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Public Health in Lake County reports due to the heat and extreme drought Clear Lake is getting an unprecedented amount of cyanotoxins. For folks living in certain areas of the lake with water drawn directly from the lake, drinking water may be unsafe at times. The county also says those with private intake in Sulphur Bank Mine, and along the shore of Lower and Oaks Arms are prone, like last year, to higher concentrations of cyanotoxins. And local public health and water quality experts say it could affect the health of those with individual water systems if they are not effectively filtering out these toxins. They say you should be in touch with the Health Services Dept. public health division for more information.

A man in Laytonville has been arrested after a search warrant was served by Mendocino Deputies. Deputies say they found Brett Tucker there and searched multiple trailers he was managing. There they found over 100 tabs of LSD, nearly 31 grams of heroin, 7 grams of meth, nearly 6 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and about 20 fentanyl pills hidden in a fake soda can. There was over 200 pounds of marijuana and firearms, including automatic weapons and ghost guns. There was also paraphernalia there commonly used in drug sales. So, Tucker was arrested on various charges and held on $25,000.00 bail.

A man from Covelo has been arrested after a store employee called to say a guy was yelling at them, tossed a toy at them and drove off. William Peckham was also accused of throwing a cast iron skillet at them, along with other items, that hit the employee, plus they say he used a metal crutch and broke a window. Deputies learned Peckham also took some items without paying. When the manager approached Peckham threatened, he would shoot folks in the store. So, because they were afraid, they let him leave and called police. Deputies and Round Valley Tribal Police found him across the street with the stolen items and arrested him. He’s also accused of vandalism and threatening a neighbor. Peckham was booked into Mendocino County Jail on $125,000.00 bail.

A fire that’s been burning in Covelo has been stopped in its tracks. The fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the area of Hwy 162 and Fairbanks Lane and was reported first to be about three acres. Since it was windy the fire appeared to be threatening structures and blew up to three times its size in less than 30 minutes. More firefighters were called to the scene along with tankers and a small aircraft. Within an hour firefighters seemed to have it contained, but then came an evacuation warning. But by dinner time the forward progress had been stopped and the evacuation was downgraded to a warning. The Banks Fire ended up burning 107 acres.

The US Senate is looking at possible Cannabis related federal policies which could affect Calif. businesses. Last week the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Shumer and Senators from new Jersey and Oregon, where recreational weed is also legal introduced the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA). It would take cannabis off of the federal Controlled Substances Act and change the way its regulated. Taking the responsibility off the Drug Enforcement Administration’s shoulders and placing it instead with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other agencies to protect public health and safety. It would also allow states to regulate medical and adult-use cannabis industries without federal interference. Almost every state in the US either has legalized medical and or recreational.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is considering early activation cannabis permits. At their meeting tomorrow the Board will also say goodbye to one of their own. First, the goodbyes to Tina Scott who announced a few months ago she’d be leaving at the end of July for a teaching position. Then the board is taking up the interim urgency ordinance for a temporary moratorium on issuing early activation permits for commercial cannabis. They’ll also consider a resolution of intention for an amendment to a zoning ordinance relating to early activation. The Board’s also considering approval of extending the usage of the county juvenile hall facility for a temporary homeless support shelter, known as the Elijah House, through Sept. 30th.

After being closed for four days because there was no OB/GYN available, Sutter Lakeside Birth Center has reopened. A spokesperson for Sutter Health says on Saturday afternoon they were able to start providing obstetric services again. Lake County News reports they closed last Tuesday for a so-called “diversion” because they didn’t have an obstetrician. That meant they were referring patients over to Adventist Health Clear Lake. Apparently there are only two spots in Lake County to have a baby. Or a mama to be would have to travel to Mendocino, Napa or Sonoma County. They’re expected to fully reopen Wednesday morning at the latest. At the same time, the California Nurses Association dissed Sutter Lakeside for only relying on two obstetric providers. Lake Co News reports the birthing center delivers about 300 babies a year.

Pride parades happening across the nation this past weekend. So, on Sunday, in downtown Ukiah, they celebrated with a Sidewalk Pride Walk. They erected a rainbow banner there to celebrate diversity and inclusion. The event organizer says they worked with various area organizations, community members and “allies”. She told Mendo Fever it was important to gather and celebrate, share knowledge, resources and more to help build a resilient community.

Some folks in Clearlake had to take their personal belongings and leave due to a wildfire. The fire broke out Saturday afternoon near Adventist Health Clear Lake. There were short-lived evacuations in the Clear Lake Village area. But firefighters made quick work of the blaze with Cal Fire quickly sending air tankers. Lake Co News reports power lines were reported down in the area. Shortly after the tankers started their work, they were released as forward progress was stopped. The fire burned only about five acres and no structures burned, nor where any injuries reported. While neighbors had to evacuate, the local senior center was opened for services and a cool place to wait.

A massive fire burning just outside of Yosemite National Park has grown thousands of acres. The Oak Fire has burned nearly 17,000 acres and triggered evacuations for thousands. It is now the biggest fire in the state. Over 2,600 structures are reportedly threatened and the large Mariposa Grove of giant trees could be once again threatened too. A spokesperson for Cal Fire says light winds blew the fires path wider. And there are a few tiny towns nearby that are in danger, Jerseydale, Darrah and Bootjack. The spokesperson says there’s a heavy fuel load which is tinder dry with temperatures expected in the 90’s with low humidity. Seven homes have been destroyed. Pacific Gas & Electric also reported over 2,600 homes and businesses in the area were without power since Friday and they didn’t know when they could get to it due to access. Another fire in the park area is now 87% contained. The Washburn Fire blackened almost 4,900 acres so far.

A car seen by Mendocino deputies has been stopped after it was connected to a robbery last week. The Sheriff’s Office was contacted after CHP officers stopped the car on the 101 at Burke Hill Road Thursday. Three Black men ran from the area who were believed to be in possession of weapons, including assault guns. A Nixle alert went out to Shelter in Place in Ukiah and Willits. Apparently, it came out that the three men were planning to buy some marijuana, but robbed the seller. They say the victim(s) chased after the suspects and rammed the suspects vehicle. Then the suspects fired at the vehicle which got off the highway and the suspects drove away. A witness told Deputies he saw the suspects get into another vehicle. A drone searched, but the dudes got away.

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