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A request for a permit to have beehive in Ukiah is on the city’s Zoning docket. Resident Bruce Foster has reportedly applied for a Minor Use Permit for the hive in his backyard on Jones Street. The application is near his garden, but he has not asked to produce honey. The city allows one beehive per parcel in residential zones with this permit. The Zoning Administrator will look at the application at their meeting Thursday afternoon.

A man from Middletown charged with two counts of DUI, hit and run with permanent injury or death and two counts of resisting a public officer is back in court. The sentencing judge was not available at the last scheduled time, so they meet this morning for Joshua Cody Ferrell’s case. He’s accused of driving on Highway 175 in May of 2019, crossing the solid double yellow lines then crashing into Cole Jensen on the other side of the highway. The two drivers had major injuries, but Ferrell took off. He was caught after a brief chase and arrested but released due to his injuries. He pleaded not guilty last fall.

Tens of thousands of dollars in prize money for small businesses in Lake County. The business competition, 1Team 1Dream is sponsoring the “Hands Up Lake County” Small Business Competition. The deadline to try to get some of the $85,000 is this Thursday. It’s the third year to choose the best start up business. They will choose 12 businesses and a couple of alternates who move on and learn how to put together a sustainable business plan in a 1-day business training workshop. Then they have a mini competition where six small businesses and one alternate are chosen by a panel. Then the final stage decides who gets how much. The $85,000 is spread out with awards ranging from $25,000 for 1st place to $5,000 for 5th.

Intro: The California state Legislature is expected to vote, as early as today, to put a measure on the November ballot to enshrine abortion rights into the state constitution. This comes after Friday’s Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and lift federal abortion protections. Nearly half the states were expected to immediately make abortion illegal. State Attorney General Rob Bonta slammed the ruling.

 :11  "This decision is an attack on privacy, on freedom, on self-determination, on equality. This decision is an attack on women. "

Tag: Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1666 Friday. That protects California abortion providers from civil liability based on laws in other states that may prohibit people from traveling to get abortion care.

Second Cut: State Senate President Pro-Tem Toni Atkins vowed to help abortion seekers from other states.

 :18  "Those inhumane laws will not cross California borders. We will not leave women and families impacted by the fall of Roe v. Wade and the backward, reckless policies of other states without options. We will not do that. We are here to further rights, not take them away. "

Third Cut: After the Supreme Court decision leaked in May, Gov. Newsom proposed a $125-million-dollar package to bolster the state’s ability to handle an influx of patients from other states. First partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, spoke out strongly against the court’s rollback of women’s rights.

 :14  "This is toxic masculinities at work in the highest court, in the country. Domination and control of women's bodily autonomy is so deeply ingrained in the patriarchy that unfortunately still rules our country."

Tag: A package of other bills designed to increase access is expected to cross the governor’s desk in the next few weeks. People looking for help paying for an abortion or traveling to get one can find information at

To get folks who may not be aware familiar with certain mussels and their harm to the environment, the county has a public event during free fishing day. This Friday, the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District along with county staff are hosting the event at Upper Mill Creek Pond. They hope to talk to anglers and others to help prevent invasive mussels from infiltrating our water bodies. They can reproduce quickly, and once here, they can destroy water pipes, and boat hulls, altering the water chemistry, water clarity, and aquatic habitat. The event is being co-sponsored by the Mendocino County Water Agency, the California Division of Boating and Waterways, and the conservation district. As a reminder when you exit a water body with a boat or other vessel, clean it off of all plant material and thoroughly dry all equipment before launching anywhere else.

The yearly Frontier Days Parade is being held in the City of Willits. And police are out with a message to help folks along the parade route, by not parking on the parade route, detour route and parade staging areas. This week, they’ll be putting up signs and going door to door to give more signs to those who live along the route or in any of the other parade areas. The city says it’s a friendly reminder for residents about the special parking requirements on July 4th.

The following streets with be affected by the parade:
E. Commercial St., S. Main St., E. Valley St. and S. Lenore.
The following streets will be affected by the detour:
W. Commercial St., School St., Pine St., Coast St. and W. Valley St.

An explosive device has been taken from near a church in Lakeport. Yesterday during worship services, as parishioners left Saint John’s Episcopal Church, they saw police on the scene, who quickly called for the area to be evacuated. The Napa County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad came to the church and dismantled the device. And the Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen says there was an accelerant, a power source, and some sort of shrapnel all scrunched together in the device. But they weren’t sure when it was found if it could be detonated. Police connected 27 year old Kayden Collins to the device, arresting him. They say they’re not sure what his motive was or if the church was the intended target.

