inside. The driver was eventually located and taken into custody.

A woman suffered traumatic injuries last night after being kicked by a horse in Cleone. Mendocino medical responders were called to a field behind a home on Mill Creek Road just before 8:30 and MendoFever reports that EMTs used a six-wheeler to access the patient. She was taken by medevac to an out of area hospital.

Gov. Newsom has appointed two new members of the Lake County Fair board- formally known as the 49th District Agricultural Association. Nara Dahlbacka of Hidden Valley Lake and Traci Medina of Lakeport have been selected to sit on the board of directors. The positions do not require Senate confirmation and they are not paid positions.

The Clearlake City Council will meet tonight to discuss new rules for a food recovery program, the sale of a vacant city-owned parcel and a contract for police mobile audio visual equipment. The meeting is set for 6 p.m. in the council chambers at Clearlake City Hall. It will also be broadcast live on the city’s Youtube channel. Residents can participate via Zoom or in-person.

The Ukiah City Council will vote again this evening on the future of the home of Dragon’s Lair. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports that a majority of members voted earlier this month that the building that houses the business at 101 South Main Street should not be demolished even though the city’s Demolition Review Committee approved the building owner’s request to tear down the 100-year-old structure. A public hearing will address the issue tonight at 6:15pm in the City Council chambers at 300 Seminary Avenue and virtually on Zoom.

Lakeport’s Main Street Association will be looking for a new president. Robert Boccabella told the Lake county Record Bee that he will resign as of this month citing complex circumstances.

Humboldt County’s Superintendent of Schools issued a statement yesterday supporting students on the 16th annual International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. The day is recognized as a step toward abolishing discrimination and ensuring that schools are safe for all- regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

A rise in COVID cases and the baby formula shortage were two topics addressed at yesterday’s Lake County Board of Supervisors meeting. Lake county news reports that in the Department of health services monthly update- Dr. Eric McLaughlin said the county is averaging about 5.7 cases per 100,000 per week. He said that’s not an emergency but he is concerned about the velocity- as they’ve been seeing a 1 percent increase in cases per week. McLaughlin also warned parents against diluting baby formula.

The Lake County Board of supervisors yesterday unanimously voted against a large cannabis project that would have been located next to south county subdivisions and proposed removing a large portion of a blue oak woodland. Lake County news reports that This was the board’s second action against WeGrowLLC’s proposal for processing and distribution operations on 9 acres of a 309 acre property in Middletown.

When the Lake Local Agency Formation Commission meets this morning they will discuss the process for handling protests against the city of Lakeport’s proposal to annex the South Main Street corridor. Lake County news reports the city of Lakeport is seeking to annex 137 acres, made up of 50 parcels, in the area south of the existing Lakeport city limits, adjacent to South Main Street and Soda Bay Road and east of Highway 29. The commission will meet at 9:30 in the council chambers at Clearlake City Hall. You can also watch via zoom.

The Mendocino County Board of supervisors voted unanimously yesterday to move ahead with a possible sales tax ordinance that would be used to fund projects that protect local water supply as well as boost fire services. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports that two board members expressed doubts that a new spending measure would be approved by voters but ultimately voted to begin drafting a sales tax ordinance regarding allocations for fire and water. That plan will be presented to the full board on June 8th.

A two vehicle crash late yesterday afternoon triggered a grass fire in Ukiah. California Highway Patrol were called to the incident near Highway 101 and Talmage Road just before 5:30. Officials say the vehicles went into the center divider and got tangled in wire where a 20 x 50-foot area of grass caught on fire. One of the drivers sustained minor injuries.

A rare beaked whale washed up on shore Sunday at Mendocino County’s Jug Handle State Natural Reserve near Fort Bragg. Mendofever reports that the deceased whale is known to be elusive and for its ability to dive deeper than any marine mammal and it’s unusual to see one wash up on shore.

A suspect was arrested after a variety of drugs and guns were seized from a Lake County home on Friday. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said bags of dried marijuana, pounds of methamphetamine, fentanyl, and heroin along with several guns were discovered at a home in the 2800 block of Merced Street in Nice. The Press Democrat reports that the months-long investigation led investigators to Brandon Weilert also known a Brandon Grendis. He’s charged with multiple felonies including selling and distributing narcotics and possessing a machine gun.

It was announced a week ago that Lakeport’s fire chief will retire after just a year on the job. Chief Jeffrey Thomas submitted his resignation to the Lakeport Fire Protection District Board May 10th and was effective at the close of business on Monday. Lake County News reports that a special meeting was held yesterday morning and Ukiah Valley Fire Chief Dan Grebil was appointed as Lakeport’s interim chief while the board searches for a successor.