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Lake County and tribal crews have spent the last week at a creek near Clear Lake trying to rescue dozens of endangered fish, trapped by falling water levels. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, crews first spotted more then two dozen hitch dead in dried up sections of Adobe Creek, which flows into the lake. There were some pools of some water left so a few of the fish survived but had to be caught and moved to open waters of Clear Lake. Only a few thousand of the carp and minnow-like hitch spawn every year so if they can’t spawn the species itself could die off. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says many of the fish lived—this time—but that the continuing drought puts them and other aquatic species at increasing risk.

Ballots for the California state primary in June are going out Monday in Mendocino County. Normal delivery is 5 to 7 days so if you don’t get one, you should contact the county clerk’s office in Ukiah. You should also be on the lookout for a SAMPLE ballot—those have already gone out and should be in your mailbox next week. If not, you can request one from the county clerk. If you haven’t registered for the primary yet there is a deadline coming up. You’ll have to do that by May 23. The county clerk’s office has all the information on that—and where you will go to vote next month.

Something NOT in the mail—a check that the state proposed sending in MARCH to cover rising fuel costs. Democrats are arguing among themselves about whether the money should be income-based and come from the state Franchise Tax fund, or by sending rebates to vehicle owners through the DMV. The franchise tax plan would send $200 to everyone making less than $125,000 plus another $200 for each dependent. Governor Newsom likes the DMV plan, which would give $400 for each vehicle someone owns, capped at $800. He says that money could be loaded onto debit cards and go out this summer. He also thinks other proposal might not roll out until the fall and stretch into next spring. Either way, don’t plan on spending that windfall from the state anytime soon.

The Forest Fire Lookout Association in Lake County looking for volunteers as the fire season gets closer. The group plays a role in spotting fires early and preventing damage. The association hopes veteran volunteers step up again, but also wants fresh recruits to join too. There’s a general meeting on Saturday, May 14 at Kelseyville County Park on State St. Group members will be there to answer questions and take applications.

The City of Ukiah must pay a quarter million dollars to the alleged victim of an ex-cop charged with multiple crimes including sexual assault and burglary. Former Sergeant Kevin Murray was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and a violation of civil rights and got fired from the department. The police chief and deputy city manager say a settlement has been reached, pending approval, which comes during a pending lawsuit. The police chief says the settlement doesn’t mean they admit liability and that Murray was off duty during his crimes. This is the second payment the city’s made related to Murray. The other one to a former resident who got over one million dollars for an attack on the man in his home. Murray’s trial was also about to begin but has been rescheduled for mid-July.

Ukiah firefighters say they’re not sure how a dumpster caught fire in the Burger King parking lot on E. Perkins. Mendo Fever reports the fire was under control fast and surveillance footage didn’t help provide any leads into how the fire started. Fire officials tell the news site there was no evidence the fire started due to combustible materials, and there was mostly just paper in the trash receptacle.

Spring-run Chinook salmon are being moved by state and federal biologists to Clear Creek where the water is colder and eggs could survive. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) are teaming up to relocate the fish. That means around 300 adult winter-run Chinook which are native to the area above Eagle Canyon Dam on North Fork Battle Creek will go back to their natural habitat for the first time in over a century. Since Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) operates hydroelectric facilities on Battle Creek, they worked with the teams to help with the move. The fish is a federally protected species. All of the federal and state agencies also worked with the Winnemem Wintu Tribe.

Democrats are scrambling to help women who may have to flee their own state to get an abortion, making Calif., a sanctuary after the leaked draft of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling seeking to overturn Roe Vs. Wade. The ruling is supposedly coming this summer and would erase decades of federal abortion protections. The Governor and top legislative leaders immediately jumped into action saying they’d try to get the matter on a ballot to allow abortions as a constitutional right. Democrats in the state Legislature fast-tracked a bill to block other states’ laws from charging people who provide or aid abortions in California.

After a lengthy battle against the state of Calif. regarding net neutrality, some telecommunications industry groups gave up. They filed in court yesterday to dismiss the case against the state after an appeals court allowed a 2018 law to stand which banned internet providers from slowing or “throttling” service for those who don’t pay a premium service rate. The Attorney General, Rob Bonta announced the case was over and the state was victorious in securing an “open internet for California’s 40 million residents once and for all.” That law had been signed by the former Gov. Jerry Brown after regulators in the Trump administration did away with federal net neutrality rules.

Another step closer to allowing kids in Calif. to get vaccinated without their parents’ consent. A bill passed a key legislative committee yesterday for children 12 and older to get shots without their parents’ approval. Those who would be eligible would only be able to get shots that had FDA approval and the recommendation of the CDC. Right now, kids in California can’t consent to most vaccines on their own, including COVID-19 shots.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a Careers Seminar next week in Willits. The Sheriff’s office is inviting interested parties to join them next Wednesday at 125 East Commercial Street @ 6:00 PM. They’re in need of Corrections Deputies, a Staff Assistant and a Cook. If you’ve already applied, they say you should attend. For more info, 707-234-2106, email: or text “success” to 855-210-5349.

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