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Mendocino County Social Services staff along with the Sheriff’s office, legal aid, and other resource agencies will meet Friday with residents of the Creekside Cabins to discuss what’s next. A sinkhole has cut off access to those cabins and the county has decided to make a temporary bridge because officials say so far the landlord has not accepted responsibility. The plans include relocation, but housing at that site is varied so plans for potential removal will have to be addressed on a residence-by-residence basis. Meanwhile, County staff, Caltrans, and contractors will be meeting at the site today, to work on logistics for the temporary bridge to allow residents to get off the property. Traffic control measures will be in place at the site on Hwy 101 next week while the bridge is put in, used, and eventually taken out. The County continues to ask people to avoid the area so that staff, resource agencies and contractors can work and provide assistance safely.

The Upper Lake Ranger District in the Mendocino National Fire is starting prescribed burning on 452 acres of hand piles in the Lake Pillsbury area this week.. Fire managers will conduct prescribed fire activities during the safest possible burn windows in the coming months. Before crews are authorized to move forward with burning, wind, humidity, air quality, fuel moisture, and availability of fire crew personnel guildines must be met. Residents and visitors should avoid areas where prescribed fires are being conducted. Though you may see smoke, do not worry because fires are carefully monitored. Local fire and government authorities are told before burn days and kept informed throughout prescribed fire operations. The national forest website has the locations.

President Biden will tour the damage and be briefed on recovery efforts after the series of major storms that hit California in recent weeks. At least 20 people died, and there is damage in 41 of the state’s 58 counties. Governor Gavin Newsom, and other federal, state, and local officials will join the trip to Santa Cruz County, where the president will meet with business owners and affected residents. He has declared affected areas a federal disaster area and pledged FEMA will help the state however it can.

Clearlake’s new recreation center is getting a big boost. The city is getting 2 million dollars from Washington for the Clearlake Burns Valley Sports Complex and Recreation Center project. Congressman Mike Thompson helped steer that funding through congress, He says the center will have a major impact on the community by encouraging a healthy lifestyle, providing safe activities for youth, and drawing visitors from outside the region. It will eventually include sports fields and a 20,000-square-foot rec center. It will also grow to have retail space, a new county public works yard, and an 80-unit affordable housing project.

Plans for Lakeport to take over an area along South Main Street are over for now. Lake Co News reports that the Lake Local Area Formation Commission has decided to shelve the annexation of 137 acres along South Main near Soda Bay Road east of Highway 29. The idea failed to get a majority of affected property owners in the November election. The city has been eyeing annexation for years to develop the commercial corridor. Now, it will be at least a year before the city can try again. Commission executive officer John Benoit plans to brief city manager Kevin Ingram on what’s next

The state is planning a the first of two listening sessions todayto talk about the future of the Clear Lake hitch. The minnow like fish is only found in Clear Lake and its population has dropped significantly over the years. It has been an endangered species since 2014. The hitch is traditionally important to several indigenous Pomo Indian tribes in the region, both spiritually and as a food source. It is also important to the lake ecosystem. The Zoom session is from 1:00 to 3:00 and you can find how to access on the State Water Resources Board website. There will be another virtual session on February 1st from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The Board hopes to develop both short and long term plans to protect the Clear Lake hitch.

Coastal tides will be extremely high –and extremely low this weekend due to a phenomenon called King Tides. King Tdes occur when several astronomical events happen at the same time: when there’s a new or full moon when the moon is closest to the Earth, and when the Earth is closest to the sun, The tides are not related to the recent storms or climate change, but experts say they could be a glimpse at what the coast could be like if sea levels continue to rise. A project from the California Coastal Commission hopes to document the tides. The commission would like people to—safely–take pictures of the tides and submit them. You can find out more about the tides and the project on the Coastal Commission website.

One of the oldest people in the world lives in our own backyard. With the death of 116-year-old Sister Andre in France this week, Edie Ceccarelli of Willits has moved up to third place on the world super-centenarian list. She will be 115 on February 8. She recently became the oldest living US Citizen. Officials hope to have a drive-by parade in her honor on her big day in a couple weeks. When she was born, Teddy Roosevelt was President, and World War 1 was 6 years in the future.

Plans for a new headquarters for the Lake County Sheriff’s office emergency Operation center at the former Armory in north Lakeport are moving ahead. Congressman Mike Thompson has helped secure almost a million dollars in the latest federal budget to help pay for the project. The county is swapping some property on 18th Avenue in Clearlake for the Armory property on Hoyt Avenue next to the county jail. The congressman says the new HQ will help the county respond better to wildfires, floods, landslides, and other natural disasters. The initial work will include a new roof and HVAC system, weatherization, and accessibility alterations. Eventually, the plan is to have most of the department operations at the repurposed armory. The property the city swapped on 18th Avenue is being developed for emergency housing.

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