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The latest doctor to be the public health officer for Lake County is out. The county put out a statement last night that after less than four months on the job, Dr. Erik McLaughlin, resigned. He was on the job the shortest amount of time than any other permanently appointed Public Health officer in Lake County in 20 years, starting in March. It comes after the last public health officer, Dr. Gary Pace resigned a year before, and he and a couple other docs were filling in as interim officers during some of the worst days of the pandemic. The Lake County Board Chair EJ Crandell said they were excited to have Dr. McLaughlin in the position, but it didn’t end up being a long-term fit. The county says they will announce next steps in the coming days.

A new teaching credential is being offered in Calif. The state Commission on Teacher Credentialing has given the greenlight to a credential for pre-k through third grade. Any teacher who receives the credential will have to prove they’re trained in how to teach reading. Apparently, there’s a similar credential but it does not include literacy instruction coursework. Lawmakers are considering legislation requiring the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing report back yearly on progress about teachers being able to teach reading with a literacy performance assessment by 2025.

The cost of gas is put a strain on big rig operators. A new report says the U.S. trucking industry is struggling due to inflation in diesel prices since the fall of 2020. Prices way higher than they were during the $5-a-gallon peak in the summer of 2008 during the global economic crisis. The average for a gallon of diesel has gone up over the last year nearly 70% to nearly $7/gallon. Now there are concerns there could be a fuel shortage. Truckers and others with fleets of diesel vehicles pay commercial fueling centers or get bulk deliveries, but still it’s around $7/gallon. Some companies also report losing drivers, as they want to work closer to home, causing a major headache for them.

Since the Lake County Board of Supervisors had to follow a court order and rescind permits for the planned Guenoc Valley resort, the company planning it, says it’s still on. Lotusland Investment Holdings reports they have not given up the planned 16,000-acre resort and housing development near Middletown. They apparently have consultants working on a plan for the surrounding area, with needed evacuation routes, traffic studies and a master plan for the community, after the judge looking over their plans voiced concerns. Look for a supplemental environmental impact report by the end of next month.

The world’s oldest profession might have new laws. A bill to decriminalize sex work is heading to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. The L-A Times reports the measure would rescind the misdemeanor law against loitering in public for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. Newsom has 12 days to sign or veto the bill.

Something is fishy in San Francisco as people in several neighborhoods, say that small fish have been found in odd places-like roofs, on sidewalks, on park trails, and on windshields of parked cars. It doesn’t smell of crime though. Experts said they are smelt and they suspect that birds like pelicans are just dropping their huge loads of the four- to six-inch-fish as the fly toward their nests.

The decision on Roe Vs. Wade could be coming, so Calif. is allowing for the expansion of abortion care. The state’s also looking at ways to protect abortion providers as the state’s expecting a lot of demand from out-of-state women. The Bay Area News Group reports the procedures demand has been on the decline in Calif., but the state is seen as a safe haven for many who would have to leave their home state for the procedure. Leaked documents earlier this year showed the Supreme Court was likely overturning the law by ruling on a new Mississippi abortion law, expected this month or early next.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company says their Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings (EPSS) are protecting as many as 3 million people in high-risk fire areas in their service area. That adds up to about 1 million customers who will see immediate power downs, within one tenth of a second if something comes into contact with their equipment. The company said this would help reduce wildfires and now says there were 170 circuits with this ability last year. And with that, the company says they saw an 80% reduction in reportable ignitions in High Fire Threat Districts, compared to the previous three-year average.

A group of residents in the county have formed Climate Action Mendocino. They came together about four to five years ago to create the 2022 Climate Emergency Resolution for Ukiah. This declared a climate emergency, which the Ukiah City Council passed unanimously last week. Mendo Voice reports that means the city will beef up its renewable power sources and energy-efficient lighting; maintain wild lands; promote biodiversity and carbon sequestration; and expand sustainable water practices. One of the founding members of Climate Action Mendocino says the city was very receptive to them. So, they adapted resolutions from Sonoma County for Ukiah’s unique needs and circumstances. So now the city has a blueprint of how to move forward to protect the environment.

After the pandemic lockdown a bunch of people applied for unemployment in the state. And a lot of the claims turned out to be bogus. The state reports getting back as much as $1.1 billion in unused unemployment benefits this week. The money was parked in nearly 800,000 Bank of America debit cards that were never used. State officials got with officials at the bank to be sure the money wasn’t for legitimate claims and once all was confirmed, the state took the money back. State officials can’t confirm why the money wasn’t used. There were other fraudulent claims outside of the state too, but Calif. was reported to be the largest victim of fraudulent unemployment, with most of the money going back to the U.S. government, not the state.

In Clearlake, a bit of stinky work for police. One of the agency’s officers, Sergeant Ramirez came upon a stuck skunk. Mendo Fever reports the animal had stuffed itself into a bait box. The skunk’s head was stuck and it was dragging the box with it as it trotted around. Officer Ramirez along with his K9 partner Eagle got the skunk out of the box without spraying the pair.

Cal Fire reports being ready for peak wildfire season by staffing up across the state and working on fuel reduction and forest health projects. This means Cal Fire is staffed up 24/7. They also have all aircraft ready and staffed. They report nearly 111,000 acres have been prepared for the peak wildfire season, which is way more than their goal of 100,000 acres by 2025. The Cal Fire Chief says they’re ramping up for a year round fire season. And the Governor commented they are taking aggressive action to protect communities and make forests more resilient. But he says there’s still a lot of work to do.

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