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Governor Newsom has announced that nearly 3 years after it being put in place, California will end the COVID-19 state of emergency in February. The announcement yesterday that in light of way less cases and a drastic decline in deaths, the state of emergency he announced after the COVID19 outbreak in 2020 will finally end. The February 28th date means healthcare systems will have time to acclimate to the continued fight on their own, and possible surges in cases over the holidays should be long gone by then. The Governor says the emergency declaration was an “effective and necessary tool” that was used as a protection. He also says the state wouldn’t have gotten to where it is now without the state of emergency.

Cal Fire is continuing to work with the Army Reserves, Soldiers and their families to get them meaningful jobs and educational opportunities. The idea is to use technology, management tools, social networking platforms and hiring events with military and veteran service organizations like Vet Jobs, Recruit Military, Returning Veterans: Enlisting Their Skills for CAL FIRE Service (R.V.E.T.S.), and others. The P3O program views Soldiers as assets with quantifiable value and the program touts having transformed how both the Army Reserve and corporate America attract, develop, and retain talent.

Intro: This year’s open enrollment period for health insurance is right around the corner. But some employer-based health plans start their open enrollment even sooner than the November 1st date. People looking for insurance on the individual market can go to the ‘Covered California’ website, ‘’ James Scullary, a spokesperson for the state’s health insurance marketplace, says people might be surprised by the choices they find.

 :17  "Many consumers are finding out that if they weren't eligible before, now they are – or if they got a small subsidy a few years ago, that's increased – so coverage may be more affordable than they thought. So really, regardless of your income, check out your options and see whether or not you can lower your monthly premiums."

Tag: The projected range in Calif. for premiums this year was was 581-dollars a month – a one-point-eight percent increase over 2021. But the majority of those getting their insurance through the marketplace in Calif also get subsidies to bring down their monthly bill. The subsidies began with the American Rescue Plan – and the new Inflation Reduction Act has extended them for another three years.

Second Cut: Dr. Rhonda Randall, chief medical officer at UnitedHealthCare, encourages people to consider their families’ unique needs when choosing a plan.

 :13  "Some things to consider are prescription drug benefits, mental health coverage, specialty benefits – things like dental, vision, hearing, critical illness insurance – and wellness programs."

Tag: This year, 13 insurers are participating in the Covered California exchange. That means people in all counties will have a choice of at least two plans, and 81-percent can choose from four or more plans.

A presentation is being made to the Lake County Board of Supervisors for a new countywide parks master plan. The Board is also looking at whether or not to hire outside legal counsel to respond to Pacific Gas and Electric’s wildfire mitigation activities in Lake County. Lake Co News reports the board will hear from BluePoint Planning first thing about their preparation for a countywide parks, recreation and trails master plan. The board already awarded the contract to the company. Then into the meeting, right before lunch the board will have a public hearing to look over the ordinance rescinding certain sections of the Lake County Zoning Ordinance relating to early activation. And towards the end of lunch a discussing regarding outside legal services regarding PG&E.

After the lockdowns many restaurants started to open up dining outdoors, and even on the street. Now the Lakeport City Council is considering outdoor dining design guidelines. They’ll also be going over amendments to the 2022-23 fiscal year budget. The meeting tonight will be open to the public, but masks are being encouraged along with social distancing. They’re also streaming on Zoom. The council is considering a contract with a company for the Lakeport Blvd at Bevins Street Project study report and a mutual aid agreement for emergency help along with the cities of Lakeport, Clearlake, Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Willits and Point Arena. There are several ordinances to consider on the agenda including some parade permits, development deals and professional service agreements.

Caltrans reports PG&E is going to start undergrounding utility lines on Highway 299. The work to be done to prevent catastrophic wildfires east of Willow Creek between Cedar Flat and Del Loma. Caltrans says PG&E undergrounding began this year in several regions. In Humboldt County they’re also along State Routes 70 and 89, so you should plan for delays when driving along any of the highways.

Governor Gavin Newsom said no again to allowing parole for Charles Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkel. It’s been over fifty years since she apparently wrote “Helter Skelter” in the blood of one of their victims on a wall. The Governor says the 74-year-old is still too much of a public safety risk to be allowed to go free. Newsom says “Krenwinkel fully accepted Mr. Manson’s racist, apocalyptical ideologies,” and that not only was she a victim herself of Manson’s abuse, but a main contributor to the violence and tragedy that became the Manson Family’s legacy. A two-member parole panel recommended she be freed last May. She was denied before this 14 times.

Some organizations that cater to kids in Ukiah, Hopland and Redwood Valley are trying to find volunteers to help with field trips and nature walks for environmental education. The UC Hopland Research and Extension Center (HREC), Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project (RVOEP) and UC 4-H Youth Development Program are sharing volunteer recruitment duties, all looking for people to work with youngsters. The volunteer work is suited to folks who don’t work during the week and a lot of the volunteering for the organizations is during the work week, but there are some spots on the weekends and at night. They’re hosting a volunteer event one week from tomorrow, October 26th from 10am – 1pm at Shippey Hall, Hopland Research and Extension Center in Hopland. Free lunch is being offered.

Participants are requested to register online for the event at

For further information, email or call Hannah at (707) 744-1424, ext. 105.

The North Shore restoration project gets a green light in Lake County. Mendo Fever reports the acting forest supervisor has signed the decision for the project they say will improve community wildfire safety. It will cut back fuels in the wildland urban interface at the same time, restoring and reforesting charred areas after the 2018 Ranch Fire. The area covered is about 11 miles outside of Upper Lake by some neighborhoods on the north and northeast shores of Clear Lake. There were apparently a bunch of dead trees when the Ranch Fire broke out. The supervisor says it’s probably the largest project decision in the area. They will not only do prescribed burning, but also pile burning, hand thinning and mechanical treatment on some sloped areas.

Congressman John Garamendi working with his associate, US Senator Alex Padilla sending a letter to President Biden regarding an area of Lake Berryessa to expand the current National Monument to include Walker Ridge. The congressional members along with others are asking Biden to use his authority under the Antiquities Act of 1906 for an expansion of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument. The letter requests the Interior Secretary also order the U.S. Board on Geographic Names to rename “Walker Ridge” to “Condor Ridge” and “Molok Luyuk” in the Patwin language. The monument stretches from Napa County in the south to Mendocino County in the north.

California will be the first in the nation to mandate insurance premium discounts for home and business owners which have been made firesafe. The new rules say insurers have to reward customers who take wildfire safety precautions under the state’s Safer From Wildfires framework. The state Department of Insurance made the announcement Monday which included a checklist of the expert-recommended work for homes and businesses for wildfire protection. It comes as business and homeowners got seriously dinged with higher premiums over the last several years. Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara reported less than half of the insurance companies in California provide such discounts.

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