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The Police Chief in Ukiah is out… temporarily… or? The department has released a statement that Chief Noble Waidelich has been placed on administrative leave because of an “ongoing criminal investigation led by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.” It doesn’t say what about, but there’s the case of a former Deputy who’s being investigated, Kevin Murray, for sexual assault and drug use, and the Chief’s former romantic partner is suing for domestic abuse. The City of Ukiah has confirmed the Chief’s being paid while out on leave. Another former officer of the department also sued the agency for creating a hostile work environment after complaints about Murray allegedly sexually assaulting her. The police dept. said in their release that since this is a pending personnel and criminal matter, they wouldn’t be commenting.

A grant from Adventist Health Mendocino Coast and the City of Fort Bragg is going to Bainbridge Park for new soccer fields. The State Farm Neighborhood Assist program grant of $25,000 is paying for two artificial turf soccer fields. The president of Adventist Health Mendocino Coast says it will benefit the health and well-being of the community. Winners of the grants from State Farm are chosen by the public online. The soccer fields are part of an overhaul of Bainbridge Park, which is the only public playground in Fort Bragg.

For more information about the Adventist Health Foundation in Mendocino County, please visit:

A man who was in a serious motorcycle accident says he’s looking for a bystander who stayed with him in Laytonville after the crash, comforting him. 77-year-old Dave Glade says a woman, pictured in crash site photos, held his hand May 15th until he was taken to the hospital. He said it was like she was an angel and that she comforted him and he will never forget her. He had six fractures in his left shoulder and a broken rib. He was with his sons on a three-week motorcycle trip from Southern Calif. The crash happened on day four, Glade says. He says a proper thank you is in order, so he wants to find her.

The Maha Guenoc Valley project is off. After a court order against land use approvals, the Lake County Board of Supervisors made the decision to rescind its approval from 2020. The first phase was approved which was to include 385 residential villas in five subdivisions, five boutique hotels with 127 hotel rooms and over 140 resort residential cottages, 20 campsites, around 100 workforce co-housing units and many more resort amenities like an outdoor entertainment area and a float plane dock and helipads. But the Center for Biological Diversity and the California Native Plant Society filed a lawsuit against the project.

A man from Cobb says he shot another man in self-defense last week. 23-year-old Hunter Toles pleaded not guilty in court this week to various charges including attempted murder, assault with a firearm and felony child endangerment because a child was there during an attack at a motel where a man and woman were apparently the victims… the woman was hit by a bullet and injured. Toles claimed he was being attacked and he pulled a gun in self-defense. There were three victims, police say, a woman who was shot, her fiancé, the man Toles said assaulted him, and a child on the scene. Toles is charged for the attack on the man and woman, with a laundry list of crimes against him. His bail is set at over 3 million dollars, and he’s held in jail.

Calif. lawmakers concerned about the potential of Roe vs. Wade being overturned, have approved a package of bills to assure abortion remains a constitutional right in Calif. The amendment to the state Constitution would mean caregivers in Calif. could not deny or interfere in abortions or contraceptives. Two legislative committees cleared the amendment yesterday. It’s moving fast they say to get it on a ballot for voters to approve in November. It must clear the legislature with a two-thirds vote before the end of the month.

Since the pandemic broke out many people were unable to make their rent or mortgage payments. During lockdowns across the country money from states and the fed came in to help. Now the state of Calif. has expanded a COVID-19 program to help folks still challenged to pay their mortgage due to the pandemic. Those who missed payments this year may be eligible for help from a program only designed for owners that fell two months behind before December 27th of 2021. Now they may be able to get more money for help with past-due property taxes, even if their mortgage payments are current. It’s for homeowners who make 150% or less of their county’s median income.

There is no deadline to apply for the program, but the state urges homeowners to get their applications in as soon as possible, either by visiting or calling 888-840-2594.

Remember that shooting massacre at the veteran’s home in Yountville? The state has agreed to pay tens of millions to settle some of the claims after the 2018 attack by a former patient. He killed three staffers then shot himself. The $51 million is a one-time payout for settlement costs at the Veterans Home of California, Yountville. It was approved by lawmakers this week. A lawyer for the family of one of the employees killed that day, Dr. Jennifer Golick, said there are more lawsuits still pending, but it’s the first step in a long journey after the horrible tragedy. The money settles four cases by the families of three victims. There are still wrongful death lawsuits pending in federal court.

The Mendocino County election office is still wading through Primary Election ballots. The office says they processed almost 14,000 ballots last weekend. The unofficial results show they counted nearly 3,900 ballots as of the day after the election. But the county has to accept ballots until yesterday, one week after the election. They further have a month to certify the election. They expect they’ll have received nearly 18,000 ballots. The office said they thought the Primary brought about 30-35% turnout. The manual public tally is tomorrow, where they randomly choose ballots for each race to verify the accuracy of the votes.

A woman from Clearlake found to be mentally incompetent to stand trial for arson, has reportedly been restored to competency and will stand trial. Kayla Main was apparently seen lighting fires in Lower Lake and was approached by police. Her lawyer after her arrest doubted her competency so she was examined by two doctors and the proceedings against her were stopped. She was committed to a state hospital and treated with medication. She was returned to jail soon after and corrections officials were ordered to continue her on meds. At a recent restoration to competency hearing, Main was deemed to be mentally competent. She’s ordered to be in court for her preliminary hearing Monday. When she was arraigned last year, she entered a not guilty plea for arson, resisting an executive officer, violating probation, vandalism and more. She’s held on $15,000 bail.

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