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The Sheriff’s office reports having to use NARCAN on a man who seemed to be overdosing. Last week Deputies reported to a possible overdose in Ukiah. Emergency Medical Personnel asked for law enforcement to go out first to secure the scene because the man might be violent. When Deputies went to the home, they found all doors locked, they announced their presence then saw a man approach, but fall down near the door. They forced their way in, finding the man unresponsive. He also had bleeding superficial wounds on his face and neck and believed he may have been about to die from taking opioids. They gave him two doses of NARCAN which is an antidote that can reverse the effects of an overdose. The Sheriff reports they’ve saved 14 people using NARCAN since they started using it in 2019.

After reports of a data breach at the California Dept. of Justice for people with concealed carry permits, the State Sheriffs’ Association says they’re sending an alert out to permit holders. The Association says it’s “infuriating” folks complying with the law have been put at risk by the Breach. The president of the group says they’re concerned about the risk for permit holders but will work with the Dept. of Justice to be sure such a thing doesn’t happen again in the future.  The data breach happened around the time the DOJ launched its “2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal.” Info accidentally leaked included names, ages, and addresses of those who have CCW permits in California.

After calls to a domestic violence situation in Willits, Deputies found a woman who said her partner hit her while they were driving. The woman lives with Daniel Arancibiaaranciba, and they have two kids together. She says while they were driving on Highway 101 north of Willits they got into a fight and he slugged her in the chest causing a visible bruise. They went home but Arancibiaaranciba left before police arrived. Deputies found him nearby and arrested him and held him on $25,000.00 bail.

The Mendocino Land Trust reports their biggest conservation easement to date. They’ve secured 5,620 acres in the Eel River watershed. The land also includes an area around Lake Pillsbury, which the Land Trust says will be forever protected now from further development and habitat degradation. By adding the new easement, they’ve helped to protect almost 25,000 acres since 1976.  The new addition is by the river supports Chinook salmon and steelhead, where bald eagles and osprey can be spotted around Lake Pillsbury, and where a herd of wild tule elk can sometimes be seen at the northern end of the lake.

Sheriff Matt Kendall has put out a Letter to the Editor thanking residents for his re-election. Mendo Fever has the letter posted where Kendall says during his new term his goal, with the community’s help, is to rebuild safer communities by restoring patrol levels across the county to meet public safety needs. He reminded that he grew up in Mendocino County and it’s his home too as it has been for generations before him. He also spoke about staffing issues nationwide, COVID related closures, recent legislation and government spending having impacted his job.

Police in Ukiah are on the lookout for someone they say was connected to a shooting that put a youngster in the hospital with a gunshot wound to their head. Police say the male juvenile who was shot was hit on Mulberry Street. They got a description of the suspect and started searching as medics tended to the injured boy who they say was alert and conscious. Yokayo Elementary was on lockdown during the incident. Police say they’re still searching for the suspect, but don’t think they are armed anymore due to evidence at the scene. The only description they have was the suspect was a thin, white male wearing a camouflage sweatshirt.

Quick work by firefighters after reports of flames near the intersection of Canyon Drive and Rosemary Lane in Ukiah. Mendo Fever reported there were ground and air resources there yesterday for a ½ acre fire that grew to an acre and a half in grass and oak woodland. The fire had been reported to be burning at a moderate rate of spread with the potential to grow to 3-5 acres, but was out after retardant was dumped on it. The Laws Fire had some roads closed, but there were no evacuations or injuries.

Lake County’s in the running to receive millions of dollars from the federal government. Congressman Mike Thompson reported all the requests were submitted for the Fiscal Year 2023 funding legislation released by the House Appropriations Subcommittees. Lake Co News reports that included the Lakeport Armory Facility Repurposing Project, the Middle Creek Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Project, and the Clearlake Burns Valley Sports Complex & Recreation Center Project. The projects add up to over 3.5 million dollars.

A new report says community college faculty groups who say money’s being spent wrong by local officials should have gone to hire more full-time professors. So, lawmakers ordered an audit to pick through what might have happened with as much as $100 million lawmakers approved last year to hire more full timers. But the money didn’t have a lot of oversight, like no requirement to report to the state community college chancellor’s office about how the money was spent. The Legislature has now asked the California State Auditor to investigate.

Lawmakers have passed a new energy bill championed by the Governor. Republican members say they were not allowed into the negotiations to manage California’s electricity grid in the hottest months of summer. Democrats say the bill relied too heavily on dirty energy sources to prop up power. But even the lawmakers who ended up supporting the legislation called it “lousy” and “crappy”. The Governor’s administration added new and unexpected wording to it after, so they had to debate more for the addendum, or trailer bill. The new wording reportedly expands authority of the Dept. of Water Resources, adding to the language there to expand the authority of the state’s Energy Commission. It would also help continue operation of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

A man from Southern California has been killed in a crash near Redwood Valley on Hwy 101. The CHP reports a 36-year-old man from Burbank was in a 2006 Toyota Prius headed north on the 101 Monday night when for some reason he went into the center median and drove into southbound lanes by West Road. He was hit by a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, who was not injured. But that driver’s passenger had major injuries and had to be taken to Santa Rosa for treatment. The Prius driver was not identified yet.

Intro: California is about to become the first state in the nation to give health care to all income-eligible residents, regardless of their immigration status. The Legislature is scheduled to pass their final budget bills this week, which should be signed by the Governor soon after. Cynthia Buiza with the California Immigrant Policy Center says this is the fulfillment of an almost decade-long push by the Health4All campaign.

            :14  “This is very timely, but also long overdue, because for many, many years, many of our immigrant workers who have contributed tremendously to what makes California California have gone on without this very important safety net.”

Tag:  The budget deal represents a huge step toward universal healthcare and is expected to benefit about 700-thousand people, starting in 2024. Opponents say the cost is too high. The budget includes $625 million to cover the first six months of 2024, and allocates 2-point-1 billion per year after that.


Second Cut: Beatriz Hernandez is an organizer with the California Immigrant Policy Center from the Central Valley. She says this will make a huge difference in people’s quality of life.

            :10  “This means that they will finally be able to get the health care that they need to care for the chronic illnesses that they’ve been suffering for many years, and also be able to get the checkups that they need.”

Tag:  The deal was the final push to expand Medi-Cal to all low-income Californians. In 2015, the state expanded Medi-Cal to include undocumented children. In 2020 the program grew to include young adults, up to 26 years old. And this year the program began to accept undocumented adults, age 50 and older.

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