Wild pig hunts were all the rage this year. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says the latest Wild Pig Take Report had Mendocino County with the fifth highest Take. Out of the 58 counties in the state for the 2020-2021 season, Monterey County was number one. The agency reported 195 wild pigs were killed in Mendocino, only about a tenth of what Monterey brought in. In all, the state of California harvested 3,950 wild pigs that year. Areas to hunt locally include the Upper Lake Ranger District, the Red Mountain Ranger District, the Jackson State Forest, Cow Mountain Recreation Area, and Covelo Ranger District.

It was a fast fire that burned in Clearlake this weekend. The Boyle Fire was threatening structures and triggered evacuations. The fire ended up burning under 21 acres. Ground and air forces were fighting the fire which was first reported in the afternoon by 8th Street and Boyles Avenue, with winds driving the fire east. But firefighters were able to quickly slow forward movement after just a few hours.

Protestors took to the streets across Mendocino County after Friday’s Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The Mendocino Voice reported people of all ages were out in Ukiah, Willits and Fort Bragg Friday night along with massive protests elsewhere across the country. The decision triggered by Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. The newspaper reported a couple dozen people at the Ukiah courthouse with signs with slogans like, “My Body My Choice” and “Women’s Rights are Human’s Rights.” There were about 15 more in front of the Ten Mile Courthouse in Fort Bragg Friday and a bunch of high school students outside town hall too. There was also a group in Willits outside the Book Juggler on Main St.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is at it again, looking for a new Public Health Officer. Dr. Erik McLaughlin, the last, and short lived, permanent officer tendered his resignation. So the Board is going to hire an employment firm to help. The meeting is tomorrow morning. The board to consider a $29,000 contract with Mosaic Public Partners to help find a new Public Health Officer after McLaughlin’s resignation last week. The Board is also considering a resolution to  authorize an application for a permanent local housing allocation program in Nice. There they hope to house Behavioral Health Services clients with mental health issues.

A home in Paradise is the first in the state to be designated as a Wildfire Prepared Home. It comes after the massive 2018 Camp Fire. The brand-new home in the fire’s scar, where you can still see signs of the devastation. The fire killed 85 people and took down almost 19,000 homes. The Wildfire Prepared Home is owned by Casey Taylor, who lost her home to the fire in Paradise, which was pretty much totally devastated. The program is being managed by the Insurance Institute for Building and Home Safety, in partnership with town officials to help homeowners protect their properties from wildfire and help lower insurance rates.

The long-suffering, former mayor of Windsor is now being accused of raping a young Montana woman. Dominic Foppoli was already accused by several women of sexual misconduct, which got him tossed from office. The new allegation, by an 18-year-old, identified as Jane Doe. She claims between May and September of 2020, the then-sitting mayor sexually assaulted her several times at events put on at his family’s winery, Christopher Creek. She claims the assaults included rape, forced oral copulation and groping. The woman, who is now 20 is represented by a lawyer in Calif. She says the young woman’s family contacted her in the fall of 2021. She did file a police report in Montana with a statement also given to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. Seven other women have accused Foppoli of sexual assault or harassment between 2001 and 2020, all of which, he has denied.

The state of Calif. is about to hire a bunch of bilingual teachers who are fluent in Asian languages. The School Districts, Ed Source reports, want to either begin or expand dual immersion programs in Asian languages due to “dire shortages”. The latest budget from the state Legislature includes $5 million for the Asian Language Bilingual Teacher Education Program Consortium. They’re going to be able to have the program at ten Cal State campuses, covering Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Hmong. Students enrolled on any of the campuses can get a bilingual authorization to teach English language development for students learning English, and to teach primary instruction in a language other than English.

A cry for help heeded at the Mendocino County Animal Shelter. The Executive Director, Richard Molinari, says a post on Facebook saying they were at 100% capacity and might have to euthanize dogs to get more kennel space helped. The Inland Humane Society took 6 dogs and 11 more were adopted after the post. He says they could still use help from residents to manage their pets, and possibly consider adopting more. It comes as more and more people had to surrender their pets when the pandemic hit. And Molinari says there are hundreds of shelters and rescue organizations nationwide, in the same boat. He says they’ve been running at 100 percent capacity for six months. It’s also considered to be close to kitten season, so they really need folks to step up as they expect more kittens to be surrendered.

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